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In this blog, you get complete knowledge about advantage, usage and all technical information about the QuickBooks Scan Manager that how to scanning documents to QuickBooks. QuickBooks is all-in-one accounting software; you can install this software on all android, windows and iOS devices to track all business operations at any time anywhere. QuickBooks upgraded with many versions and introduces many advanced features to make your organization more productive.

Scanning Documents to QuickBooks – Intuit QuickBooks Scan Manager

QuickBooks Scan Manager is one of the most powerful features in QuickBooks which helps you to scan all company files with a single click.  If you getting an issues when setup or using Scan Manager “QuickBooks scanner could not be selected”, “QuickBooks scan manager not working”, “QuickBooks scan manager running slow”, “QuickBooks scan manager is already running”, “QuickBooks unable to find scanner driver” etc.

Advantages of QuickBooks Scan Manager are listed below..

  • It is very easy to adapt and use, you don’t need any high knowledge and experience.
  • While running with QuickBooks Scan Manager, the user can easily add all company files to various transactions such as bills, sales receipts, and invoices.
  • You can easily manage all transactions automatically just via link your business accounts with bank accounts and import all transactions.
  • QuickBooks Scan Manager automatically updates and creates balance sheets, packing slip, invoices, and all online business documents.
  • QuickBooks Scan Manager locates all ways to help the warehouse managers which leads to taking less time to complete the whole procedure.

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How QuickBooks Scan Manager Set up and Utilize?

QuickBooks users sometimes need to all necessary scanning documents to QuickBooks, you can do this process with QuickBooks Scan Manager. To run with this process, you need to perform major instructions and follow step-by-step:

Step 1: To make your scan profile, follow the below steps:

  • Mark your first click on the QuickBooks icon and choose Doc to go to the Doc Center menu
  • Click on the “Scan a document”
  • Then click on a “New” to create a new scan profile
  • Go with Edit option and name on the created file and for further proceeding click on Continue
  • If you require any changes then go to the profile setting and edit it as per your requirement and click on save.

Step 2: You need to set up and check the QuickBooks Scan Manager with these following steps:

  • First of all, go to your profile and open the Scanner window
  • choose the “Scanner Setup wizard” from the drop-down options of the select Scanner window
  • Then go with appropriate mode and most preferable mode considered to be “Normal mode”
  • Check and verify all the performance test checkbox and go forward with Next click
  • After that, choose the test you want to perform with a scanner and mark your click on next twice to begin the testing scanner process
  • To check and verify all testing modes, go to the “Repeat this test to check all modes” checkboxes

Step 3: Scan and Add Documents:

  • Last, Now you can start using scanner
  • Now,  Select the Attach File button on any transaction

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Scan Manager Manager Not Working and Error Code 281,1..

TWAIN Driver Not Found:

  • Check a TWAIN compliant scanner
  • Test the scanner is working outside QuickBooks “Yes” or “No”
  • If your scanner is not working outside QuickBooks, then need to contact the scanner manufactuer company.

Fix QB Scan Manager Error Code 281,1:

  • First, “Delete” Existing scan profile
  • Create a “new” one scan profile
  • Change user account settings
  • Repair QuickBooks software
  • Retry the scan document
  • Reinstall Scan Manager using the “clean install tool
  • Set up again QuickBooks Scan Manager to scan the documents.

After processing all modes of QuickBooks Scan Manager, start your process by using a scanner. The user just needs to choose and the Attach File on any transaction and select the scanner to scan documents to QuickBooks by using QuickBooks Scan Manager with the selected mode.

How to Reach us?

I hope, this article will resolve your all issues Scanning Documents to QuickBooks. In any case, if you face any trouble while implementing above the solution, visit QuickBooks experts. For more inquiries, drop your all queries at Contact Form or do LIVE CHAT with our expertise. Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor team is always active to rectify your all doubts and guides you to resolve your issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) How to configure User Accounts Control (UAC) Settings if facing issues while scanning documents to QuickBooks?

A1) Here are the steps to modify UAC settings (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7)

🔸 First to launch the Run window, use Windows+R on your keyboard.
🔸 Select Control Panel. Then click OK.
🔸 Then choose User Accounts.
🔸 Now click on User Accounts (Classic View).
🔸 Change user account control settings should be selected. (Note: If UAC prompts you, choose Yes to proceed.)
🔸 Once done slide the slider.
🔸 To turn off UAC, set it to Never Notify and click OK.
🔸 Now to enable UAC, choose Always Notify and then OK.
🔸 Finally, start the computer again.

Q2) Can you reinstall the Scan Manager tool if facing any problems while Scanning documents to QuickBooks?

A2) Follow these procedures to reinstall the Scan Manager program if you have any issues while scanning documents to QuickBooks:

🔸 First, to reinstall the scan manager, go to the Windows Start menu and select Reinstall.
🔸 Then, from the right-side menu, select Computer.
🔸 Navigate to the left navigation panel in the newly opened window.
🔸 Now select the Downloads folder.
🔸 Look for the QuickBooks Scan Manager file with the.exe extension.
🔸 After you’ve located the file, double-click it to begin the installation.
🔸 Select the preferred installation type in the install wizard.
🔸 Then, one by one, follow the directions.
🔸 Once the installation is complete, then press the Finish button.
🔸 Finally, launch the QuickBooks Scan Manager program to scan for problems.

Q3) What are the few things that have to check before scanning documents to QuickBooks Desktop?

A3) Here are a few things to look for when scanning and adding documents to QuickBooks Desktop:

🔸 Check that your scanner is TWAIN-compliant.
🔸 To ensure that your scanner is operating properly, test it outside of QuickBooks.
🔸 If the scanner isn’t operating outside of QuickBooks, contact the scanner’s manufacturer or a QuickBooks Helpline desk professional to troubleshoot the problem.

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