Fix the Sage 50 Upgrade Error Failed During Installation

Here we showcase how to fix this Sage 50 upgrade Error, problem while installing an update for Sage 50 cloud Accounts.

When you apply an update for Sage 50 cloud Accounts, you may get the following message:

“The installation was halted before Sage Accounts could be installed correctly.’ The Sage 50 Accounts Service could not be terminated. Check that you have the necessary permissions to disable system services…”

What does the Sage 50 upgrade error Failed during Installation look like?

  • Service Release (SR) will not install.
  • Error: “File (filename) wasn’t able to be copied.”
  • Installing a Service Release update displays errors.
  • Restarting the machine and running the update again produces the same message, essentially looping the installation. 
  • SR loop, unable to open the program after failed install of update.
  • Update failed.
  • The service release will not install and will urge you to restart your computer.
  • PTXA[Release] keeps looping asking to reboot.
  • Update keeps asking to install
  • Service release update failed to install.
  • The service release will not be installed.
  • Service release wants to restart.

Causes of the Sage 50 upgrade error, failed during installation

This happens if the Sage 50 cloud Accounts data service used to access your data cannot be terminated. If you attempt to open Sage 50 cloud Accounts after the unsuccessful installation, you may see the following message:

“Date service unavailable on this machine”

Don’t worry, this problem can be fixed by following a few simple steps mentioned below:

Sage 50 Upgrade

Quick fix of the Sage 50 update Error

  • Close the error notice if you haven’t already.
  • Type cmd into the Windows Key.
  • Run as administrator by right-clicking Command Prompt.
  • According to your version, insert the following:

Sage Accounts v27    Taskkill/f /IM sg50svc_v27.exe

Sage Accounts v26    Taskkill/f /IM sg50svc_v26.exe

Sage Accounts v25    Taskkill/f /IM sg50svc_v25.exe

  • Enter your password.

Section I: UAC is enabled

  • Investigate your information path. See Related Resources for Article ID 10165, “How to Discover Information and Program Ways.”
  • Tap the Updates envelope twice.
  • Locate the refresh you’re seeking to implement; right-tap the symbol, and then choose Run as administrator.
  • Follow the directions to introduce the refreshment.
  • Confirm that the refresh introduces correctly; if not, continue segmenting ibt.

Section II: Integration Service files are missing.

  • Choose the option to not restart the PO.
  • Select Start, followed by My Computer or Computer.
  • Double-click your C: Drive.
  • Windows should be double-tapped.
  • Record Peach Wlog.xml twice.
  • After that, select Edit and then Find.
  • Sort Failed, followed by Clicking on enter 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: How do I address the Data service unavailable on this computer error?

• You have to start the computer. on which your Sage 50 cloud Accounts data is stored. If the problem remains, go to step 2.
• Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard on the machine containing your Sage 50 cloud Accounts data.
• Enter services.MSC and click on OK. then check for the following services in the list of services:
Sage Accounts v28
• Sage 50 Accounts Service v28
• Sage 50 Accounts Control v28
Sage Accounts v27
• Sage 50 Accounts Service v27
• Sage 50 Accounts Control v27
Sage Accounts v26
• Sage 50 Accounts Service v26
• Sage 50 Accounts Control v26
Sage Accounts v25
• Sage 50 Accounts Service v25
• Sage 50 Accounts Control v25
Sage Accounts v24
• Sage 50 Accounts Service v24
• Sage 50 Accounts Control v24

• If the services do not display or have a status of Starting, continue reading >
• If either service has disabled in the Startup Type column, right-click it, go to Properties, choose Automatic from the Startup Type drop-down menu, and then click OK.
• For each service, right-click it, then click Stop, then right-click it again, and finally click Start.

Question 2: What is the Sage 50 Data Service Manager and how do I utilize it?

This may be done on any system that has access to the data.
• On your keyboard, press the Windows key.
• Enter Sage 50 Data Service Manager, and then tap the Sage 50 Data Service Manager app.
• Enter the name of the machine on which the data is stored, then click Connect.
• Select the necessary version from the Version drop-down menu.
• Stop service by selecting the Data Service Manager tab.
• Click the Start Service button.

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