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Sage Drive Not Syncing or “Could not Sync the Sage Drive CompanyError Causes and Solution: Like other online accounting software, Sage 50 also encounters some errors or issues. while working with Sage, if you try more than once to synchronize into Sage drive to in your Sage Accounts, you may be an encounter with an error problem. There are so many causes due to which this error appears. In this blog, let’s discuss all causes and solutions to fix the Sage drive not syncing.

Warning Message: This warning message “Could not Sync the Sage Drive Company” will pop-up on your screen. After more than one attempts, if it still appears on your screen then you have to download the company again.

Reasons Behind this Sage Drive Not Syncing

  • Improper Internet connection and firewall
  • Corrupted or Damaged file
  • Unable to locate the data in the data path location

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How to Fix this “Could Not Sync Sage Drive Company Issue” or Sage Drive Not Syncing?

Learn and implement the given alternative methods to fix Sage Drive Not Syncing issue or “Could not Sync the Sage Drive Company”.

Method 1: Re-base the Sage Drive Company with these following steps

  • In the first step, go to the “Help” menu and then click on the “About Sage 50 accounting
  • Now, you have to locate the building line and then note down the build number
  • Endorse the build on each computer along with the server driver to check any availability of the update
Could Not Sync Sage Drive Company

Method 2: If you unable to locate the data in the location of the data path, perform below steps

  • The first thing you have to do check the company file whether it is an incorrect data path or not.
  • In case, if your shared company file is visible in a company window then click on it
  • But if you unable to locate the shared company, then you have to move the data folder to the data path and try to download the company again

Method 3: To fix Sage Drive Not Syncing issue, you have to download the new copy of the shared file

  • First of all, make sure about your stable connection
  • Then permit the port via firewall authentication
  • Now, open the Sage drive management center
  • At last, download the new copy of the shared company

Method 4: Another alternative is to replace the damaged data on the Sage drive

  • Firstly, open your company and go to the “File
  • Then, open the Sage drive and choose “Management Center
  • Now choose the company, which is unable to download
  • After that, choose the “Delete” and click on YES to delete the company
  • Then, re-share the company from the system that was last modified
  • Now, again go the file and click on “Sage drive” and then choose the “Manager User access” to provide the user access to the company again

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The above-mentioned methods are enough to fix the Sage drive not syncing problem. But if you still struggling and unable to figure out Sage Drive Not Syncing issue, no need to worry just dial Sage helpline number.

To get to know more about Sage Drive Not Syncing or want to clear any related doubt, communicate with Sage expertise. You can chat with them via the LIVE CHAT link or drop all questions at this email address The team of sage expertise provides 24-hour availability service to resolve your all queries in the minimum time frame.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. How can you resolve sync Sage Drive not syncing error using the pervasive service?

Answer: If you’re working in a networked setting, double-check that no other users are using Sage before continuing.

The procedure for stopping and restarting a pervasive service

1. First go to the Run Command field on the server or host system.
2. Now look for the file Services.msc.
3. Then look for any Pervasive in the Services list
4. Stop each Pervasive by right-clicking on it.

Finally, make sure you’re able to start the Sage Drive company.

Question 2. How can you share the Sage Drive Company?

Answer: Stop sharing the Sage Drive company with the machine that can connect to it effectively. Follow these steps to stop sharing drive company:

1. First choose Sage Drive.
2. Then stop Sharing from the File menu in the Home window.
3. Then to accept the warning, now click OK.
4. Finally, to open the firm in single-user mode, and then click OK.

Once you stop the sharing, Re-share the Sage Drive company from the computer.

To share your Company drive:

1. Go to the File menu in the Home window
2. Select Sage Drive and then go to Share Company.
3. To sign in to the Sage Drive service, click the Sign in button and enter the corresponding email address and password.
4. Now check the details of the company file you’d want to share.
5. Finally select Upload and Share.

Question 3. How can inconsistent Builds on a computer help to resolve the Sage drive syncing error ?

Answer: Inconsistent builds on workplace computer that share data, follow these steps:

1. First select Help.
2. Then go to Sage 50 Accounting from the drop-down menu.
3. Then find the Build line and write down the Build number.
4. Now check the Build on each machine, including the server that accesses corporate data via Sage Drive, to see whether any updates are required.

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