Sage Error 1920


Sage is one of the advanced accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. However, being software it may also throw an error and today we will discuss about one of the Sage Error 1920.

Sage Error 1920 – Installation Issue

This error can appear while Sage installation. When users run multiple applications, then you might experience crashes and some freezes.  There could be more causes and some of the main reasons are mentioned below.

Causes of  Sage Error 1920

  • Sage Auto Update Manager Service not able to start
  • Sage 50 control service not start
  • Sage 50 Accounts Data Service unable to start

While encountering Sage error code 1920 Sage Auto-update manager service unable to start, you need to verify to have sufficient privileges to start system service. You need to clear the temporary folder  and for that simply log in as administrator and disable your antivirus.

Methods to Resolve Sage Error 1920

❶ Steps to Clear Temporary folder

  • On your keyboard  press the Windows and R key together
  • Now in run window type %type% >>> click OK
  • A new window will open containing all temporary files
  • Click Ctrl+A then click the Delete button which deletes all the temporary files
  • If you received any confirmation message select yes

❷ Steps to Restart your Computer and disable Antivirus

  • First, restart your computer
  • Login as Administrator
  • Open your antivirus and disable it for the time being
  • While the antivirus is disabled you can perform the software installation

❸ How to end Sage process

  • Go to your Desktop
  • Press Ctrl +Alt +Delete button simultaneously
  • Now, go to task manager option
  • Go to the Process tab
  • Get the Sage/Central/AutoUpdateManager/Service.exe
  • Click Sage/Central/AutoUpdateManager/Service.exe
  • After that click on End task or end process to finish that process
  • Close all the process starting with sg or Sage
  • Now try to attempt the software installation

❹ Steps to modify permissions

  • Press Windows +R key together
  • Type explorer and click enter
  • Next step is to browse C:\Program Files and then right-click and selected Properties on the common files
  • Go to Security  >> Advanced  >> Owner Tab >> and Edit
  • Now select administrator in the change owner section
  • Click OK >>> Apply
  • Select properties through right-clicking on common files
  • Go to Security tab >>> Edit
  • Except Creator owner give full access to every one
  • Click OK and apply
  • Repeat 7 step for Sage folder ( need to double click on Sage folder)
  • Browse to C:\Program Files and double click common files and Sage
  • Double click Central & AutoUpdateClient folder
  • Now right click on each file which is available in the AutoUpdateClient folder
  • Go to Properties >> Security >> Advanced >> owner Tab
  • Confirm if the user is the administrator
  • Check if the owner of the folder and permission to common files should apply to:
    • Central
    • Sage
    • AutoupdateClient
  • Finally try to attempt the installation of Sage

Need Help?

Facing Issues while performing the above steps to resolve Sage Error 1920? Get in touch with the Sage 50 team, the team is available 24*7 to provide you with resolutions to get rid of every issue and error related to Sage 50. Team members are having many years of experience in the same field which enhances the problem-solving skills of Sage technicians. You can also email at [email protected] or fill the contact form to get a prompt response from our certified and dedicated Sage executives.

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