FreeTaxUSA vs TurboTax

Attention, tax-filing procrastinators! If you’re still scratching your head over which tax software to use this year, fear not – we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time filer, the decision between Freetaxusa and Turbotax can be daunting. But with our ultimate TurboTax vs FreeTaxUSA comparison guide, we’ll break down the pros and cons of each platform so that you can make an informed decision that suits your unique needs. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into this battle of the tax titans! FreeTaxUSA vs TurboTax– which is the best for you?

Freetaxusa vs Turbotax

Introduction- FreeTaxUSA Vs TurboTax


Freetaxusa is a website which delivers free federal tax filing for taxpayers who file a simple return of taxes. Freetaxusa additionally offers inexpensive choices for consumers who need to file a more complicated tax return, including state tax returns. The application is simple to comprehend and assists users wrap up their tax returns swiftly and conveniently. Freetaxusa delivers support via email and live chat to users who are encountering problems presenting their taxes. Furthermore, Freetaxusa provides its customers with their complete assurance and a maximum return guarantee.

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Turbotax is a well-known online tax preparation software that offers a range of features for users. Turbotax offers a free federal tax filing option for users with a simple tax return, and it also provides affordable pricing for more complex tax returns, including state tax filing. Turbotax offers a range of features, including a guided tax preparation process, live chat and phone support, and access to tax experts. Turbotax also offers a satisfaction guarantee and a maximum refund guarantee to its users.

Features: FreeTaxUSA Vs TurboTax

State tax filingEasy Navigation
Audit supportDeductions and Credits
Importing of tax dataError Check
Customer supportImporting Data
Mobile applicationE-filing

Comparison: FreeTaxUSA versus TurboTax

Ease of Use: While both services have intuitive user interfaces, Freetaxusa’s clear structure might be appealing to people with simpler tax problems. In contrast, Turbotax specialises at assisting users through difficult tax issues, making it excellent for self-employed individuals or small business owners.Support Options: While both systems allow client assistance, TurboTax Live has an advantage because it gives a network of qualified tax experts in the field. This live assistance service might be extremely helpful for users seeking personalised advice or dealing with complex tax-related problems.Coverage and Forms: Because Freetaxusa focuses exclusively on private tax filing, it makes sense for a great deal of personal tax circumstances. Turbotax, contrary to popular belief, covers a broader spectrum of tax scenarios, such as investments, small enterprises, and residential rentals, making it an increasingly versatile option.

Pros & Cons: FreeTaxUSA Vs TurboTax

FreeTaxUSA Pros & Cons




User-Friendly Interface: Freetaxusa is renowned for its intuitive design, which makes it approachable to those with different levels of tax experience. The platform’s design is easy to navigate, directing customers throughout every step of the tax filing process and lowering the likelihood of mistakes.Limited Support for Complex Situations: While Freetaxusa is suitable for most personal tax situations, it may lack some of the advanced features needed for more complex tax scenarios, such as small businesses, rental properties, or extensive investment portfolios. Users with intricate tax matters might find the software limiting in this regard.
Cost-Effective: One of the most significant benefits of Freetaxusa is its low cost. Regardless of the intricacy of their tax position, the platform provides free federal tax filing for the vast majority of consumers. Freetaxusa imposes a minimal fee for state tax filing, which is generally less than that of many other tax software solutions.Customer Support Availability: While Freetaxusa does offer customer support via email, phone, and live chat during the tax season, some users may find that the response times or availability of support representatives can be slower compared to other tax software providers.
Federal and State Tax Filing: Freetaxusa covers both federal and state tax filing, letting customers take care of all of their tax-related duties in one spot. When in contrast to using distinct platforms for federal and state filings, this simplicity saves energy and time.Limited Live Support Options: Unlike some competitors, Freetaxusa doesn’t provide live expert assistance as a standard feature. Users who prefer real-time support from tax professionals may need to consider other alternatives or upgrade to a paid version that includes this service.
Audit Support: Freetaxusa offers free audit support to users, which might be encouraging for individuals anxious about future IRS audits. If you are subjected to an audit, Freetaxusa will support and guide you through the process.Interface Simplicity: While the simplicity of Freetaxusa’s interface is a pro for many users, some individuals with more experience or specific needs might find the platform lacking advanced features or customization options.
Accuracy Guarantee: Freetaxusa offers an accuracy guarantee, promising to reimburse users for any IRS penalties or interest resulting from calculation errors made by the software. This guarantee instils confidence in the accuracy of the tax calculations.

TurboTax Pros & Cons

User-Friendly Interface: Turbotax is acclaimed for its intuitive interface and incremental advice, which makes it simple for customers to comprehend the tax return submission procedure. Regardless of the user’s knowledge of taxes level, the software asks appropriate inquiries to guarantee that all credits and deductions are taken into account.Cost: The cost of Turbotax is one of its major downsides. While the software has a trial version that is free for uncomplicated returns of taxes, it could become more costly as the tax situation becomes increasingly complicated. Certain tax forms, state filings, and extra services such as TurboTax Live might result in extra expenses.
Comprehensive Coverage: Turbotax is ideal for an extensive range of taxpayers, including those with real estate for rental, self-employment income, investments, and small enterprises. It guarantees that consumers having more intricate tax situations can record their income and deductions correctly.Upsells and Cross-Selling: According to some users, Turbotax aggressively advertises other services and goods during the filing process. While these upsells are optional, they can be distracting and result in additional costs.
Live Expert Help: TurboTax Live is a tool that lets you gain access to certified tax specialists, such as CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) or EAs (Enrolled Agents). Users can use this service in order to receive personalised tax guidance, have their returns for tax purposes examined by a professional, and get responses to particular tax queries.Complexity for Simple Returns: Turbotax’s extensive capabilities could intimidate customers with simple tax circumstances, as they may not require all of the software’s complicated features. In such circumstances, people might come across simpler and less expensive alternatives elsewhere.
ItsDeductible: Turbotax comes with ItsDeductible, a feature that assists users in precisely valuing and tracking charitable gifts over the year. This feature makes it easy for people to claim charitable deductions.Customer Support Limitations: While Turbotax provides live professional help through TurboTax Live, this service cannot be free. Users who depend on free support from others may face higher waiting periods or have less access to qualified support.
SmartLook™: This tool allows customers to establish a connection with a tax expert for immediate assistance via a single direction video. If consumers run into any problems while filing, they can seek assistance from a professional without exiting the Turbotax portal.
Accuracy: Turbotax has an international reputation for generating precise tax computations. The software keeps being updated to match the most current tax regulations and laws, thereby lowering the likelihood of accounting problems.

Price: FreeTaxUSA Vs TurboTax


  • The biggest attraction of Freetaxusa is its inexpensive price. The majority of consumers are able to submit their federal taxes for free, and the state filing charge is inexpensive in comparison to other tax software options. Extra functions or support options, ranging on the other hand, may require extra costs.
  • All of FreeTaxUSA’s self-filing choices (Basic, Advanced, Premium, and Self-employed) are free to file federal tax returns, but filing state taxes costs $14.99.The Deluxe version of FreeTaxUSA costs $7.99, while the Pro version costs $49.99.


  • Turbotax is a pricing structure scheme, with the price varying according to the complexity of your tax position. While the basic congressional filing is a bit more costly than Freetaxusa, Turbotax offers more advanced capabilities that may warrant the higher price for certain individuals. Pricing varies depending on the plan chosen (Free, Deluxe ($70), Premier ($105), or Self-Employed ($120), as well as any extras selected.

Integration: FreeTaxUSA Vs TurboTax


While Freetaxusa promises an improved tax filing experience, it has little connection with other financial applications or platforms. It may not have as many connection possibilities as Turbotax.


Turbotax has many possibilities for integration. It enables users to import financial data from multiple sources such as banks, investment accounts, and employers, easing the tedious task of precisely filling out tax forms.

Desktop and Mobile Platforms


Freetaxusa is merely a platform that is accessible via the internet. Users can log in to their accounts using any type of browser, making it appropriate for users on desktops as well as smartphones.


Turbotax provides both web-based and desktop versions, permitting users to select the one that best adheres to their requirements. They additionally supply mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones, enabling it easy to manage taxes when you are on the road.

Customer Support: FreeTaxUSA Vs TurboTax


Freetaxusa offers email support to customers, even though the alternatives for live assistance may be limited in the free version. Depending on the version, paid customers might have access to real-time chat or phone assistance.


Turbotax has a reputation for providing outstanding customer service. They provide online chat, telephone assistance, and an extensive library of information to quickly respond to questions from customers.

Payment Type: FreeTaxUSA Vs TurboTax


Freetaxusa accepts credit and debit cards for payment.


Turbotax also takes debit and credit cards, and in certain circumstances, users can pay for the software using their tax refund, albeit this could come at some expenses.

User Rating: FreeTaxUSA Vs TurboTax


Users usually provide Freetaxusa favourable ratings, especially because of its simplicity, easy access and the effectiveness of costs.


Turbotax is renowned and has an extensive customer base. Its pricing and occasional software issues garner mixed reviews, but many users love its broad functionality as well as integration options.


Choosing the best tax filing website for you may prove challenging, but it is worthwhile to do the research necessary. We’ve examined each of the two most popular options, Turbotax and Freetaxusa, to help you decide which one is best for you. Both provide excellent services at affordable prices, but we feel Freetaxusa gives people more bang for their money with more options that do not increase the cost. Whatever you decide, we hope this post has been beneficial by offering some insight into both services to assist with your selection easier!