Sage 50 2021 New Features

Forget about manual data entries and major complex options! The Sage 50 2021 comes with pre-built time-saving features for you to scale up your business productivity. This release contains security enhancements and significant accounting solutions to boost the financial tasks. The below post is compiled with the Sage 50 2021 new features that let you smart recommendations and insights for addressing the business status.

πŸŽ€ New features of Sage 50 2021:

πŸ“ Memorized Purchase Invoices:

Memorized transactions act as a template offering a shortcut for filling transactions. You can efficiently generate memorized transactions. Purchase invoices have been introduced in this version which let you memorize partial or complete transactions. It helps in saving time, maintaining accuracy and efficiency.

πŸ’» Ease of using Item ID & Job ID in Transaction window to improve visibility:

The transaction windows come with clear fields for Item and Job to view the Job cost code and Item ID on clicking a particular field. Meanwhile, it displays the Assemblies cost and phase code of the Job or Item ID.

πŸ“§ Enhanced Gmail Integration:

The Gmail integration is there with improved security standards. This enhances both convenience and security. After authorizing Sage 50 Gmail you won’t have to write your Gmail password before sending an email.

πŸ“œ Ship to Name for Customer lists:

The Sales order list contains columns in Ship to Name, sales invoice list, and proposal list. The ship-to-name display on the tab named customer management for item sales history by proposals and customer, Quotes, Sales, and orders. It is ship to a name that helps in simplifying the group invoices and orders.

πŸ“‘ Integration: is a cloud-based option that ensures eliminating complex manual data entry of purchase invoices. This feature lets you ease scanning various digital invoices and directly enter them into the Sage 50 company file. It allows invoice capturing with a line item summary.

πŸ”€ Fast workflow tracking:

The Sage 50 Quantum contains several workflow controlling options and columns like tracking details β€œAssigned To” and Tracking note in proposals and Quotes list.

πŸ“© In-Product Messages improvement:

In the Sage 50 2021 release, the message notifications’ appearance has been changed. Now Sage message displays in a specified program callout. As a result, helps in ease accessible and less intrusive options.

🌐 Network installation permit UNC path:

The new installations now let you choose a UNC path in place of a mapped drive letter for the shared data path. In the 2021 release, you can preserve the already existing mapped drive configuration of the upgrades.

πŸ”‘ A single login ID to access the Sage services:

Sage is connected with different services like Bank Feeds, Remote Data Access, etc. These all services need to enter credentials each time you use a particular service. Fortunately, In Sage 50 2021 there is a single Sage ID. It acts as a single secure login you can use to log in to the other connected services.

🎁 The new name was given to Sage Drive:

The new name β€œRemote Data Access” allows the ease of accessing the company file from anywhere with installed Sage 50 cloud. This option lets you stay productive from anywhere across the globe. You can easily collaborate with the books from home.

❗ Are you seeking further Assistance?

βœ… Here the above article provided you knowledge of the new features of Sage 50 2021. Hopefully, the information is helpful for you to proceed with downloading stage of this accounting release for managing accounts smartly. If you experience any difficulty then reach to the Sage 50 consultant team. A hub of advisors is sitting there to give your excellent assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions❓

πŸ” What changes can I get with Sage 50 pro accounting 2021?

πŸ”‘ Project income and Allocation reports have been improved for correct information related to Pro Accounting financial history
πŸ”‘ Vendor list, Customer list, Vendor Group, and Group list has been enhanced with the expanded fields of Fiscal year/Calendar year

πŸ” What modified option do I opt with Premium Accounting 2021?

πŸ”‘ If mistakenly the item cost would be calculated wrongly then you can easily fix it in this release.

πŸ” How are the payroll tax changes in Sage 50 2021?

πŸ”‘ Tax brackets and rates modification

πŸ” What issues have been fixed in the Sage 50 2021 premium accounting system?

πŸ”‘ The Auto-backup was locking the database in Premium Accounting. However, in the news release, the remote data access, and company file conversion issues have been resolved.

πŸ” How can I enter memorized transactions in the Sage 50 2021?

πŸ”‘ Fill a Transaction ID with a description
πŸ”‘ Complete the transaction details
πŸ”‘ Once completed then hit Save to record memorized transactions.

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