Fix Sage Error 40960 and more Database Errors in Sage 300

The Sage Error 40960: “Cannot access database (error=40960)” in Sage 300 ERP. You will commonly experience this Sage Error 40960, when the DNS “(Data Source Name)” utilized in information base arrangement focuses to an inaccurate server.

Quick Fix Sage Error 40960

The resolution of sage error 40960 is to arrange DSN accurately utilizing the right information base server. To do as such, track these points:

  1. ODBC “(Open Data Sources)” (on a 64 Bit working framework guarantee the 32 digit ODBC  (Data Sources) is utilized
  2. Select the proper DSN and click on Configure
ODBC Data Source Administrator
  1. Done the arrangement of the DSN utilizing the right settings.

A different ERROR happens when signing into “Sage 300 ERP” you observe that “database is locked”. To fix this “Cannot access database (error=40960)” Sage Error 40960, test the SQL driver introduced on the awful workstation and ensure the fitting ones are introduced. Assuming everything is alright on that end, erase the current “ODBC DSN” on the issue workplace and yet again make it. In the event that a DSN doesn’t exist, make the fitting one. Later that have a go at signing in once more.

What’s more recall the letters ODBC as you will be seeing a ton of it in this article.

Likewise while signing into Sage 300 ERP, certain individuals have experienced this mistake:

Erroneous Edition of database programming

If it’s not too much trouble, note that the investigating ventures underneath require information on data set motors and application data sets utilized by Sage 300 ERP (counting Pervasive SQL, or MySQL, Microsoft/Transact SQL, and so forth) So on the off chance that you are not educated in this field, kindly don’t endeavor to follow these means all alone rather contact an Certified Sage Partner or information base executive for help. We here at Customer Helpdesk are not liable for helping with these means and can’t be answerable for mistakes coming about because of changes to the data set motor or information bases. At last, prior to rolling out any improvements, if it’s not too much trouble, ensure you’ve played out a full reinforcement of your information base.

This issue appears to just influence those on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 onwards with Sage 300 ERP 5.6 and up.

To determine, the initial step is to eliminate any ODBC associations in ODBC arrangement in Windows referring to that data set server and set up just the SQL Native Client (or SQL Native Client v10.0).

Assuming you are running Sage Accpac ERP 5.6, then, at that point, you presumably have seen this blunder when opening up an organization:

ERROR: “Invalid user ID, The connection user ID specified in the system database profile is not valid.”

Follow these means to fix the issue:
  1. Confirm that System DSN utilized in ODBC is utilizing the right SQL login qualifications. In the event that server name is utilized, the program makes System DSN named [server name] 32.
  2. Select System DSN and snap Configure
  3. Enter SQL certifications and test the association.
  4. Open Database arrangement and allot confirmed DSN to Company and System information bases.
  5. Assuming blunder is client explicit associating through terminal server on Windows 2008, right snap on the program and run it as manager.

A comparable problem happens when signing into a “Sage 300 ERP Microsoft SQL” data set where you get an unacceptable database detail. This might be because of harm to the Microsoft SQL Native Client driver. This error can be settled by introducing or fixing the “SQL Native Client driver”.

You may have likewise seen this sage 300 error when opening up an organization information base:

ERROR “You Cannot Open This Company Because another Task Has Locked the Database”

You will notice this sage error in the event that you are operation Edition 11 of a Pervasive information base on a implicit server.

To fix the error, reproduce the ODBC association with the Pervasive Database.

  1. Visit the Windows’ Start list of options, click on “Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools,ODBC Data Sources (ODBC)”.
  2. Choose the System DSN button.
  3. Recognize and choose the ODBC association for the Sage 300 ERP data sets
  4. Click on Configure button and make memo of the multitude of settings you want to reproduce this ODBC association.
  5. Then Click on Remove to erase the ODBC association.
  6. Click Add and reproduce the ODBC association.
  7. Save changes.


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