How to Fix SagePay Error Code 5080

SagePay Error Code 5080 occurs when transaction registration fails and it indicates that there is a problem with the encryption or occurs in the post’s format. It can also occur due to many internal errors or due to loss of the password. The main causes of this problem either due to encryption of format or post has occurred or internal errors of system or software due to password loss. Another cause is when a user attempts to register form transactions that lead to error code 5080 occurs. To explore more, you can connect with the Sage error solution team.

Causes of SagePay Error Code 5080

There are multiple reasons behind this error. Below are some of the possible causes that users usually face when they encounter error code 5080. These are:

  • Encrypted Password: When the users try to enter the encrypted password, and they miswrote it, the chances of this mistake are even greater. Maybe the crypt strings that users come up with were framed incorrectly.
  • Form Transaction Registration: Another way this error could emerge is when users attempt to register the transaction to the form. It happens when users who have subscribed with SagePay use multiple methods to register with the transaction form, and the likelihood of this error becomes much greater.
  • Other technical errors: Many of the technical mistakes may also be the explanation for this mistake coming while operating in the SagePay.

Effects of SagePay Error Code 5080

It is clear that users with the aforementioned issues must face the consequences. So, users are most likely to get the results below that influence their process of working. These are listed below:

  • Registration: After approval of the form transaction, additional proceedings would not be feasible which can result in a work stoppage for a while.
  • System lag: Because of technological problems, users can face many problems including system lagging that decreases both system efficiency and software.

How to fix SagePay Error Code 5080?

The below-mentioned are the only resolutions users can follow to fix this error. These are:

Solution 1: Check Encrypted Password

User can perform the mentioned steps to repair the issue related to the encrypted password:

  • Make sure that the encryption password that you enter should be correct. If the password is wrong then the crypt string goes wrong and this causes an error code 5080.
  • Users can obtain the password for encryption by simply logging into the SagePay Admin screen.
  • Be sure to sign in as an admin user. If it’s right, then users will need to test the encryption mechanism and proper method to ensure that the Sage Pay specifications work effectively.

Solution 2: For the Form Transaction Registration

  • The very first, sign in to SagePay account and then select and click on the transactions tab
  • Next, users can move to invalid subscreen with the option that appears
  • Now the invalid transactions display with clarification and may ask for additional error code
  • The transactions put in the window screen sense, which suggests an encryption error being used.

How to reach us?

The above-discussed solutions are only solutions and quite easy to perform and just make sure that you keep the above points in mind that helps to fix SagePay Error Code 5080 with ease. Furthermore, you can get in touch with Sage team. You can drop an email or do a live chat with Sage experts.

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