QuickBooks Donor Statements Create

QuickBooks donor statements

QuickBooks permit to Create “Donor Statements” to display the customer account detail at a certain point in time. The QuickBooks comprises of automatic donor statement generator create ready to print statements depending upon the data. One can even integrate the logo of the company. It saves time since it does not require any manual data entry, label address, etc.

Read about QuickBooks Donor Statements..

Transaction statements can be referred to as donor reports. The organization makes use of such statements when they want to send activity or summary reports to their donors. Non Profit agencies need to create a donor statement at the end of the year to make an accurate log of the donor’s transactions.

Donor statements operate as an excel add-in of Microsoft excel. These statements include various features to customize statements according to the need i.e. it permits personalize information integration including statements, wording, organization logo, etc. Moreover, one can create an itemized list of purchased summary.

Feature of Donor Statements:

  • QuickBooks comprises an option to generate statements according to the company requirements.
  • It permits solution for entire donation transaction summary including sales receipts, invoice & payment, journal entries, statement, deposit items, sales transaction, etc. one can even mix & match all these transactions and embed in one statement.
  • It contains a mail merge option in which one can represent opening text and closing as well. There are other additional options present to perform a selection of two tables, columns like class, item and more.
  • It permits address labeling with a visual alignment option which lets one create statements along with address identical to windowed envelopes. This helps to decrease labeling error as there is no need to label address while printing statements.
  • If once entered donation with the help of donor names then there is no need for any additional configuration.
  • The created donor statements can be directly mailed on the donor mail address with the email feature present on the QuickBooks.
  • One can create multiple donor statements simultaneously.

How to Create QuickBooks Donor Statements:

One can create these statements with the data present in the QuickBooks’s database without rewriting. Each line of the donor statements represents details of the customer account like credits, payment or any sale transactions.

Below-given is the list of steps to Create QuickBoosk Donor Statements..

  • Locate the main page of your QuickBooks and discover the left menu, Click sales and then customer option
  • On clicking on customer, select the customer for which you want to create a donor statement
  • Now discover the Action drop-down button and click on Create statement
  • Choose the statement’s type from the list displaying of the screen
  • On selecting a particular type of statement, now enter the statement date, End date, and start date appears on that window
  • Hit on Apply to display the statement
  • Click Save.

How to Create a Donor Statement in QuickBooks for Multiple Clients:

Below mentioned are the steps:

  • Locate the toolbar and click on Plus icon(+)
  • Select statement present under ‘other’ button
  • Select the recipients
  • No click on print or preview located at the bottom
  • Choose Save and Close once you finished.

How to Run QuickBooks Donor Statements/Customer Statement Report..

  • Goto the Reports option
  • Enter your Report name in the search field
  • Click on Customize
  • Click on specific items Under Rows/Columns to show
  • Click on Press button to Run report
  • Hit on the Print option

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Hopefully, the above-mentioned assisted you to create QuickBooks Donor Statements. If still, you face any difficulty about donor statements or to solve any technical or functional error of QuickBooks, dial to reach out the team to seek assistance regarding QuickBooks major or minor error. Avoid waiting for long time on the queue; you can easily approach QuickBooks ProAdvisor through email at info@accountscomparison.com or do a live chat and say goodbye to all QuickBooks challenges and error.

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