Quick Find Data Path and Program Path in Sage 50 – Solution


“Data Path and Program Path” where to find in Sage 50. Are you looking for search Data Path and Program Path in Sage 50 U.S. edition? Here is the Solution of your query about Program path and Data path.


How would I find the Program installed path and Company Data path? Here in this post you will learn about this query.

Resolution to find Data Path and Program Path in Sage 50 U.S. edition

💠 Choice I: INI document

  1. Hit on WINDOWS KEY+E.
  2. In the Desktop File Explorer, find the index for the .INI document

🔸 Sage 50 accounting edition 2019 and after: Look through to “C:\ProgramData\Sage\Peachtree”

🔸 Sage 50 accounting edition 2018 and past: Look through to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Peach (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Peach” on a 32-bit Desktop)

  1. Open the arrangement document for your Edition of Sage 50 Accounting Software—U.S. Version:

Note: If provoked to choose a program, pick Notepad.

  • Edition 2022: Peachtree290.ini
  • Edition 2021: Peachtree280.ini
  • Edition 2020: Peachtree270.ini
  • Edition 2019: Peachtree260.ini
  1. To find the Data Path, look down to the lower part of the third passage and search for the line beginning with DATAPATH=.
  2. To find the Program path, look down to the lower part of the 6th or seventh section and search for the line beginning with PROGRAMPATH=.

💠 Choice II: From inside Sage 50 and its Icon Properties

👉 To track down data path
  • Open Sage 50cloud—U.S. Version.
  • Choose the File and then Open Company.

Note: Do not choose Open Previous Company

  • Drag the side of the container so the full registry is shown.
  • The registry, less the shortened spelling of the organization name, is the information way.
👉 To track down the program path
  • Right-click the Sage easy route symbol.
  • Choose option Properties.
  • The blue featured path resting on the Target row, short Peachw.exe, is the program path.

Note: If you pick “Open File Location”, the program path will unlock intended for you


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