Guide to Create and Modify QuickBooks Memorized Transaction

QuickBooks Memorized Transaction

QuickBooks Memorized Transactions: Entering the data daily is almost everyone’s task now a days. Some people even fed up with typing the same thing again and again, especially in QuickBooks. Everyone knows QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software which helps you to track every point of your business from one point. Through using memorized transactions of QuickBooks these issues can be overcome.

What have Memorized Transactions and why Use it?

QuickBooks memorized transactions is a way to save your precious time, efforts through reducing the mistakes which might be happen again and again while data entry.

Steps to Create a QuickBooks Memorized Transaction..

  • First of all, enter the “transaction” in the way you want to memorize it ( Fields which can contain information which may change can be left blank)
  • Go to “Edit”  >>  select “Memorize
  • Press button “Ctrl +M” or click on the memorize icon to memorize
  • Mention the name of the memorized transaction which you want to handle through QuickBooks

Steps to Add to my Reminder list..

  • In this step go to the reminder list and add the memorized transaction
  • Also, mention how often you want it to remind to arise
  • Now mention the transaction coming date on which transactions is due

Don’t remind me

  • You can also check on the option Do not Remind me if you don’t want to get a reminder about the memorized transaction

Automatic Transaction Entry..

This option helps you to enter the transaction automatically on the due date. You need to fill the below fields

  • Transaction next due date
  • How often you want QuickBooks to enter the transaction

Always make sure to Remind the below points..

  • While filing the Number remaining field, make sure it has the next date of transaction
  • If you want to enter some other important information in a transaction then enter it and click ok
  • Next day should be a day in the future as it is an Automatic schedule
  • Click Save and Close to enter memorized transactions now.
  • Select the clear button and close the window, if you are entering the transaction information for future use.

How to Modify QuickBooks Memorized Transactions..

  • Once QB memorized transaction is set up properly, you can edit the information about the schedule or action in future
  • First go to QuickBooks memorized list
  • Now, select the edit button
  • Click on edit and click on memorize button again if you want to change the transaction which is already memorized
  • You will see a pop opening on your screen which ask you to replace the current memorize transactions or want to create a new one

How to Delete QuickBooks Memorized Transactions..

  • First go to QuickBooks memorized list
  • Select the transaction
  • Click on Delete Memorized Transaction
  • Click on OK

Need Guidance?

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