Simple Steps to Delete a Deposit Funds in QuickBooks

Deposit Funds in QuickBooks

In this blog, you get complete knowledge about how to “Delete a Deposit Funds in QuickBooks” with complete guidance step-by-step. QuickBooks is one of the most flexible accounting software which fits according to your business essentials and runs all business operations more accurately. It offers huge advanced features to track all accountancy programs. However, sometimes users want to delete a deposit funds in QuickBooks which they can add mistakenly.

Learn How you can Delete a Deposit Funds in QuickBooks?

  • Firstly, open the QuickBooks, click on the “List” from the top menu bar
  • Then choose the “Chart of Account” and double click on it
  • Then select the “Deposit” and put double-click on it
  • Choose that particular payment from the list you want to delete
  • Go to the Edit tab and choose the option “Delete

How to Delete a Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop..

  • After log-in into QuickBooks Desktop hit your first click on the “List
  • Then choose the “Chart of Accounts” and scroll double-click on the account
  • Then put your click on that deposit you want to delete
  • Then click on it and proceed forward with on-screen instruction
  • At last, click on “Delete” option and you are all resolved with this error

Steps to Undo a Payment from Deposit in QuickBooks..

  • Firstly, go to the homepage and click on the “Record Deposits
  • Then mark your next click on the “Banking Menu” and select the “Make Deposits” from drop-down preferences
  • If you want all payments on deposit window then click on “Cancel
  • To locate the payment from a deposit that you want to undo, choose the “Previous” option to view all the previous transactions
  • Then click on the “Edit Menu” and select the “Delete Deposit” to undo that payment from the deposit

Steps to Remove Duplicate Payments in QuickBooks..

  • Go to QuickBooks and open the company file
  • Then put your click on the “Banking Menu” and select “Make Deposits” from the drop-down options
  • Then hold your click and select that specific line which has duplicate payment and you want to delete it
  • Then choose the “Edit” option and click on the “Delete Line
  • After that, click on Save to accept all new changes
  • Then, open the “List Menu” and choose “Chart of Accounts” options
  • Then mark your double-click on the “Undeposited Funds” to view the bank account register
  • Then choose that duplicate payment you want to delete
  • And then select the “Edit” option and click on “Delete payment” and you are all done with this process

Steps to Delete or Undo Deposited Payment in QuickBooks..

  • From the QuickBooks homepage, click on the “Record Deposits” and then select the “Banking” option
  • After that, scroll down to “Make Deposits” option
  • Then click on “Previous” option to view the history of all transactions’
  • And then select that particular deposit and click on it
  • From the available options, click on delete payment

Delete or Undo a Payment from Undeposited Funds..

  • Open the QuickBooks homepage and click on “Chart of Accounts
  • From the available options, choose “undeposited Funds” and mark double-click on it
  • And all types of funds will appear on your screen and then select that amount that you want to delete
  • Make sure you select the right payment to delete and then click on the “Edit
  • Choose “Delete payment” and click on OK button to undo a payment from an undeposited fund

Delete or Undo a Payment in QuickBooks Online..

  • User needs to open the QuickBooks online first
  • Then select that specific “customer” from the list of customers
  • Choose that specific payment from all the available payments
  • You want to delete and delete option appears on your screen
  • Final step click on it

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