Sage Advisor Update in Sage 100 Contractor Know it All


Sage Advisor Update: At the point when you introduce the Sage 100 Contractor accounting software on a server or a desktop, you can choose a choice to introduce the “Sage Advisor Update”. We suggest that you install it.

Sage Advisor Update is a download and announcement service or feature that cautions you at what time an update is obtainable for Sage 100 Contractor. You can utilize this to install updates and download accessible for Sage 100 Contractor and other Sage items for which you have a current Sage industry Care Plan.

This will provide you with a rundown of the multitude of updates accessible for all your Sage items introduced on this PC. From this program you can see what is accessible and afterward download the update and alternatively likewise introduce the update. This feature knows about customer/server type establishments just as security necessities for establishment.

Important: You should be associated with the Internet to utilize the “Sage Advisor Update”.

Sage Advisor Update Screenshot

Double tap the Sage Advisor Update A picture of the Sage Advisor Update symbol in your Desktop windows menu whenever to:

  • View and check yourself for refreshes that are easy to get to for your Sage items.
  • Determine the recurrence and season of day to check for refreshes.
  • Indicate an area on your PC to download that updates.
  • Set up email subscription to notify you by email when updates are obtainable.
  • View sage updates history for your Sage projects.
  • View the situation with your Sage industry Care plan.

You can likewise simply open “Sage Advisor Update” by click on “Start >then> Programs >then> Sage >then> Sage Advisor Update

Tip: Use the Customize surroundings in the Desktop Windows menu to confirm you preserve view the Sage Advisor Update symbol and announcement from the Desktop menu in your PC Taskbar.

Configuring the Sage Advisor Update

If you have installed the Sage Advisor Update when you introduced Sage 100 Contractor, you can get programmed notices when updates are obtainable.

Note: We suggest that you introduce this Update on the organization executive’s desktop, or on the desktop of the individual who chooses when to refresh the Sage 100 Contractor accounting software.

To configure Sage Advisor Update to caution you when updates are accessible:

  1. On your Sage permit server, in the desktop tray (the gathering of symbols close to the PC clock), click the “Sage Advisor Update” a picture of this feature symbol.
  • The Sage Advisor Update window shows up.
  1. On the route sheet, click on Configuration button.
  1. Click on the Update button, and afterward on the Update Settings sheet:
  • Set the recurrence with which to check for refreshes.
  • Under Session Timeout, indicate the time of dormancy that ought to pass before the program quits attempting to associate with Sage.
  1. Click to the Download Button, and afterward on the Download Settings sheet:
  • In the Download Location, choose the server area to which to download the latest updates.
  • In the Download Action, indicate whether Sage Advisor Update should alert you automatic at what time an update is complete downloaded.
  1. Then On the navigation sheet, click on to Notification, and afterward on the Notification Setup sheet, enter the SMTP settings of your email trade server.

Note: You might require a Sage Advisor to assist with this progression.

A definitive objective of this sage feature will be to make the entire course of refreshing (fixes and fixes) your Sage 100 ERP framework as basic as could be expected while wiping out the time, cost, and bother related with moving up to new forms.

Bottom Line

If you have any suggestion or feedback or any question, you can get in touch with our Sage Advisors Professionals to resolve your query.

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