QuickBooks Error 3140 – What Is It and How Do You Fix It

QuickBooks Error 3140

The “QuickBooks Error 3140” is a runtime error that is frequently seen when the installation process’s or current windows crash. When this error encounters, it crashes the active program, or sometimes the mouse or keyboard responds slowly. This sudden freeze of the system hampers the work and waste valuable time. Let’s explore the below article about QuickBooks error 3140 and its troubleshooting steps.

What is QuickBooks Error 3140:

The error 3140 takes place throughout the application installation or when you are executing the Intuit program. It is experienced during the startup or the Windows shutdown. It occurs at any point in time. You need to fix it to run the QuickBooks smoothly.

What are the Indications of QuickBooks Error 3140:

  • The active programs crash
  • Complete system crashes in which the QuickBooks is installed.
  • Continuously freezing of the Window
  • Respond slow to the attached mouse or keyboard

What are the Significant Reasons for QuickBooks 3140:

There might be several causes associated with runtime error QuickBooks 3140. Here are some major factors behind it:

  • Corruption of mandatory files of accounting software
  • Incorrect or incomplete downloads or installation of QuickBooks
  • Damaged Windows registry
  • Malware infection corrupted important system files.
  • When Accidentally deleted the QuickBooks necessary files

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 3140:

We already walk through the overview of the error and its causes; now, it is required to implement an effective resolution to tackle the QuickBooks error code 3140. Here are the steps you need to follow properly to fix the issue:

Solution 1- Delete the system junk files:

The best method to fix the error 3140 is to clear the junk files. You can use the Windows disk cleanup method to clean the temporary files and fix the basic QuickBooks problems. Follow the jotted instructions:

  • Initially, go to the Start icon.
  • Give a click and enter cmd.
  • Now hit “Ctrl + Shift” keys altogether and then click on the Enter option.
  • It will display a pop-up box on the screen.
  • You need to hit on the yes option.
  • Once done, a black window will appear on the screen.
  • Enter “Cleanmgr” and then “Enter” key
  • A disk checkup window with check boxes will display
  • Choose the checkboxes you need to clean.
  • Hit on OK button

Solution 2- Start installing the latest updates:

  • At first, give a click on the Start button.
  • Now enter Update in the search box.
  • Hit on the Enter key
  • It will display a windows dialogue box.
  • Discover Install Updates option if there available any update and then give a click on it

Solution 3- Update the Outdated System Drivers:

There should be updated system drivers to get rid of error 3140. You need to carry out the below-mentioned steps to update the drivers:

  • Locate the Setting button
  • Select the Update and then click the Security tab
  • Now the users require choosing the Windows update.
  • Hit on Check for Update
  • Once done all the steps, a new driver will start the downloading and installation process automatically.

Solution 4- QuickBooks based Registry Entry Backup Creation:

Here are the steps:

  • Firstly, you need to locate the start tab.
  • Enter command option in the search field
  • Ensure you avoid hitting on Enter button
  • Press and hold the Ctrl+Shift button simultaneously with pressing the Enter key
  • It will display a permission dialog box.
  • Hit on the Yes option
  • There appears a black window with a blinking cursor.
  • Write Regedit
  • Press Enter key
  • It will display the registry editor; you have to choose the related error key to creating the backup.
  • Hit on the Export button in the File menu
  • After this, choose the folder to save the backup file in the save list.
  • Give a name to the backup file
  • Don’t forget to choose the branch option appearing in the range box named export.
  • Now hit on Save button with the .reg extension.

Need further Assistance from Experts? Give a call

Hopefully, the above article on QuickBooks error 3140: What Is It and How Do You Fix It provided you the needed information. It is enough to sort out the problem by own if still face any difficulty; you can call QuickBooks Error Helpline number. The expert team is there for you to provide you the answers to all your queries. You can use a live chat option or drop an email to explore more.


What are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 3140?

The current windows crash

Screen freezes periodically

Windows unable to response the input device

How can I Delete Registry Entry

Locate taskbar search box

Enter regedit

It will display Registry Editor

Hit on + icon near the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

Choose Software

Identify the program that you want to delete

Hit on the correct entry

Give a click to Delete button

What are the junk files and how it is related to QuickBooks Error 3140?

Several system errors are resolve by clearing the junk files. It has been seen that many time you can fix error 3140 after deleting the junk files. Junk files are known as temporary files which are creating while installing or executing applications. For example: residual files, caches, etc.


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