Sage 50 Connection Manager


Sage 50 Connection Manager organizes requirements from the Sage 50 Accounting software and other third-party programming to link with your organization’s information. The Sage 50 Connection Manager should be introduced on the Desktop or server wherever your company information is stock up.

There are three different ways of getting to the Sage 50 Connection Manager:

  1. Press the Start menu button and select the Sage 50 Connection Manager option from the Sage 50 Accounting software program bunch.
  2. Click on the System tray symbol.
  3. Now Open the Sage 50 Connection Manager from inside Sage 50 Accounting by choosing “Setup” and afterward “Connection Manager”.

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At the point while the Sage 50 Connection Manager is processing, you will notice a Sage 50 framework tray symbol on your computer (normally situated in the base right corner). At the point when you float over this symbol, the status text confirms you the numbers of associations are being utilized.

Kindly Note: The Sage 50 Connection Manager can’t be introduced on a network-attached storage space component or association drive.

Sage 50 Connection Manager Information

Assuming that you utilize one the previously mentioned strategies to open the Sage 50 Connection Manager, you will spot the accompanying data:


  • Running: Tells you in the event that the Connection Manager administration is processing or not. When an organization document is opened, you can chip away at your organization information regardless of whether the assistance is shut.
  • System Service: Tells you assuming that the Connection Manager is enrolled as a Windows administration.
  • Total Connections: The quantity of connections that the Sage 50 Connection Manager is handling.
  • Active Companies: The quantity of organization documents those are open on your PC.
  • Port: The port number utilized by the Sage 50 Connection manager.

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Advanced Database Settings

Memory buffer (in MB) size: How much framework memory allotted to store organization information used to search/query results, populate reports, and record lists in Sage 50 Accounting?

Important Tips: If an enormous number of records and exchanges are put away in your organization data set, and you have adequate RAM introduced on your PC, you might have the option to tweak the presentation of Sage 50 Accounting by expanding the memory saved for Sage 50 Connection Manager activities. Watch out! On the off chance that you set this number excessively high, you might keep different applications from running, including Sage 50 Accounting.

We suggest that you increment the cradle size in additions of 10MB, and never surpass 60% of all out actual RAM introduced in your PC. On the off chance that you can’t pursue different applications expanding the cradle size, click the Default button to reset the cushion to it’s default size.

You can physically alter the Buffer Pool Size setting in the ConnectionManager.ini file.This setting will overwrite any current incentive for innodb_log_buffer_size set in the MySQL dbengine.ini record.

Number of Connections endeavors: The occasions that the Connection Manager will endeavor to set up an association with a Sage 50 Accounting data set. You can physically alter the Connection Attempts setting in the ConnectionManager.ini record.

Important Tip: If you are getting into organization information over an organization, expanding the quantity of association endeavors can assist with tackling availability issues owing to inadequate organization data transmission, speed, or dependability.

Transaction timeout: The edge in seconds that an association will hang tight for a lock on an information base column. In the event that the break is surpassed, the exchange will deliver a blunder. You can change the break (innodb_lock_wait_timeout) in the MySQL dbengine.ini document situated in the “C:\Program Files\winsim\ConnectionManager\MySqlBinary\5.0.38 folder”.

Connection Manager Service

Start and Stop Service: On the off chance that the Sage 50 Connection Manager Service isn’t running, click the button to automatically begin the connection manager service.

Important Tip: If the assistance is running yet the Connection Manager can’t interface with your organization information, click the button to stop the help, and when the help has halted, click the button again to restart the assistance. You can likewise begin or stop the assistance by right-tapping the Sage 50 Accounting framework plate symbol , and afterward choosing Start Service or Stop Service from the nearby menu

Note: You should be a administrator on the local Desktop to begin or stop the Sage 50 Connection Manager service.

Different Options

The Connection Manager is set up to deal with most organization prerequisites for association/connection demands. If, nonetheless, you need to change any of its settings, you can do as such by altering the ConnectionManager.ini setup file.

“Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 SBS 2008, Server 2008 R2 and Server 2008”:

“C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Sage Software\Connection Manager, or”

Sage 50 Accounting Software Troubleshooter

The Sage 50 Accounting software Troubleshooter gives help to normal information or association mistakes. Click on the “Help Me Troubleshoot” key and the Sage 50 Accounting software Troubleshooter start on consequently. You can likewise get to it by aperture the Start menu and choosing Sage 50 Accounting Software Troubleshooter from the Sage 50 Accounting software program bunch.

Sage 50 Experts

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