Solved: QuickBooks Web Connector Error QBWC1085

QBWC1085 QuickBooks Web Connector Error impacts QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Desktop, and if a user encounters Web Connector error, QuickBooks is unable to exchange data with any third-party web-based program. When the log file QWCLOG.TXT is damaged or malformed, the Web Connector Error QBWC1085 arises. When you encounter the QBWC1085 error, you may see a variety of error message descriptions on your computer.

Before you start troubleshooting Web Connector Error QBWC1085, there are a few things you should perform.

A. Make a QuickBooks Desktop update

To update QuickBooks Desktop, double-click the QuickBooks desktop icon while holding down the Ctrl+Shift keys simultaneously. Wait until the “No Company Open” popup appears before releasing the keys.

🔸 Go to Help > QuickBooks Desktop Update…

🔸 From the top, select the Update Now tab and then Get Updates.

🔸 When Update is finished, click Close

B. Make a backup of the company file

🔸 If you can open the company file, make a backup before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps.

🔸 QuickBooks Desktop is now open.

🔸 Go to File > Company Backup > Make a local backup

🔸 Now, to build a backup, follow the onscreen instructions.

Causes of the QuickBooks desktop error QBWC1085

The following factors are primarily responsible for Web Connector Error QBWC1085:

🔸 When the web connector’s QBWCLOG.TXT file is corrupted for some reason.

🔸 When you are unable to view the web connector’s QBWCLOG.TXT file.

🔸 If QuickBooks is unable to write the web connector log file, Web Connector Error QBWC1085 can occur.

🔸 If you haven’t connected QuickBooks to any third-party programs, you may encounter this problem.

🔸 Any damage to the components of the QB web connector could result in QuickBooks Web Connector Error QBWC1085.

Indications of QBWC1085 or Exception in QuickBooks Web Connector Type Error

🔸 If the web connection program’s functionalities aren’t performing properly.

🔸 Another indicator of this mistake is that QuickBooks is not operating properly.

🔸 If the QuickBooks desktop stops for a few minutes, the error code QBWC1085 is most likely.

🔸 If you do not receive a response from Windows, the problem QBWC1085 can be discovered.

🔸 If your system freezes or hangs for a few minutes.

Probable solutions for the Web Connector Error QBWC1085

Solution 1: Make sure the company file is linked to the third-party program.

The manual method is to ensure that the company file is connected to the third-party program. The following steps should suffice:

🔸 The first step is to simultaneously press the Windows + R keys.

🔸 The run window will emerge on the screen later than.

🔸 Then type MSConfig and press the OK button.

🔸 After that, you must select the Startup tab.

🔸 After that, look for the QuickBooks web connector and check the box.

🔸 After that, select the Apply option before tapping the OK button.

🔸 Finally, restart the computer and check to see if the QuickBooks web connector error has been resolved.

Solution 2: Change the file’s name to QWCLOG.TXT.

🔸 You can also rename the QWCLOG.TXT file as an alternative solution. The following are the steps involved:

🔸 To begin, open the taskbar and then right-click on the QuickBooks Web Connector icon.

🔸 After that, select the Exit option before launching the Windows File Manager.

🔸 Once done, visit the C:\Program Data\Intuit\QBWebConnector\log folder.

🔸 Now hit a right-click on the QWCLOG.TXT file and then opt for the rename option.

🔸 Later than this change the given name to QWCLOGOLD.TXT and hit on the Save option.

🔸 Once you are done with that you have to reboot the connector program.

🔸 The final step in this method is to reboot the computer and reopen the software.

Solution 3: Remove the web connector from the start-up menu

Remove the Web Connector from the Startup option if you are not connected to QuickBooks through any third-party programs. The steps are outlined below:

🔸 The first step is to log in as the Windows Administrator on your machine.

🔸 After that, navigate to C: Program DataMicrosoft Windows Start Menu Program Start-Up and run the command.

🔸 For Windows XP, go to You must go through the following steps: Documents and Settings/ All Users/ Start Menu/ Program/ Startup.

🔸 The QuickBooks Web Connector File must now be deleted.

🔸 After that, restart your computer and then launch QuickBooks

Solution 4: Rename the QWCLOG.TXT file manually

🔸 If you use Web Connector to connect your company’s data to a third-party application, go to this step.

🔸 Close the Web Connector for QuickBooks accounting software.

🔸 On the next screen, select QBWebConnector from C:/Program Data/Intuit.

🔸 Rename QWCLOG.TXT to QWCLOGOLD.TXT by clicking log.

🔸 Close the Web Connector and reopen it.

🔸 Check to see if the problem has been resolved by restarting your computer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to set up the web connector?

Answer: Download and install QuickBooks Web Connector to get started. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Get the QuickBooks Web Connector software.

🔸 The installer is available for download.
🔸 Right-click the installer download and select Extract All from the menu.
🔸 Right-click the.exe file in the extracted folder and select Run as Administrator.
🔸 To finish the installation, follow the prompts.

Step 2: Connect Web Connector to an app.

🔸 Make sure you’re logged in to both QuickBooks and your Intuit account as the administrator.
🔸 You can link your third-party web app’s.qwc file to QuickBooks if you have it.
🔸 Select File, Update Web Service, and then Manage Web Apps from the drop-down menu.
🔸 Next to the app, you wish to set up, click Set up. You’ll be sent to the app’s website, where you’ll log in.
🔸 On the app’s webpage, click Connect to QuickBooks.
🔸 To finish your setup, open QuickBooks Desktop and select Done on the Access Confirmation screen.

Question 2: How do I integrate this into my company file?

Answer: All Right Networks accounts already have the QuickBooks Web Connector installed. Please follow the procedures below when logged in to your company file to access this functionality:

🔸 Select File from the File menu.
🔸 Update Web Services is the option to choose.

The QuickBooks Web Connect file should have the extension and come directly from the application vendor .qwc’s (please contact the application vendor directly for information on how to obtain this file).
Place the file on the Right Networks desktop once you’ve acquired it (to move the file to Right Networks follow this article File Manager).

To install the QuickBooks Web Connector application, follow these steps:

🔸 Add an Application is the option to choose.
🔸 In the File Explorer, go to Desktop.
🔸 Select the .qwc file you previously saved to your desktop (you may be prompted with a message to Authorize New Web Service if you see this select OK).
🔸 Choose Open.
🔸 After that, the application should show up in Quickbooks Web Connector.
🔸 In the password area, type the password provided by the application provider.
🔸 Select the checkbox on the application’s left side.
🔸 Update Selected is the option to choose.

Question 3: How do you transfer the app to your device?

Answer: For the same company file, you can transfer an app to another computer. The connection from your other PC is removed once you transfer the app. Make sure you have the most recent version of QuickBooks Desktop.

🔸 Select File, Update Web Service, and then Manage Web Apps from the drop-down menu.
🔸 To see and change your connected apps, go to Connected apps.

Choose Transfer App to My Device from the drop-down menu. Your app’s connection will be transferred to your new device. Make certain that the data transfer continues.

Question 4: How do you delete the app?

Answer: You can delete an app from Web Connector. Once you delete the app, the data exchange won’t work with QuickBooks Desktop.

🔸 Select Edit, Preference, and then Integrated Applications.
🔸 Select Company preferences.
🔸 Select the app you want to remove, select Remove, and then OK.

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