Does QuickBooks Web Connector work with QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Web Connector: Unfortunately, the answer to your question is “No” QuickBooks Web Connector does not work with QuickBooks Online. However, QBWC provides a gateway to various web technologies provided by Microsoft to QuickBooks users that help QuickBooks Web Connector work with QuickBooks Online.

It is therefore only available to users of QuickBooks Enterprise Editions and QuickBooks Pro, and Premier versions.

What is QuickBooks Web Connector?

QuickBooks Web Connector (QBWC) is a MS Windows application that that empowers web administrations (online applications) to trade information with QuickBooks Desktop accounting software items (counting QuickBooks Payroll Software and QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale)). Your web administration is conveyed in a web server, which might be facilitated locally or by a facilitating administration. Web Connector is introduced on a similar machine as QuickBooks (or possibly on a similar local network).

What are the steps for downloading and installing the QuickBooks Web Connector?

Although the QuickBooks Web Connector does not maintain working with QuickBooks Online, to integrate the same, there is a need to execute a detailed set of methods in the QuickBooks Web Connector WSDL, allowing the web service to communicate with the Web Connector using the same device.

The following mentioned steps are how you can bring the same out:

Step1: Download and install the QuickBooks Web Connector

For downloading and installing the QuickBooks Web Connector to work with QuickBooks Online the steps are as follows:

  1. The primary step is to download the installer
  2. You will observe a Context list of options on the screen
  3. From the menu, choose Extract All
  4. A tab containing the installer download will appear
  5. Now, right-click on the same .exe file to start the installation
  6. Then select the option Run as Administrator from shown options
  7. You get a few prompts on your screen just follow them and complete the installation.

There are a number of versions available to you, if you fail to work the above mentioned one. You can look out for the following:

🔸 Download QuickBooks Web Connector Version 75.9 MB (79,605,760 bytes)

🔸 Download QBWC Version 75.9 MB (79,640,054 bytes)

🔸 Version 75.7 MB (79,446,404 bytes)

🔸 Version 79.8 MB (83,754,544 bytes)

🔸 Version 80.8 MB (84, 742,144 bytes)

🔸 Version 12.6 MB (13,231,104 bytes)

If an error occurs after the installation of QuickBooks Web Connector work with QuickBooks Online process, you can uninstall the Web Connector and reinstall the same.

Here’s how you can go about it:
  1. On the Desktop of your Windows System
  2. Press and hold the keys Windows + R together from the keyboard
  3. It further opens up the Run window on your screen
  4. In the text box type, the Control panel
  5. To open the Control panel window, press Enter
  6. Now, select the Programs and Features option and click on Uninstall a program that is written in blue color
  7. It opens with a list of applications on the screen
  8. To uninstall it, select the QuickBooks Web Connector application
  9. Tab on Uninstall Option that starts the uninstallation process
  10. Follow instructions to uninstall it properly
  11. Also, you need to delete these QBWC folders from these locations:

🔸 C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks


🔸 C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks

Step2: Add an application to Web Connector

Log into your Intuit account and to your QuickBooks administrator for the primary step.

qwc file

If you already have a .qwc file, you can also connect it to your third-party web app to QuickBooks.

Follow the below-mentioned steps:
Update Web Service
  1. Start by choosing the File menu option
  2. Then click on the option Update Web Service
  3. And further, the tab on Manage Web Apps
  4. Next, proceed by selecting the Set-up option shown in fro of the app that you have installed and going to set up
  5. The following step will end up redirecting you to the app Website
  6. You can now login after coming back to the app Website
  7. Click on Connect to QuickBooks present on the app’s Website
  8. After the subsequent step, you need to launch QuickBooks Desktop and hit Done present on the Access Confirmation display window
  9. This step will complete your Setup.
Following are the Steps to Manage an App:

🔸 Start off by logging into QuickBooks as the administrator and to your Intuit Account.

🔸 First, go and hit on the File menu option

🔸 After selecting the file tab, click on the option App Management

🔸 Proceed and then click on the Manage Web Apps

🔸 Browse and select Connected Apps in order to alter and view your apps.

Following are the Steps to Delete an App:

You have the option of removing a Web Connector App. Once you delete the app, the information trade with QuickBooks App ceases to function.

🔸 In the QuickBooks Web Connector app window, go to the Edit menu

🔸 Continue by choosing Preferences

🔸 Under preferences, click on Integrated Applications

🔸 After selecting Integrated Applications, you now need to pick the Company Preferences option

🔸 Now, you have selected Company Preferences, choose the app you wish to get rid of

🔸 For doing the same, hit on Remove button

🔸 After that, click on the OK button and you are done.

Following are the Steps to Transfer App to your device:

For the same company file, you can now move an app to a different computer. When you switch the app, the relationship to the alternative gadget is terminated.

  1. Open the QuickBooks Web Connector app window
  2. Choose the File menu option
  3. Then move to Update Web Service
  4. Further, tap on Manage Web Apps
  5. After, following the subsequent step, Go to Connected Apps to view and apply changes
  6. From the drop-down menu, select Transfer App to my Device
  7. After taking the above step, the app Connection will be transferred to your device
  8. Now, you need to make sure that the transferred data is not disrupted.


The above-noted statistics are intended to clarify in detail the process of setting up QuickBooks Web Connector work with QuickBooks Online. The steps are laid out to your comfort to comprehend the method. If you seek to know more or have any doubts in relation to the Web Connector, you can get in touch with the QuickBooks helpdesk. The team members are highly skilled and available at the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Can I turn off the QuickBooks Web Connector application?

Answer: Yes, you can possibly turn off the QuickBooks Web Connector application. Follow the steps to do the same:

🔸 For the primary step, you need to click on “All Programs” from the Windows Start Menu
🔸 Now, hit on the Start-Up
🔸 Then click on the QuickBooks
🔸 You have to Right-click on “Exchange Data With Web Services” and select the same
🔸 In order to prevent the QuickBooks Web Connector from launching automatically at startup, click “Delete” followed by “Yes”.

Question 2. Is it true that QuickBooks Web Connector does not work with QuickBooks online?

Answer: QuickBooks Web Connector i.e. QBWC is compatible with all QuickBooks Enterprise Editions Pro, and Premier editions. But, unfortunately, it does not work with QuickBooks Online.

Question 3. Will data exchange continue even after I delete an app from the Web Connector?

Answer: The moment you proceed to delete an app from the Web Connector, the interchanging of data with QuickBooks immediately comes to an end.

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