Make Changes to Invoice in Closed Period

Make Changes to Invoice in Closed Period

QuickBooks is a intuit program that is developed and organized by Inuit. This product is mainly created for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers online and cloud services as well. There are many versions of the cloud that are available in the market. It provides many functions such as accepting payments; manage and pay bills, payroll functions, etc. Today’s topic will cover “How to change the accounts payable invoice without effecting a prior period”.

There are 3 options and you can follow the options as per the information given below.

  • Option 1 if you want to reverse invoice without affecting a prior period but want to keep the original invoice
  • Options 2 if you want to make any other changes to the invoice without affecting a prior period
  • Option 3 if you want to delete invoice without affecting a prior period

Option 1: Reverse the invoice without effecting a prior period but keep the original invoice

  1. In accounts payable select Enter invoice, from the task menu
  2. Enter an invoice same as you want to reverser with below differences
    ● You cant enter two same invoice number hence change it
    ● Type a current accounting data, it will be the accounting date of your reversal
    ● Enter the amount as per the negative number, so that the invoice and the original invoice should be zero
  3. Click on the accept invoice
  4. Click finish

Option 2: Change the accounting date on the invoice to a current period date and after that make changes to the invoice

  1. In accounts payable, select change invoice from the task menu
  2. Enter the invoice and vendor information
  3. Type a current accounting date in the accounting date column. This is the accounting date accounts payable uses for your invoices changes
  4. Accept the invoices without making any other charges
  5. In the reversal accounting Date window, select Revised accounting date. It will create debit and credit entries in the current accounting period, net to zero.
  6. Click ok
  7. Click to Finish
  8. Make the correct changes to invoice as normally in the work, change the invoice as well.

Option 3: Delete the invoice without affecting the period period

In this scenario, there are 2 options A and B. Select Options A to select an unpaid invoice. Go to the B option if you delete a pending invoice.

Option A: Delete an unpaid invoice in Change Invoice as follows:

  1. Select the Changes Invoices from the task menu
  2. Click on List, select your vendor, click ok
  3. Click list, double click NEw Invoice if you want to delete an unposted service, or you can double click posted service if want to delete a posted service
  4. Select your invoice and click ok
  5. Click Delete
  6. Select yes when you will be asked “ are you sure to want to delete this invoice”
  7. Now you need to select the accounting date.
  8. Click ok
  9. Click Finish
  10. Click on start to Print your journal

Option B: Delete the pending invoice as given below

1. Select Enter pending invoice
2. Select the appropriate pending invoice session,
3. Click in the Vendor column to delete the pending invoice
4. Click delete,
5. Click on yes
6. Click Start to print your journal

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