Sage 50 Running Slow While Inventory Search Quick Fix Guide

Sage 50 Running Slow Over Network while inventory search: Sage 50 is great at handling your transactions from the day you install it, and it works with immense speed. But a lot of users have come back saying that the speed has reduced and it does not work as it used to. Well, it is no surprise like any other heavy software the Sage 50 also tends to develop some minor and big challenges. One challenge that you may face for Sage 50 running slow is while running inventory. Let’s look at why it happens.

What Is the Sage 50 Running Slow While Inventory Search?

Learn What is Sage 50 Running Slow Over Network while inventory search in Sage 50 accounting software and how do you resolve Sage 50 Running Slow Over Network while inventory search error/issue.

💠 Slow performance in the Sage 50- Canadian Edition

💠 The posting of transactions takes a long time.

💠 If you open a program it takes longer than the usual time.

💠 Invoice windows also take time to open.

💠 When you upgrade to the 2017 or 2018 version the performance has become laggy(Sage 50 Running Slow Over Network) and there is a 10-second pause when you open the window to perform a backup.

💠 While activating sage 50 a message will pop like “I do not have an internet connection”

How You Can Resolve the Sage 50 Running Slow While Inventory Search:

✅ 1. Preliminary Check:

🔸 Reinstall the Sage 50

🔸 Check the performance again (if still sage 50 running slow)

✅ 2. Run the Sage 50 as An Administrator

🔸 Right-click on the sage 50 Accounting program icon on your desktop and go to properties

🔸 Select the compatibility tab and put a checkmark in the box to run this program as an administrator

🔸 Click on ok.

✅ 3. Ousted Adware/ Spyware, Pup

🔸 You will have to run Malware bytes and Adw Cleaner to clean the system.

✅ 4. Reboot Your Computer

🔸 Close your pc.

🔸 Restart.

🔸 Next, verify the performance.

✅ 5. Clean Windows Temp Folder

🔸 You need to type %temp% in the run command.

🔸 Highlight all the files and folders

🔸 Choose delete

🔸 Click on “Do this” for all the present items and if “Folder in use” pops up, then choose to skip

🔸 Now, test the opening of Sage 50 again.

✅ 6. Verify User Preferences

🔸 Click on setup>user preferences>options

🔸 Deselect the Automatically refresh lists

🔸 Now, unselect the Calculate Record Balances under the Home Window Lists by Session Date and then Automatically Refresh Record Balances.

🔸 Now, try to open a report or an invoice.

✅ 7. Open a Sample Company

🔸 Verify if the sample is opening and working

🔸 If it is opening and working, then the company file may be corrupted

🔸 If so, you need to restore a backup

✅ 8. CPU and Physical Memory Usage

🔸 Check if the computer is out of resources or not by checking the CPU and memory usage percentage.

🔸 To do so, Right-click on the status bar, choose the Windows Task Manager from the menu, or press ctrl, Alt + Delete.

🔸 Now, below the Windows Task Manager, you can see the percentage of usage.

✅ 9. Enhance the Memory Buffer Size of Connection Manager

🔸 First, close the Sage 50 and now click on Windows system tray icons, which will lead you to Sage 50 Connection Manager.

🔸 Change default 56 to 128 Memory buffer size in MB.

🔸 Click on Stop Service and then Start Service that will restart the Connection Manager.

✅ 10. Clear Data

🔸 If you have been using the database for some years now and it focuses on a very specific module then it may be too much data to load. You need to create a backup or test copy and then try to clear data under the main screen menu.

🔸 Clear data picks the Module and Maintenance.

🔸 Go to Setup>Settings>Company>Information check. Now try to clear the history of one or more than one year.


Hope you have learned Sage 50 Running Slow Over Network while inventory search issue solurion. If you are still have any question you can ask Sage Experts 24*7 at AccountsComparison.Com

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