Sage 50 Permiss.dat Error

Sage 50 Permiss.dat Error

Do you also getting this error but don’t know about the solution? Are you aware of the reasons that cause this error?

In this blog, you get the information about this error that why it happens with all the reasons that cause you this error. Also, you get to know about how to get it to resolve using the process that is given below.

What is SAGE 50 Permiss.dat Error – Cannot Open File

The Sage 50 Permiss.dat error encounters when you try to open this file but won’t open it. This is the problem that has many solutions to fix it that is troubleshoot, manual extraction, restoring the backup, and more to resolve it. So to troubleshoot here are the steps that you have to follow one by another to get it done properly. The solution helps you in fixing the error fast and properly.

Reasons that Cause you the Permiss.dat Error SAGE 50 Accounting

The reasons are also listed so that you must be aware of the reasons that cause you the .dat file error in your sage 50 accounting software.

Reasons are as follows:-

  • dat file is locked by Permiss.ptl
  • The folder of Forms is corrupted
  • The file name Permiss.dat is missing
  • Your drive has no storage
  • In the memory, there is an inaccesible file
  • In the forms folder, there is damage.ptr file
  • UAC (User Account Control) blocks the Sage backup file extraction.

Solutions that can be done to Resolve Sage 50 Permiss.dat Error

There are solutions that you can do to fix the issue in your Sage account.  The solutions are mentioned below you can choose any one of them and can implement it according to the reason. The solutions are:-

For manually extraction of .ptb file

  •   First of all, go to the Sage folder and search for the .ptb file
  •   Then right-click on the .ptb file
  •   From further options select the copy
  •   Then open the Sage data path and then paste the backup file here that you just copy above
  •   Now right-click on the file with .ptb extension and then from drop-down options click on the Rename option
  •   You have to change the name and the extension of the file from .ptb to .zip file
  •   Right-click again after renaming it and click on the Extract All option
  •   Then select the Extract option
  •   Now open the newly restore company file in your Sage account.

For restoring the company file from a removable drive in your system

  •   You have to copy the backup file locally at 2-3 locations
  •   Now start restoring the local backup copy in your sage account
  •   Then create a new company file
  •   Now, again restore the file in your account.

Re-base the Sage drive company

  •   Open the Sage
  •   Then click on the Help menu
  •   After that select the Support Utilities option
  •   Now further click on the Rebase Sage drive company
  •   Hit the Close when you get the Sage drive message of upload successful
  •   After completion of this process, you have to close the company file
  •   Check and verify that the company opens up in your Sage account without any problem.

Troubleshooting steps to fix the Sage 50 Permiss.dat error

  •   First of all, you have to restart your system
  •   Then check for the issue that is resolved or not
  •   If error is not resolved and still occurs then proceed to the next step
  •   You have to disable the User Account Control in the settings
  •   Open the RUN window and in that type the ms-config
  •   Then click on the Enter button
  •   Go to the System Tool and then click on the Disable UAC
  •   After that launch then click on the button OK
  •   Now again restart your system
  •   After restarting, you have to stop the company file sharing from the original system
  •   From the system, you have to remove the folder of the company
  •   Then restore the most recent backup that you have
  •   Go to the File menu and then restore the file by selecting the Restore option from the drop-down menu
  •   Now you have the browse file window open up
  •   In this, search for the backup file and then open the .ptb file and click on the button Next
  •   You have to create the new company file in your Sage account with the restored data and then click on the Next button
  •   The company data is checked you have to leave it
  •   Then click on the Next button and click on the Finish button

These all are the solution from which you have to choose one according to the reason of the cause that you get. If you don’t know the reason then first troubleshoot it and then choose any other solution.

How to reach the Sage 50 HelpDesk?

This is all for the solutions that you have to do by troubleshooting and other solutions for the Sage 50 Permiss.dat error in your account. The team is here 24/7 hours on the live chat, email, or toll-free number. If you have any queries or issues then dial the Sage 50 customer support number. You can connect with the experts at any time from anywhere. they provide you the best assistance by giving all the answers to your queries and glitches.

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