Convert QIF to QFX in QuickBooks

Convert QIF to QFX in QuickBooks

QuickBooks upgraded version handles all accounting programs and manages it in a well-mannered way to get more profit. Sometimes users are no longer accessible to import all QIF files directly. To import that files from QIF to QFX, you need to go with the complete process. To convert QIF to QFX files, there are two possible methods such as direct conversion method or indirect conversion method. In this blog, you get complete information about the direct conversion which is one of the most preferable and best method to deal that how to convert QIF to QFX files in QuickBooks.

How to Convert QIF to QFX in QuickBooks?

To convert QIF to QFX QuickBooks, you need to go through with these instructions step-by-step:

  • Firstly, track the location of the website that allows QIF to QFX conversion upgrading software and choose any one of them as per your requirement
  • Then you need to purchase a license to work with this software
  • After that, you are accessible to install this application on your system
  • After the installation, you get a confirmation email from your selected software company. In this confirmation message, you receive a code that leads you to enable you to work with this software.
  • Now, you can begin the process with QIF to the QFX conversion application. To run with this application, you need to follow with steps:
    o To begin the process, mark your first click on the Menu bar and go to the Help option
    o Then go forward and mark you’re your next click on the “Licensing ”
    o After that, follow on-screen instructions and register your identity with registration option
    o And you will receive a confirmation message of registration with login Id.
    o Select the File from the drop-down options of the menu bar and click on Open
  • Then QIF to QFX conversion application will open on your screen from the tool-bar drop-down preferences
  • Then select QIF file you want to convert and view all data regarding the selected QIF file
  • You must be sure about to select the correct file and scroll your click on the “Convert or Convert Now”
  • Then you will find selected QIF file same content will display on the Excel spreadsheet rather than on the program window
  • To convert the file, you need to enter a new file name of OFX file and choose the folder where you want to save the conversion file
  • To complete the conversion, click on OK and save.

How to Import a QFX File into QuickBooks Online..

  • Sign into your “Bank’s” Website
  • Follow all process to “download” your transactions into QFX File
  • Select “Transactions” from specific or multiple accounts
  • Choose a Supported “File” type
  • Ensure the name of the downloaded file and the downloaded location, you can easily to find it.

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