5 Questions for CPAs Considering QuickBooks Premier Hosting

QuickBooks comes with many versions and editions and QuickBooks Premier is also one of them, it is one of the most loved versions. QuickBooks Premier can be hosted for some additional benefits which boost the productivity of the businesses and save your time and efforts. For the CPAs who really need to enhances the functionality of QuickBooks Premier, it is always recommended to host it on the cloud.

List of Questions for CPAs Considering QuickBooks Premier Hosting

Below is a list of 5 Questions for CPAs Considering QuickBooks Premier Hosting. These could be beneficial if you are considering QuickBooks Premier hosting for your business.

Question 1: What is QuickBooks Premier Hosting & it’s working procedure?

Answer: QuickBooks Premier Hosting means on the cloud server Desktop version of QuickBooks Premier is installed, its hosted in a remote data center. You can access the QB Premier through the web browser or remote access from any location. In other words, all the information or files in QuickBooks Premier hosting can be accessed by an authorized person through the web. To access, users don’t have to install the same on their local machine.

Below mentioned how QuickBooks Premier Hosting works

  • All the licensed copies of QuickBooks Premier are get installed in a server which provides cloud service.
  • Software users are provided with access to the server after setting some configuration. There are some steps to keep security so that only authorized users can access the QuickBooks Premier Hosting server.
  • Each modification that is done to QuickBooks Premier available on cloud hosting is saved every time automatically. Every authorized user can access the QuickBooks Premier and see the change.
  • To make a connection between the server and the user a Remote Desktop Protocol or web browser is used.
  • All the functions and features are the same as QuickBooks Premier Desktop.

Question 2: What Benefits Attract a CPA firm to Consider for QuickBooks Premier Hosting?

Answer: There are many which attract all CPA firm to get the QuickBooks Premier Hosting. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Anytime, Anywhere access – CPAs can access the cloud hosting QuickBooks premier, file, can run reports, and see the data anytime.
  • Collaboration – This feature allows one to access one file to different users. This is the benefit of hosting of QuickBooks Premier.
  • Security – Data security is one of the most concerning things. As everything is one the cloud server, your data is more secured as compared to data available on the local machine. You can access it from any device by using your login credentials.

Question 3: How to select the best QuickBooks Premier hosting provider?

Answer: If you are also looking to move QuickBooks Premier to the cloud, first of all, get a reliable hosting provider. There are some checks which you need to verify with the hosting provider.

Price – Before selecting one of the hosting providers, decide your budget and stick to it. Get that plan which gives you maximum benefits with a minimum price range. Always see what benefits you are getting and check if those benefits are really needed for your business instead of paying a huge amount and using some of the features only.

Downtime – All the hosting providers provide the downtime. While purchasing any plan or selecting any hosting provider, always check how they handle the situation and manage when the system is not working properly.

Security – Security is one of the biggest reason which needs to be checked while selecting any hosting provider. Make sure that they regularly update the software and take regular backup of the data including protection of the data and files.

Question 4: Is QuickBooks Premier hosting better than QuickBooks Premier Online?

Answer: There are majorly three differences in both of them such as pricing, features, and accessibility. QuickBooks premier online offers you many features but also has some drawbacks like long waiting time for assistance, high price, and navigational problems. Due to these issues, it might be not easy for CPAs to get QB premier online.

However, QB Primer hosting gives you most features for the CPAs who want efficient work and want to work faster. If you have desktop versions there are some nominal changes to upgrade QB primer hosting.

Question 5: Can a small firm afford to host QuickBooks Premier on the cloud?

Answer: Definitely, it is a good option, you can easily save money while getting the best solutions.

  • Mostly CPA firms are having a shortage of money, especially when planning to own a server spend a lot of money. With QuickBooks Premier cloud hosting, you can save money as all the equipment required will be owned by the provided.
  • Many of the CPA firms uses different storage and backup devices to save data. However, cloud hosting saves the data on multiple locations which helps you to get the data when lost or in an emergency.
  • CPAs required the IT team to manage the owned server, updating software, managing breakdown, and taking backups. QB Premier cloud provides you a way to save all these expenses as you don’t require an IT team as all the functions are done by the service provider.

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