How to Create Company File and Backup in QuickBooks Desktop?

A QuickBooks file carries the record of all financial data in a sequence manner which makes all accountancy easier and simpler. It is very necessary to create a company backup file in QuickBooks Desktop. Sometimes users need to remove all unusual files due to space issues but, in any case, if they want to work on that file again then you make have a QB backup file. With the help of this blog, you can easily create company files and Backup in QuickBooks Desktop.

Note: To create a company file and backup in QuickBooks desktop, there are several ways. Choose any one of them as per your according

With “Express start” method you can repair this issue

  • First of all, make new company QB file
  • To continue with the process, click on the “Express Start” option from the drop-down menu
  • Go to the “QuickBooks Set up” and enter all mandatory information
  • To view, every detail of organization Type clicks on the “Help me choose” option. With the help of this option, you can also configure the settings of “Chart of accounts
  • After that, select the “Create Company” issue
  • Once you create a chart of accounts and Services Company file, you are all set to run with this process.
  • Wait until the finish option will appear on your screen and then run just by click on the “Start working” option

Follow the “Detailed Start” method with these options

  • As an open QB Desktop, then choose the “No company open window” from available options on the open window screen
  • User must be click on “Create a new option” to make a file
  • Then choose the “Detailed Start” option
  • Then enter all required information on the “Easy step interview” and click on NEXT
  • Make sure about the identification of your “Business entity” and proceed forward with NEXT option
  • Then configure the settings of the fiscal year and click on “NEXT
  • After that, the user needs to set the QB administrator password
  • Then find the location where you want to save the QB company file
  • Then customize the QuickBooks settings as per you want and you get access to perform by clicking on the “Leave” option

You can create a company backup file with the following steps:

You either manually back up your QuickBooks company file, or you can choose to create an automatic backup procedure. below follow the steps.

  • Open the “File menu” first and choose the “Back up” option
  • Then choose the “Back up company file” from all available options
  • To change the file name, go to the browse button
  • Then choose the backup location and save the QB company file
  • If you want to select other products in the “Back up” option you can. This step is optional
  • Then click on OK and you are all done with this process.

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