Sage Error 3004: Resolve Sage 50 File System Error

A lot of our clients have mentioned this issue, the sage error 3004. If you are also keen on finding out the solutions to this issue then read on to find out how you can tackle this problem. We are aware that this issue can become pretty annoying when you are in the middle of something.

What Is the Sage Error 3004?

This error is also known as the sage 50 file system error. If you are facing this issue then an error message will pop up saying ‘Sage 50 3004- File System Error’

Causes for the Sage Error 3004

🚩            The system is not able to communicate with the network

🚩            Loss of connectivity between the server and the workstation

🚩           The program is interfered with by anti-virus, firewall, or any other software running in the background.

🚩            The server being rooted

🚩            NIC (Network Interface Cards) sending junk data

🚩            NIC going into a hibernation mode

🚩            Network cable damage.

Follow the Below Steps to Resolve Sage Error 3004.

1. Restart Pervasive/ Actian

This method will help you get rid of the issue in a multi-user environment. Please note that you have to perform this on the server only. All the individuals using sage 50 on their workstations have to shut it down on their system first. Then, you can restart these services on the server.

2. Restarting Sage 50 and Systems

First, try to restart the sage 50 and then look if the error still occurs. If it does and you are getting the file system error, then you should restart that particular station. Even now, if the error persists then the reason behind it may be because of a file getting damaged. You can look for it in the error message if it refers to a particular method.

3. Repairing Damaged Files

If you are repairing damaged files then you have to keep some things in mind:

⏩            The error can be regarding a file that reflects in your data path, if so, then simply rename the file. After that, on that server, you will have to run Repair on Sage 50 at the server.

⏩             If the error is to a file in the company data directory then determine the purpose for which the file was used. Once you find it, see if it can be deleted.

⏩             If the error refers to a file and you are unable to delete that file but can open the company, just re-index the file.

⏩             If you are not able to do any of these things like delete/ re-index the file that is referred to by the error message, in that case, you will have to create a backup.

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