How to Fix QuickBooks Cannot Create PDF File

QuickBooks Cannot Create PDF File

Like many other easy to use features, QuickBooks offers you awesome features for emailing, printing, and saving the file as PDF. Sometimes, user comes across “QuickBooks cannot create PDF file” error when they refresh Windows and then try to create a PDF file in QuickBooks. However, it becomes very annoying for most users when they’re unable to email an invoice to their customer. But don’t worry! With the provided methods of this article, you can get rid of your problems at ease.

Reasons that Cause “QuickBooks Cannot Create PDF File” Error

It is pretty possible that there is more than one reason that can cause such a PDF problem. A few of the listed causes are here:

  • The component of the pdf file might be missing
  • PDF converter may become offline
  • PDF converter device is not ready for use
  • Connectivity issue with your printer
  • The print driver host might be stopped working
  • There is an error associated with the QB PDF converter activation
  • QuickBooks couldn’t save your reports or form as a .pdf
  • When you are Installing PDF Converter Error 1722 or 1801
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Reliable Methods to Troubleshoot QuickBooks PDF Issue “QuickBooks Cannot Create PDF file”

Here are some of the reliable methods elaborated that may help you to get rid of this PDF error:

Method 1: Manage Windows User Permissions for XPS document writer

  • Initially, Control Panel of Printer within the Windows
  • Next, go to the Microsoft XPS document writer and make a right-click on the same
  • Now, choose the Printer Properties for your required (Windows 7 & 8) and Properties for (Windows Vista)
  • And then hit the Security option
  • Locate the cluster named “Everyone user
  • If you don’t find the same on the list
  • Then you have to click the “Add” option
  • Type “Everyone” in the appear field type
  • Along with that, select the “Check named” option and then click the “OK
  • Now, you have to press the “Print” and checked the check mark where there is “Allow Column” and then hit “OK
  • After that, go to the Windows Explorer and locate the path: C:\windows\system32\spool in
  • Now, select the Printer option by making a right-click on the same
  • Again you have to select the “Security” option
  • And then select the Edit >> Add option
  • Type the “Local Service” and enter
  • Before clicking the “OK” button, ensure that the “Local Service” has full control
  • Finally, you launch QuickBooks and try to create a .pdf file.

Method 2: Bypass the print spooler (This is for terminal services only)

  • The very first, open your Printers Control Panel
  • Next, go to the Microsoft XPS document writer and make a right-click on the same
  • Now, select the Properties for Windows Vista or Printer Properties for Windows 7 & 8
  • After that, go to the “Advanced” tab and select the “Print directly to the printer” option
  • Once done with that then save all the modification made by pressing the “OK” button
  • At last, close your “Printer Properties”.

Method 3: Use Print and PDF Repair Tool

Make sure that your QuickBooks is updated with the latest version before you try to download the Print and PDF Repair Tool from Intuit official website. Once you successfully download then run it and then verify the QuickBooks cannot create a PDF file issue.

If the problem still not resolved then restart your system and check for error once again. Even after doing that, you’re getting the same error message then reset the permissions of the temp folder. Here’s how:

  • Initially, type %TEMP% within the Run command and then press Enter from your console
  • Next, go to the Temp folder and select the Properties by making a right-click on the same
  • Now, move to the Security tab and confirm that all groups and usernames have permissions are set as Full Control
  • After that, check you’re able to save your file as a PDF
  • If you’re unable then there might be possible that the issue still not resolved

If both saving as a PDF and sending an email were your initial problem, then you must follow one more step. If you can print to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, you need to confirm it. Perform the below steps to do so:

  • Open your Notepad or Writer as per you convenience
  • Next, open the Print window with the File tab in Notepad
  • Now, as the printer choose the Microsoft XPS Document Writer
  • Click on the Print and save it to your desktop folder
  • Finally, end the process by verifying whether you’re able to view the printed document and able to create a .pdf file or not.


Hopefully, the above-discussed methods are worthy and helpful for how to fix QuickBooks Cannot Create PDF file. But if you’re still experiencing the same issue even after following the above solution then you can easily contact QuickBooks technical solution team by simply dialing toll-free number. You can also get assistance by dropping an email or do a live chat with an experienced team of experts.

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