Sage X3 2021 Reviews, Pricing, Demos

Sage X3 (formerly Sage Business Cloud Enterprise) is Sage’s most powerful and adaptable business management system. It helps mid-sized and larger firms in the manufacturing and distribution industries to build a competitive business despite inadequate IT resources. Sage X3 offers industry-leading capabilities for all business operations. Its small-footprint software design allows for enterprise specific operations and provides end-to-end transparency across finance, sales, customer service, purchasing, inventory, and production.

Sage X3 helps you to manage your company’s growth in a fundamentally more effective manner, lowering expenses, satisfying customers, and outmaneuvering competitors.

Better decision-making requires visibility – Sage X3 gives you a comprehensive picture of your company operations, allowing business executives to focus on exceptions, properly identify risks, and make faster choices.

Most firms have critical information, insight, and indicators scattered among spreadsheets, platforms, and databases. In some cases, employees might become gatekeepers of information that others require, generating bottlenecks. Does this sound familiar? Sage X3 solves these common problems by collecting data in real time and providing features like business analysis tools and reports, user-defined dashboards, and automated workflows and alerts to help users make better decisions faster.

Sage X3 delivers a better, quicker way to handle all of your core business functions–automating workflow and helping you to boost productivity in ways that only best-in-class solutions can. The comprehensive process automation and administration capabilities of Sage X3 adapt to your needs, resulting in a natural flow of work both inside and outside the company. By linking your company, you can more efficiently manage its growth, regulate your bottom line, keep up with demand, come to market rapidly, and continue to satisfy your consumers.

Simplicity in order to reduce needless labour and waste- Sage X3 tames the complexity of conducting business by facilitating cooperation across all corporate functions and enabling employees to quickly handle any difficulty that may occur. Simply said, Sage X3 gives you more of what you need in terms of performance, insights, and scalability. And fewer of the things you don’t need, like complexity, tough modifications, and high overhead costs.

Collaboration for Workspaces

A collaborative Web user interface, role-based graphical process flows, document management, and system-wide search are all part of Collaborative Workspace.

Sage Experts Team

Improve Your Customer Service and Your Bottom Line.

Contacts should be managed. Execute marketing initiatives. Provide service and assistance that fosters loyalty. With out-of-the-box customer service capabilities and integration with Sage CRM and Microsoft Office, you’ll always have the tools you need to make the most of every client interaction.

Customer service includes marketing campaigns, contact management, customer assistance, advertising, sales, and after-sales workstation, and Microsoft Outlook” integration.

Financial Administration

Reduce costs and increase productivity with integrated accounting and financial management software that is quick and easy to use.

Sage X3 makes it simple to handle everything from accounting activities and cash management to analytics, budgeting, and reporting. Because it transmits identical data among various locations while complying to distinct usage limitations, currencies, and regulations, global financial management is easier.

Financial Management consists of the following components: GL, AR, AP, cash management, bank management, cost accounting, analytical dimensions, budgets, commitments, fixed assets, and personnel spending management.

Track of Inventory

Plan and execute your supply chain with clarity and assurance. The sophisticated analytics tools of Sage X3 allow you to consistently deliver on time. Everything you’ll need for location management, inventory replenishment, quality control and sampling, physical counting, and more is included.

Product data, various units of measurement, location management, inventory balances, quality control and sampling, replenishment and inter-site transfers, stock movements, inventory costing, RFID support, and physical counting are all part of inventory management.

Manufacturing Administration

Sage X3 is trusted by many of the world’s largest manufacturers to enhance operations. The solution may be used in discrete and process manufacturing, as well as related industries. Work and cost centre management, routings, bills of material, formulae and recipes, scheduling, restocking, quality control, and production analysis may all be done faster and more nimbly.

Manufacturing management consists of the following components: configurator, bill of material, procedure and recipe management, work and cost centre management, routings, forward/backward scheduling, replenishment and inter-site transfers, order release, quality control and manufacturing analysis, and processing analytical accounting.


Every purchase makes a difference. You’ll be able to see all of your purchase points in detail, take advantage of the best prices and promotions, and reallocate spending on the fly with Sage X3. You may also deal with tricky scenarios like purchase orders, subcontracts, import declarations, and intercompany transactions with ease.

Provider and item category management, pricing and special offers, purchase shipment and scheduling, purchase requests, requests for proposal, purchase orders, contracts, encumbrance accounting, multi-level signature management, receiving, supplier invoice entry, supplier returns, inter-company/inter-site transactions, sub-contracting, import declarations are all part of purchasing.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

With built-in business analysis tools and reports, you can stay ahead of trends and transform action into knowledge. Sage X3 features an intelligence engine, a data warehouse, and a library of preconfigured reports that centralise data and distribute it to the appropriate people at the right time on demand. You may also use self-service business intelligence tools like Sage Intelligence and Sage Enterprise Intelligence to complement Sage X3’s basic analytics capabilities.

User-defined dashboards and adjustable KPIs, queries and reports, powerful data warehouse and pre configured data cubes, and Microsoft ” Office” and Outlook” integration are all part of reporting and business intelligence.

Management of Sales

Give your company the ability to easily manage all aspects of sales workflow.

Sage X3’s integrated sales management tools enable your company to correctly monitor sales records, maintain information about clients or prospects, manage sales force assignments, and track associated objectives and incentives.

Sales management includes things like product configurators, order entry, quotes and contracts, invoicing, reminders, sales prices and discounts, inventory investigation and allotment, delivery and shipments, volume discounts, loans, customer returns, credit checks, inter-company/inter-site sales, and export declarations.

Reviews of the Product

In the beginning the product received mixed reviews but with further updates to the product, users started to like it due to it’s absolutely new and problem-solving features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Can you give a product overview of Sage Business Cloud X3?

🔸 The developer of the product is SAGE.
🔸 It is an ERP and Business Management product.
🔸 It can be used by Windows users or online on the Web.
🔸 Deployment of the product is done on Cloud or On-Premises.

Question 2: Is there any fundamental functionality in Sage Accounting X3?

Answer: The programme does not support any fundamental accounting sheets like profit and loss, inventory, tax declaration, fixed assets, and so on.

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