Deleted Tax Forms from the Registry in QuickBooks

Deleted Tax Forms From The Registry In Quickbooks

QuickBooks has always been wonderful financial software for, especially small and medium-sized business owners. QuickBooks provides many utilities and services to its users and one of the services is Tax forms. Tax forms are something which you need to fill always. There are certain circumstances when a user wants to delete the tax forms. Today’s article covers how to delete a tax payment and forms. Let’s go ahead.

You can delete the tax forms if the tax form is manually recorded electronic payment is not processed. In some cases you can’t delete it, if tax form is in process or processed electronically, form with the payment was already or if payment rejected due to insufficient funds.

Delete a Tax Form or Tax payment

Scenario 1: If you are not ready to make the tax payment it’s not approved yet

  1. Go to Taxes and Forms, Select pay taxes
  2. Approve it
  3. On the approved payment page, find the payment. In the delete column, select X
  4. Select approve

Scenario 2: If payment is approved or its paid you cant delete the payment

  1. Go to report >> Employer reports
  2. Select Tax payment from the drop-down menu
  3. Click Go
  4. Go to payment date column, select date of payment
  5. Select date and yes to confirm for deletion.

Scenario 3: If payment is approved and then you can’t delete it

  1. Select the taxes
  2. Select Payroll Tax
  3. Select the view tax payments which are made under Taxes.
  4. Select the name of Tax payment
  5. IF required change the date range
  6. Select Delete from the drop-down menu
  7. Click on yes to confirm for deletion.

In QuickBooks, you can also change the tax name

  1. Go to Tax menu
  2. Select Add Tax
  3. Select Custom tax
  4. Fill all the information such as tax name, agency name, Registration number, etc
  5. Enter the Start of the current tax period, reporting method and filling frequency
  6. Click on Save.

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