Install Sage 50 Connection Manager on Server – Solution

Install Sage 50 Connection Manager: The Sage 50 Connection Manager controls demands from Sage 50 Accounting and outsider programming to interface with your organization’s information. The Connection Manager should be introduced on the PC or server where your organization information is put away.


Below given topics covered in this article:

  • “How to introduce or install Sage 50 Connection Manager on the server for Sage 50-Canadian Edition”?
  • “I require to add the Sage 50-Canadian Edition information document(s) on a server instead of residing on a customer Desktop.”
  • “The full product of Sage 50-Canadian Edition is introduced on the customer Desktops.”
  • “How do I able to introduce or install Sage 50 Connection Manager to Server”?
  • “I just want to install the Connection Manager on the Server.”
  • “I don’t want the full program install on the Server.”
  • “How to Install Sage 50 Connection Manager”?
  • “How to update multi-user environment with connections manager on data server”?
  • “How to update multi-user environment”?
  • “How to install the product and payroll update on the server”?
  • “Where can I find the download for product update”?
  • “How to update connection manager on server”?

Resolution: Sage 50 Connection Manager

A similar form of Sage 50 Connection Manager should be introduced and running on the server just as the workstation.

Choice I: Download the Program

  1. Sign in to the Server area
  2. Download the Sage 50 rendition of programming from the download webpage and run record.
  3. Choose the language, then, at that point, select OK
  4. “Sage 50-Canadian Edition” have need of some compulsory programming to be introduced on your PC.
  5. Then Select Install tab
  6. Assuming Windows Firewall is empowered on this PC, you will see a screen to inquire as to whether you need Windows Firewall consequently designed to work with Sage 50
  7. Select Advanced assuming the server just stores the information record and nobody utilizes the program on the server
  8. Choose Next to continue
  9. Then Select Server – just for “Sage 50 Server Components”
  10. In last Select Finish when the finishes

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Choice II: The Full Product has as of now been downloaded on another framework

  1. Select Windows Start, then, at that point, Computer
  2. Select the C:\ drive
  3. Open the Sage envelope
  4. Select Sage 50 Installer Files-CDN Release (select the suitable delivery; ie 2022.0)
  5. Duplicate the envelope to the server – either by means of shared drive or USB key.
  6. On the server run the Launch.exe record
  7. Select Install Sage 50
  8. Select the language
  9. Select OK
  10. Select Yes for the windows firewall arrangement
  11. Select Next
  12. You have two choices: Typical or Advanced
    • Select Advanced option
  13. Select Next Button
  14. Select Server – just for Sage 50 Server Components
  15. Trust that Sage 50 will introduce
  16. Select Finish when the introduce finishes

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Choice III: The update was at that point introduced on another framework

  • Go to the framework that has the update introduced on
  • Select Windows Start, then, at that point, Computer
  • Then Go for “C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\Download
  • Observe the most recent update that was introduced
    • Record names will have the year number followed by the delivery. See models beneath.
    • 2015 item update 4: SA_20154CPUP1.exe
    • 2021 item update 2: SA_20212CPUP1.exe
    • 2022.0 full item SA_20220CP1.exe
  • Duplicate this record to a USB stick or to the server
  • Run this report on the server to refresh the Connection Manager

Choice IV: The update was at that point introduced on another framework yet doesn’t have a USB Drive

  1. Go to
  2. Picked the sub-query item for “Sage 50 – – Canadian Edition”. In the event that it doesn’t show this query item, Click on “More Search Results…” and afterward look through and find “Sage 50- – Canadian Edition”
  3. Once on our Knowledgebase, look down to “Well known Downloads”
  4. Click on “Sage 50 2022
  5. Click “Download Now”
  6. Click “Save”
  7. When done downloading, click “Run” and introduce the update

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Choice V: Update association administrator from Sage 50 association director window

For this case, a previous rendition of association director is as of now introduced and needd to refresh just to the current variant

  • On the server windows taskbar, open the association administrator symbol
  • Click on the update button to download and introduce update
Install Sage 50 Connection Manager
  • Follow the following screen manual for introduce

Additional information

Some item refreshes require the Sage 50 Connection Manager to be updated or installed on the server to have the power to get to organization information documents. Beginning in 2016.3, the Install Sage 50 Connection Manager has an update button to refresh the server.

Click on:

  • Start button
  • Then All Programs
  • After that Sage Folder
  • Sage 50
  • Sage 50 Connection Manager
  • Click on Update Button and affirm your Sage 50 Connection Manager is cutting-edge.
Update Sage 50 Connection Manager

Note: You must be an administrator to install updates or start/stop service.

Bottom Line:

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