Create Invoice from Sales Order in QuickBooks

Create Invoice from Sales Order in QuickBooks

Create an invoice from the sales order in QuickBooks to track the account of the client. Every business whether it is small or large requires cash-flow management. The invoice document plays a major role in it. Creating an invoice in QuickBooks saves time and effort. It permits seamlessly account management. One can create an invoice on the base of transactions made by clients. This document is one of the necessary documents given by a seller to the buyer after purchase.

Advantages of creating invoice:

  • You can maintain the real-time financial details
  • This invoice can be directly sent through QuickBooks
  • You can save the history of sale and maintain a legal record of it
  • This invoice helps better customer experience as both sellers and customers can monitor the payment
  • The invoice document creates trust between buyer & seller by acting as legal proof of the purchase
  • This document provides guarantees of the correct payment
  • It includes the buying patterns, product description, date of purchase, the amount paid and more.

How to Create Invoice from Sales Order in QuickBooks:

There are different methods to create an invoice in QuickBooks like from invoice window for estimation, and from the sales order. Below are the steps to create it from Sale order.

Once you have created a sales order now the next step is to generate an invoice. There are two methods that are mentioned below so do follow it accordingly:-

From Sales order:

  • Locate the Sales Orders tab and click on Create Invoice Button
  • The dialog box will appear on the screen displaying create an invoice for selected items and all the sales orders.
  • Choose to Create an invoice for all sale orders if you want to integrate the entire item present in the sales order to the invoice statement else click on create items for selected items when you wish to add some content on the invoice.
  • Perform all the modifications in the invoice according to your requirements.
  • Input 0 as the Quantity if you deny adding any listed content.
  • Hit on Save & Close.

Invoice dialog box:

  • Discover the Home page of the QuickBooks, locate the customer menu and click Create invoice
  • You will see customer job drop down button
  • Choose a customer for which you want to create an invoice
  • The dialog box will appear on the screen with the list of sales order
  • Select the appropriate one with content that you want to add in the invoice
  • Apply the changes and enter the quantity as per the requirement if not then input 0
  • Click on Save & Close.

You can even create an invoice for the client who has accepted estimation payment in such case you need to create an estimation invoice following list contains the steps:

  • Open the estimate tab
  • Click on Create invoice which is located above the estimation form
  • Edit the mandatory information that appears on the prompt
  • Click on save & close button.

How to Reach us

That all about creating an invoice from sales orders in QuickBooks. If you feel any difficulty to understand any of the above-given steps or face any issue to recover any technical or financial QuickBooks related error. Simply call at QuickBooks tech support phone number to reach the experienced team with great technical skills. The team patiently listen your all issues from scratch and provide you a quick resolution of the same. If you are unable to call over the phone, you can also reach the team through an email at or do a live chat for a quick reply from the QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

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