Wave vs QuickBooks

Wave vs QuickBooks: Which is Best Software for You?

Managing to account is one of the tough things and if you have options, then it becomes more complex to choose the right one. Today’s article shows you about the comparison of two accounting software i.e. Wave vs QuickBooks. The comparison includes the features, pros & cons, etc. The below information helps you to select your right accounting software. Let’s start the article.

What’s Difference Between Wave vs QuickBooks


A wave is accounting software which gives you 100 % free and real entry accounting for small business. It is a cloud-based software through which a wave user can access the data from anywhere anytime. You can add a number of collaborators and work all of your business through a single click. It helps to create the financial reports and remove the data entry which leads to keeping the financial reports at your fingertips.


QuickBooks is known as the best accounting solution for small businesses. Keep everything organized and visible through the online version of the licensed version. Get instant access to vendor, customer, and employee details. It always comes from time to time with upgraded features and tools, which helps you to keep advanced and updated always.

To know more Information let’s see the Comparison between Wave vs QuickBooks

DeploymentWeb-Based, Cloud, SaaSWeb-Based, Cloud, SaaS
TrainingIn-PersonIn-Person, Live Online, Webinars, Documentation
Live Help24*7(Live Rep) and OnlineBusiness Hours, Online
Best for businessSmall business searching software as per the businessSmall business owners, freelancer, and solo entrepreneurs
Number of users1-  491 to  1000 +
Track Income and ExpensesYesYes
Maximize tax deductionsYesYes
Capture and organize receiptsYesYes
Invoice and accept paymentsYesYes
Send estimatesYesYes
Run basic reportsYesYes
Manage and pay billsSome paid plansYes
Manage 1099 contractorsYesYes
Accountant approved reportingSome paid plansYes

Feature of QuickBooks

Below are the main features mentioned

  • Accounts Payable
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Bookkeeper
  • Financial Reporting
  • Non-profit Accounting

Features of Wave

  • Accounting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bookkeeper
  • Expense Report
  • Financial Report

Tips through which you can take the right software for the business

You can select Wave if you



You can select QuickBooks if



· Want to get Wave basic plan which is  free of cost



·  You are finding a more global accounting solution



·  Are having a small business or working as a freelancer



·  You have  a big business or you work in retail



·  Looking for simplicity



·  You are planning to scale the business



·  Need quick and easy setup·  You want features which Wave don’t have



The main difference between QuickBooks and Wave

If we talk about the differences between Wave and QuickBooks, both software is different from each other and some differences are mentioned below.

  • QuickBooks is an Android and iOS app, however, Wave is just an iOS app
  • Wave don’t charge, it means wave has a free basic plan but QuickBooks always include a monthly bookkeeping charge
  • QuickBooks inventory management software but doesn’t have an inventory tracking feature.

Final Decision

Selecting the right accounting software depends on many things, such as the size of the employee, what features you are looking for, you are looking for payable or free software, etc. Simply first see your needs and prioritize and according to that go ahead with the selection of software “Wave vs QuickBooks”. For any assistance related to QuickBooks, you can email at [email protected]. QuickBooks experts are available 24*7 to provide you any assistance related to QuickBooks. alternatively, you can live chat with the certified and dedicated QuickBooks executives.

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Guide to Create and Modify QuickBooks Memorized Transaction

QuickBooks Memorized Transaction

Entering the data daily is almost everyone’s task now a days. Some people even fed up with typing the same thing again and again, especially in QuickBooks. Everyone knows QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software which helps you to track every point of your business from one point. Through using memorized transactions of QuickBooks these issues can be overcome.

What have Memorized Transactions and why Use it?

QuickBooks memorized transactions is a way to save your precious time, efforts through reducing the mistakes which might be happen again and again while data entry.

Steps to Create a QuickBooks Memorized Transaction..

  • First of all, enter the “transaction” in the way you want to memorize it ( Fields which can contain information which may change can be left blank)
  • Go to “Edit”  >>  select “Memorize
  • Press button “Ctrl +M” or click on the memorize icon to memorize
  • Mention the name of the memorized transaction which you want to handle through QuickBooks

Steps to Add to my Reminder list..

  • In this step go to the reminder list and add the memorized transaction
  • Also, mention how often you want it to remind to arise
  • Now mention the transaction coming date on which transactions is due

Don’t remind me

  • You can also check on the option Do not Remind me if you don’t want to get a reminder about the memorized transaction

Automatic Transaction Entry..

This option helps you to enter the transaction automatically on the due date. You need to fill the below fields

  • Transaction next due date
  • How often you want QuickBooks to enter the transaction

Always make sure to Remind the below points..

  • While filing the Number remaining field, make sure it has the next date of transaction
  • If you want to enter some other important information in a transaction then enter it and click ok
  • Next day should be a day in the future as it is an Automatic schedule
  • Click Save and Close to enter memorized transactions now.
  • Select the clear button and close the window, if you are entering the transaction information for future use.

How to Modify QuickBooks Memorized Transactions..

  • Once QB memorized transaction is set up properly, you can edit the information about the schedule or action in future
  • First go to QuickBooks memorized list
  • Now, select the edit button
  • Click on edit and click on memorize button again if you want to change the transaction which is already memorized
  • You will see a pop opening on your screen which ask you to replace the current memorize transactions or want to create a new one

How to Delete QuickBooks Memorized Transactions..

  • First go to QuickBooks memorized list
  • Select the transaction
  • Click on Delete Memorized Transaction
  • Click on OK

Need Guidance?

To get connected with QuickBooks professionals they are available 24*7 with the step by step guidance “QuickBooks Memorized Transaction”. QuickBooks experts are having deep knowledge and having many years of experience in the same domain which leads to the perfection of the resolutions with complete satisfaction. They know how to deal with the obstacles hence you get the right solutions for your QuickBooks. You can also email at [email protected] to get a response from a dedicated and certified QuickBooks technician.

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Turn on QuickBooks Audit Trail Report

Turn On QuickBooks Audit Trail Report

The Audit Trail feature of QuickBooks is the great and life savior feature. It is used to track the lost transactions of your account. It also helps you in monitoring the changes that are done in the QuickBooks data file by other users. In the case of multi-user mode, it becomes complicated and tracking lost transactions is not possible. Below are the steps so that you get to know how to turn on QuickBooks Audit Trail Report.

If we talk about why you require the QuickBooks Audit Trail feature then there are the things that you must know. These things are as follows because of that you need this feature:-

  • You can easily train the employees of your organization. So that they get to know how to work properly in the QuickBooks software
  • Using this feature the authority of the transactions is in your hand now in the company file of QuickBooks and even the entries that are done.
  • The Audit Trail report provides you the summary or overview of old entries and the transactions. It is required if there is any kind of issue in your bank account like any inconsistency of the transactions or amount.

How Can You Turn on QuickBooks Audit Trail Report..

  • First of all, open your QuickBooks account
  • Click on the Edit menu option
  • Further, select the Preferences option
  • A box of Preferences open up
  • You have to change the Accounting preferences of your account
  • So, indicate the Accounting Preferences option by selecting it that is mention on the left side of the opened window
  • Now go to the tab Company Preferences
  • For using the Audit Trail, you have to tell the QuickBooks by calling them
  • There is an Audit Trail checkbox that you have to select and then click on the OK button
  • So that, you can call QuickBooks for using the feature of Audit Trail
  • After this, the record is saved by the QuickBooks that the user do changes to the Accounting file.

For Customizing the Audit Trail Reports in QuickBooks

There are some fields that you have to customize accordingly. These are as follows:-

  • Display- In this, you have many options that are displayed to you. The first option is for Report Date Range in which you have to enter the range of the date. The second field is the Days Entered/Last Modified. You have to enter the date when you have done the transaction so don’t get confused with this option. Then there is the checkbox saying Show the deleted transactions. Do select this option if you want to show all the deleted transactions.
  • Filters- In the Filters tab, you can apply the filters for the transaction searches. The filters that are available to choose are name, customer job, amount, vendor, account, and others.apply the filter using the drop-down menu and choose accordingly. After that, provide the details that are required in the input box. You can also remove it by clicking on the button Remove Selected Filter.
  • Header and Footer- Using this tab you can change the header and footer content of the report. The sections can be modified easily.
  • Fonts and Numbers- For changing the way of the reports, you have to make changes in this tab. But if you don’t want to make any changes then you can go with the default settings. The default report setting you to get by following steps:-
    • Go to the Edit option
    • Then click on the Preferences option
    • After that, you have to select the option Reports and Graphs
    • Now, click on the Company Preferences tab
    • Then click on the format.

You get the report of QuickBooks Audit Trail. So make sure that you see the right transactions as it has many transactions that would be the same but with different timings.

How to View QuickBooks Audit Transaction Changes..

  • First of all, open your QuickBooks account
  • Open the transaction
  • Select More option
  • Choose Audit History to open trail report
  • Select Show all

How to reach us:

All the information for using the Audit Trail feature in your QuickBooks account is provided above. So it would be easy for you to perform the steps for customizing the reports and also for how to “Turn on QuickBooks Audit Trail Report” in your account. You can reach the QuickBooks technical solution team via a toll-free number, email [email protected], or do a live chat with professionals. The team is available 24/7 hours to assist you and provide you the solution for all your glitches.

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