Change Owner in QuickBooks

Change Owner in QuickBooks

Changing ownership is very important sometime especially when you are transferring your ownership to someone else whether it is a business transferring or any software such as QuickBooks. QuickBooks also allows users to change their ownership. QuickBooks is also protected by the End-user license agreement and it gives certain rights to the user. Let’s check out the process and other details of the changing ownership.

Major reasons when change of the owner is necessary are given below:

  1. Any business is sold to a new person
  2. User is donating or selling software to some other person
  3. Incorrect user information is filled while purchasing software

When any business is sold to any other person with all the assets, both parties need to sign compete for an agreement which is necessary. Along with the agreement, there are many other formalities that both parties should need to follow.

The second case when QuickBooks is sold to some other organizations, then also both parties need to sign the completed policies and forms.

Sometimes while purchasing software wrong information enters by a user, then also you need to call the QuickBooks and need to provide the proof to purchase to change the information in the QuickBooks database.

You can also transfer ownership to a client to do so follow the below steps given.

Transfer ownership to the client

To transfer the ownership to the client you should be signed in as admin. Once you are logged in as administrator follow the below steps:

  1. Select the gear Icon
  2. Select add user option to add a new user
  3. Select Company admin
  4. Click on Next
  5. Enter the email id of a new user and the name of the user
  6. Save it
  7. An email will be sent to the user’s email id to confirm the same. The user needs to read the mail and click on the activation link to activate the same
  8. Once the email is activated you should be signed out and sign in again with the new credentials to activate the ownership

Along with this if you want to transfer the master admin rights simply follow below steps:

  • Select the Gear Icon
  • Go to Your company>> Manage users
  • Search the person you want to make the admin
  • Go to the Action menu and select make master menu
  • Select the make master menu again to confirm

Again like the above process email will be sent to the user who will become a new administrator and he needs to accept the invitation.

QuickBooks and much other software allow you to change the ownership and admin rights to anyone to whom you want to give access or administrator rights. Before processing for changing ownership, you have to read all the terms and conditions carefully; as conditions may differ from product to product.

You could transfer the license as well for the software like QuickBooks but for the policies, you need to read the conditions or need to get back to the QuickBooks or respective software care team.

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