Sage 50 Database Engine Error – Connecting to a Database


Sage 50 is the top priority accounting software to streamline financial challenges. When operating Sage 50 to open the company file across the network, the users often face database engine error.

Read Sage 50 there is an Error Connecting to a Database

There are many causes associated with this issue; the primary one is firewall authentication blocks the connection manager. Here in this write-up, we will explore the troubleshooting guide on how to fix Sage 50 Database Engine error.

Why is Sage 50 Database Engine Error Happening?

Here is the list of reasons behind the Sage 50 database Engine:

  • Damaged Company file
  • Improper configuration of the shared folder’s sharing & security settings
  • The host machine of the local system user requires permission to the data location.
  • Corrupted .NET Framework files
  • Important files missing in SAJ folder
  • The firewall blocks the connection manager

How to resolve Sage 50 Database Engine Error?

Solution ➀ – Corrupted files:

  • Firstly manually copy the data of the company file in the SAJ folder located locally on the system.
  • Open SAJ folder
  • Discover the errorlog.txt File
  • Open the File in Notepad.
  • Now check whether the File is damaged or not; if the File comprises very large blank space, it means that File is corrupted.
  • Now restore the backup.
  • If the File does not comprise hex dump data, you can run the Company file Check & repair.

Solution ➁ – Solve the permission issue:

Here are the steps:

Step 1- Moving the company data, including the SAJ folder and SAI file, locally to the server.

  • Copy the company data file manually locally on the system
  • Open the company data along with Sage 50
  • Locate and hit on File
  • Click Save as
  • Choose the server with a different name for a database to prevent the overwrite of the actual File
  • Once you receive the message, and then proceed with the next method.

The thing you need to consider:

In many systems, user locations like My Documents, Desktop, and more are not local. These are redirected to the server. In such a scenario, you have to make a folder at the C:\drive and then copy the company’s data in it.

Step 2-Setting properties:

  • Locate the shared folder holding the database on the server
  • Do a right-click on it
  • Hit on properties
  • Choose the Sharing option
  • Embed Everyone to the folders shared list and provide it the full control
  • Hit on the Security button
  • After this, Add System & Everyone
  • Click OK
  • now try to access File from Workstation

Solution ➂ – Verify the damaged folder permission:

Here are the steps:

  • Firstly copy the data file which is locally on the workstation
  • Open the File
  • When it open then there will display two options, i.e., reboot the server & create a new shared folder
  • Make a new folder on the server with complete control permission
  • Locate Sage 50 and then hit on the File option
  • Choose Save As
  • After this save the file to the newly created folder on the server

Resolution ➃ : Check whether mysqld.exe or mysqld-nt.exe processes are still active:

Here are the steps

  • Firstly close Sage 50 on all systems
  • Locate Server Computer
  • Do a right-click on the taskbar
  • Hit on Start task manager
  • Discover the processes option and then hit Show Process from all users
  • Choose the mysqld-nt.exe and mysqld.exe processes
  • Click on End process
  • Check by opening File through workstation
  • Reboot the system

Solution ➄ – Restart the Sage 50 Connection Manager:

Here are the instructions:

  • Log in with an administrator credential
  • Locate control panel
  • Hit on Services listed in a drop-down button
  • Hold the right-click from the mouse on the Sage 50 Database connection manager
  • Hit on the Stop button
  • Now re-again perform the step of holding right-click on Database connection manager to open with Start button

Need Advice? Stay in touch with Sage 50 experts:

Here the article about How to fix Sage 50 Database Engine error completes! Hopefully, the above information helps you to confidently proceed with the troubleshooting process. If still confused? Without wasting your time, give a ring to Sage 50 helpdesk number. If you are stuck in the middle of the steps, use the most convenient live chat feature to get instant help. I assure you one of the experts will respond to you on the spot. Meanwhile, you can drop an email @ with your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. What are some of the reasons behind your data files being corrupted?

Answer: There are many reasons why your data files might get corrupted, but the following are the most common:

🔸 A power outage occurred unexpectedly.
🔸 There was a power outage.
🔸 The entire system has crashed.
🔸 Versions that are incompatible.
🔸 Errors with updating.

Question 2. What are the SAJ files in Sage?

Answer: For Sage 50 Folder files, the SAJ suffix is most commonly used. The Sage Group created the Sage 50 Folder file format. Software programmes for Windows devices that help SAJ files are available. Like the 5941 other filename extensions in our database, the SAJ file belongs to the Misc Files category.

Question 3. How to resolve Database Error: Cannot Open?

Answer: If you get a problem with your settings, here’s how to fix it. Database Error: Cannot Open

🔹 Sage 50 can be removed using the Uninstall option.
🔹 Reinstalling Sage 50 is as simple as selecting the Reinstall Sage 50 button.
🔹 You can now see if the file is being opened or not by launching the programme and running the test.

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