QuickBooks Error PS032 Solutions

QuickBooks Error PS032 is the one of the Payroll update error in QuickBooks Accounting Software. This error happens when there is an update for payroll and you start downloading it. You get an error which is QuickBooks Error PS032 or may be PS077 in the form of message.

This message might be appear in a text form i.e.

“QuickBooks is having trouble installing payroll tax table update. Now for resolving it you have to go through the article below. First, identify the reason of the cause and then apply the solution to fix it. Lets read the article carefully and resolve the problem of QuickBooks error PS032 Payroll update issue.

Cause for the QuickBooks Error PS032

There are multiple ways that your computer can fall in to this error trap. There are some clue that indicates the presence of error:

  • Invalid Payroll folder or the components of the tax table
  • Payroll folder may be damaged
  • Your QuickBooks software are not registered yet 
  • Your billing information expired or obsolete
  • There is spelling error in the billing information.
  • The QuickBooks Company’s file might be out of gear.

What is the Solution for QuickBooks Error PS032:

If you found this QuickBooks Error PS032 in your system, you need to go along with below mentioned steps. If your problem is solve by following few steps then you don’t need to carry on further.

Solution I: Update Payroll Service

  • Firstly, check your QuickBooks Desktop software registered or not. If not then registered it.
  • It is necessary to use the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop software. Otherwise your computer performance becomes. For getting more information about QuickBooks Desktop update take a look at latest release (SF)
  • Always keep in your mind before downloading that billing information is not expired and obsolete
  • It is very important to type the correct information of your bill.
  • If you need to update the information, go to the View and update QuickBooks Payroll service account information
  • Use your repair feature on your QuickBooks Desktop software. (But be sure that you aren’t updating data file that still has an Accountant’s copy out.)
  • At present, if you are Windows Vista, 7 or 8 users you need to turn off the User Account Control (UAC) and start attempting to update the QuickBooks Payroll.

Give a look if you think it helps you to resolve the issue-

Solution II: Use User Account Control (UAC)

Remember your QuickBooks Desktop license number because it helps you in further steps.

  • Go to the QuickBooks and move your cursor to the Home.
  • After reaching QuickBooks Home, click F2
  • Write down your License Number
  • For close the Product Information window, press OK.

Check properly that you have only one installation of QuickBooks Desktop.

If your computer system properly coordinated with a server, then its high possibilities that you have downloaded both the versions of QuickBooks Desktop

  • First, QuickBooks Desktop database
  • Second, QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution III: Do not follow this step, if you have downloaded only one of them version of QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Take a backup of your QuickBooks company file.
  • Move the cursor to the cross sign and close any open applications
  • Then, go to the Run window.
    • Windows 8: Go to the start screen and move the cursor to the background All Apps then hit the right key of the mouse.
    • After that go to the windows System section, and choose the option Run.
    • Windows 7 and XP: Firstly, begin with the Windows start button
    • Then, choose the option Run.
    • Windows 7: if you are logged in against Admin rights, then follow by clicking on start
    • Then next step will be selecting All Programs
    • After that go to the Accessories
    • And lastly choose the option Run
    • Windows Vista: Move the cursor to the logo of Vista
    • In the search block, type Run
  • For opening the Control Panel screen, enter control in the open field and press OK
  • Click twice on Add or Remove Programs ( in Windows Vista, it is written as Programs and Features)
  • In the list of recent installed programs, recheck the list of QuickBooks Desktop programs to confirm that you have various versions. If you have only single version Do Not Continue. If you are sure that you have various versions, select those programs of QuickBooks Desktop you want to remove from your system. Then press Change or Remove (in Windows Vista, Uninstalled or Change). After all this process the QuickBooks Desktop Installation Wizard opens.
  • Then press on the key Next
  • Choose the option Remove, and press Next.
  • Select Remove, and click Next.
    • An option along with error message included that implies that you can complete the update through online. If stimulates, press Yes to go online and succor the update.
    • In this QuickBooks Error PS032 may or may not be included the option to press OK to go online. After press OK download starts again and might display the same fault.
    • If your data file is lie on a server, shut QuickBooks on all systems. Work on the Payroll update from the serve. If the update is successfully done on the server, you should need to update all the other previous installed versions of QuickBooks (till you have a terminal server- it working only on QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions only).
  • If you have just one installation of QuickBooks:
    • Execute a neat install of QuickBooks in Selective Startup.
  • If have various installations of QuickBooks Desktop
    • Delete the additional installations.
    • Reset all your QuickBooks updating settings.
    • Download the recent Payroll tax tables
  • Review the lists, and then recheck the data or Rebuild Data process if needed.
  • Execute in a neat way to uninstall or reinstall in Selective Startup.


The suggestions mentioned above to dismiss the deteriorate case and help you to remove the QuickBooks Error PS032. During downloading Payroll you faced this problem many times. You get factual information so; you can save your time and in the short span find the solution. And it’s a fact stitch in time saves nine. So it’s better to deal with the problem by putting little effort rather than wasting time.

The team of experts will always active to help you any time around the world. If your problem not solve, and think you still need a help, without feel any hesitation you can call QuickBooks ProAdvisor always up to take care of you.


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