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General Ledger in QuickBooks

QuickBooks provides you many new features and the latest tools to work on and to manage your business without any hassle. One of the best features is printing QuickBooks General Ledger. In today’s article, we discuss the same. Let’s start about the same.

Creating a General Ledger in one of the best features of QuickBooks software. It helps business owners and accountants to easily access the screenshot of the transactions. Whenever you make a payment or, receive a payment or any other transactions just enter the same in entry and it will be included to your general ledger. You can also customize your accounts through the basic accounts manager in QuickBooks.

What is QuickBooks General Ledger Accounting? – Create Journal Entries, Find and Print General Ledger

It is a kind of a specific report all the transactions which are posted to account for every transaction. In the account, there is a credit and debit account and transactions will be listed there. Users can pull the list of trial balance to see the summary balances for all accounts credits and debits.

Basics of QuickBooks General Ledger

When there is a particular part record, it gets updated for each task. These journals are divided into 3 tasks.

  • Accounts Receivable – These are daily records of company sales and receipt, and also the invoices that the clients didn’t pay
  • Accounts Payable – Daily records of company purchase and also the company invoice which company needs to pay
  • Payroll It consists of records of each employee compensation and also checks written to pay the employees and related payroll taxes

The user is supported to enter the monthly activities into the general ledger in a summarized way.

How to Create Journal Entries for General Ledger?

It’s very useful to discuss the steps of creating General Ledger. Below are the steps.

QB Login page screen shot
  • Login to your QuickBooks account
  • Go to the “company drop-down menu”
  • Make the “Make General Journal Entries”
  • Mention the date in the Journal entry in the calendar and the accounts menu if its a debit transaction
  • Mention the total value of the recorded transaction for the Debit
  • State the amount you are inclined to use indicate a deposit
  • Read and give the information in the rest of the fields
  • Save and close once all is done

Steps to Find the General Ledger Report in QuickBooks Desktop..

Follow the below points to find the General Ledger Report

  • Select the report option from left navigation panel and then select close all option
  • Go to the bottom of the screen, and select for my accountant
  • Select General Ledger
  • Select date range
  • Choose Cash or accrual basis
  • Run the report to generate the report

How to Print General Ledger in QuickBooks..

After the process of creating the Journal Entries in QuickBook, its very easy to print the general Ledger. Just follow the below steps to print the ledger:

  • Log in to your “QuickBooks account
  • Go to “Print reports”  >>  “Transaction reports”  >> “General ledger
  • Then enter “Month” and Year”
  • Want to print an account range “Enter the beginning and ending account number
  • Above steps take you a print screen page where you can select the formatting options
  • Click on “Print” option  >>  “Start printing”
  • Preview on the screen or “Print to Printer

How to Print a General Ledger only Active Account in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Goto Reports  >>  Click on Account list
  • Click on Customize Report option
  • Goto Display and Columns option search Active Status  >>  Click OK
  • Press print drop-down arrow  >>  Select Report
  • Click on Print

How to Create a Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online..

  • Login to your QuickBooks Online account
  • Click on the “New” tab
  • Select “Journal Entry” and then Date and Journal Number
  • Select an account from the Account field (Enter the amount in the column)
  • Next, select other accounts if you’re moving money to or from (enter the same amount in the opposite column)
  • Match the amounts (You Entered the same amount in the Credit column and Debit column)
  • Enter your information (description) in the memo section
  • Select Save and Close.

How to See General Ledger Entry in QuickBooks Online..

  • Open QBO account
  • Goto the Reports menu
  • Select the the Standard tab
  • Double-click on General Ledger
  • Choosing the correct date range in the Report period.

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