How to Retrieve a Deleted Customer In QuickBooks?

How To Retrieve A Deleted Customer In Quickbooks

Retrieving deleted customers in QuickBooks can be quite tricky in QuickBooks because when you delete or entitle the customers as inactive then you may not be able to find it easily in your account. Once the customer is deleted then it automatically removes from the customer area, reporting options and from any other place where you have listed that particular customer.

However, this process is not a complete removal of the information and you can see your previous activity. You can find the entire history within your company’s report and transactions that are still available for access. With the help of this you can easily retrieve a deleted customer in QuickBooks.

Instructions to reactivate/retrieve a deleted customer

It is recommended that instead of deleting customers you can unassign the desired customer code from your account. So that it remains in your customer list but your team members are not able to see it when they track time and also it’ll be easy to retrieve a deleted customer in QuickBooks again. To do this, you need to perform these given steps:

  1. Select customers in TSheets
  2. Next select the icon named “pencil”
  3. Now you need to unassign the selected customer
  4. Untick the Assign to all team members
  5. Then click and select Edit option
  6. Ensure that there is no team members are assigned now
  7. Click on the back arrow
  8. Lastly, click on the Save button.

In case if you have deleted then go to the customers menu then you can find an option named Gear icon that can help you to retrieve deleted customers. Here are steps that you can follow and retrieve a deleted customer at ease.

  1. Click and select on Sales in the left appear menu
  2. Select customers on the same that you can see at the top
  3. Now Go to Gear icon and click on Action column
  4. Tick the option named Include inactive so that it shows the deleted customers
  5. At last, click on the Make active button.

Things must know before importing the deleted customer

In order to re-import the deleted customer then there are some elements that must match the original including name as well as exact formatting. In case you are confused with anything then you can check with past timesheets tracked using that code in the list of timesheets or in the report. This you can do if you have non-integrated accounts.

If you have an integrated account then you can retrieve using integration. In that case you reactivate the customer within your software. If you have already activated then you can make changes or modify such as name, date to that particular customer within the software. Then you can run the imported customer into TSheets.

Steps to import the deleted customer

  1. Click and select Jobs in the TSheets
  2. Select more and then select the link named Import/Export (.csv)
  3. Next click on Export tab and then go to Existing Jobs.csv
  4. Now add the deleted customer within the spreadsheet
  5. Select file and then click on Save As
  6. Choose the location
  7. Ensure that the format of file should be .csv
  8. Then Select Save
  9. Go back into TSheets in the open Import customer window
  10. Select the tab named Import
  11. Select the option for choose file and then click on .csv file
  12. Then open it
  13. Now you must the leave the first two boxes checked within options
  14. Then select the import option again
  15. Now you are able to see that customer has been retrieved.

How to reach us?

The above mentioned steps help you to retrieve a deleted customer in QuickBooks as well as importing efficiently. In any case, if you face difficulty performing these steps, feel free to contact QuickBooks customer support help desk number. You can also get easy assistance by doing a live chat with QuickBooks ProAdvisor dedicated experts or can drop an email at this email address

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