How to fix Sage 50 Error 3111


Sage 50 Error 3111 occurs when an internet connection is lost between the server of sage 50 and the workstation. This is usually caused by a session that remains open when an application ends unexpectedly. And when a user of Sage 50 tries to open a task, status code 3111 appears. The other reasons may be issues with the network router, NIC in Hibernation mode, weak wifi connection, and more.

Troubleshoot Steps to Fix Sage 50 Error 3111

Method 1: Firewall settings

The very first, press the Windows key from your keyboard. Next, look for Advanced Firewall Settings in order to modify the settings. Now, choose inbound rules that you can find in the left side of settings Windows. After that, create a new rule and then add the port. You can allow the connection with the help of this port. Once again, repeat the same steps for outbound rules. Finally, save the names for the rules.

Method 2: Pervasive sessions

First of all, restart the server as well as the system. Next, if you have a multi-user version then logout form all the users. Now, open the Monitor Utility named “PSQL”. After that, unlock the open files. If you get an error while doing this process then open the system tools, it allows the application to open. You may require Administrative privilege to do this process.

Method 3: Restart Sage 50:

  • First, Close Sage 50  >>  Restart Sage Software
  • Turn of Multi-user mode
  • Stop pervasive section  >>  Start
  • How to Reach us?

For more details about Sage 50 Error 3111, feel free to connect with Sage accounting software helpline. You can also get in touch via email or do a live chat with Sage experts.

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