Quick Fix QuickBooks Error 15240 ‘Payroll Update Did not Complete’

QuickBooks Error 15240 It’s an payroll update error in QuickBooks which is usually encountered when you want to update your QuickBooks payroll account. It is one of the easiest to resolve errors that are found in QuickBooks. Moreover, there is no rocket-science in removing it.

Hence, It is advisable to update QuickBooks regularly so that you do not have to face any problems or disturbance in QuickBooks. But you may observe that while you are updating your QuickBooks Payroll, This QuickBooks Error 15240 is often encountered.

Possible Reasons that might cause QuickBooks Error 15240 Payroll Update did not complete to occur:

There are numerous possible causes that may lead to QuickBooks Error 15240 payroll update did not complete error to appear. Few of them are enlisted below:

  1. The QuickBooks version you are using is possibly out of date.
  2. You do not log into your QuickBooks account in the administrative mode.
  3. The download link that you are using is wrong or it is not valid.
  4. You might be using the QuickBooks in multi-user mode.  Make sure to check the service settings.
  5. You are using a corrupted or damaged file. There are chances that registration is not properly done.
  6. Your QuickBooks updates are possibly damaged.

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Techniques to Debug the QuickBooks Error 15240 Payroll Update did not complete:

We completely understand how frustrating things may seem to be when you encounter a QuickBooks Error 15240. Following are the methods and approaches that you can use to fix the error of your concern.

Approach 1: Use your QuickBooks in the administrative rights.

Following are the steps that may help you doing that:

  1. Click right on the QuickBooks icon on your desktop.
  2. Run the account in administrator mode.
  3. Now, explore the properties section and set the compatibility to all the users.

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Approach 2: Check the settings on the internet explorer.

If QuickBooks fails to work properly even in the administrative mode, check the settings on the internet explorer in the following ways:

  • Select the ‘gear icon’ and then ‘Internet properties’.
  • Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  • Now Choose the ‘Use SSL 3.0’ found below the security tab.
  • Tap  Apply => Ok button.

Approach 3: Verify the firewall of the third party.

For that, use the steps below:

  1. Talk to the developer for the process instructions and ask for permission to download and install the QuickBooks updates.
  2. Grant access to the “Qbw32.exe” and “Qbupdate.exe” files  on the firewall.
  3. Make sure to enable the ports 80 and 443.

Approach 4: Verify the date and time settings on your system.

  1. Select ‘time display’ on your system and then choose ‘change date and time’ settings.
  2. Fill in the correct date and time.
  3. Hit Apply followed by the Ok button.

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Approach 5: Use the clean install tool to reinstall the software.

  • To begin with, uninstall Quickbooks from your system.
  • Download and Run the QuickBooks clean install tool and rename the installation folders.
  • Finally, install the QuickBooks software again.

Approach 6: Allowing permission to windows in the quickbooks installation folders.

This should be done by taking into account the steps listed below:

  1. Firstly, shut down the QuickBooks application.
  2. Use C:\Program Files\ folder. Click right on the Intuit folder.
  3. Tap Properties => Advanced.
  4. Check if the user has been made the owner.
  5. Tap the Advanced Security and in the owners section hit ‘Change left’.
  6. Fill the object name, type the user names and then tap ‘Check Names’.
  7. Hit Apply => Ok.
  8. Select Users => Full Control below the permissions section.
  9. Again Click Apply => Ok.


We hope that this article helps you debug the QuickBooks Error 15240 of your concern. Follow the above-listed steps and see if the issue QuickBooks Error 15240 is solved or not. If you still need any help, our QuickBooks ProAdvisors will be happy to assist you with the best possible solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Why is it important to update the payroll account in QuickBooks?

Answer: If your account information is not updated, it will become difficult for you to pay your employees via direct deposit.

Question 2. What can be the possible outcomes of QuickBooks Payroll Error 15240?

1. You will not be able to adjust the paycheck once this QuickBooks Error 15240 comes into notice.
2. Consequently, you will not be able to perform your paycheck duties well.
3. The Windows functionality can slow down.
4. You may face computer failures multiple times.
5. You might come across various installation issues with every new version of your QuickBooks application software.

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