QuickBooks Update Error 15270: What Is It and How to Solve It?

QuickBooks Update Error 15270

The QuickBooks update Error 15270 encounters when users try to update the QuickBooks Payroll and it is not completed or unsuccessful. It shows an error message on your screen as:-

“Error 15270: The (Payroll) update did not complete successfully. The update is missing a file.”

The update error happens because of many reasons like internet connection issues, virus attack, missing files, incomplete download, installation is not successful, browser issue like Internet Explorer is not as a default browser, etc. So, this error can be encountered by anyone who is facing issues in updating the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll software of any version.

Here, you get the information to resolve the QuickBooks Error 15270. You must know about the reason for the error and then choose the solution accordingly.

What are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15270:

The symptoms help to warn you about the error that you are going to have in your account. So, the things that happen when the error is going to happen are as follows:-

  • All the programs that are running in your system crash when this error is going happen in your system
  • Your system input and other actions respond slowly.

How many Reasons are there that Cause QuickBooks Update Error 15270:

Many different causes are there other than the issues in payroll update, installation, or download. The other causes are mentioned below; do check for it also:-

  • While downloading the files of update your system fails
  • The setting of the User Account is Active
  •  The program files of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll is damage
  •  The update file download is incomplete or unsuccessful
  • Some files of installation are missing.

What are the Solutions to resolve the QuickBooks Update Error 15270:

Various solutions are here to resolve the error code 15270 when you know what it is and how you resolve it. The solutions are as follows:-

Solution 1- Check and verify the subscription of Payroll

There are different subscriptions of payroll and according to that, the steps are also different. So follow the steps according to your subscription:-

 If you are using the Basic, Standard, or Enhanced payroll then follow the steps

  •  Open the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll
  •  Click on the Employees menu
  •  Then further select the My Payroll Service
  •  After that go to the Account/Billing Information or Account Info/Preferences option
  •  If you are not able to see the Page of QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance then check that you are login to your account or not
  •  After this, check the subscription that is active or not.

If you have Assisted Payroll then follow the steps

  • In QuickBooks Payroll, go to the Employees menu option
  • Then click on the option My Payroll Service
  • After that, select the Account / Billing Information or Account info/preferences
  • Check the subscription status that must be Active
  • If you are not able to see the QuickBooks Payroll Account Management page then check that you are signed out
  • Sign in to your account to check the status of the subscription.

Solution 2- Run Quick Resolve the Software

To Quick resolve the issue, you have to download and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub after that you have to proceed further. So after installing the QuickBooks Tool Hub the further steps are as follows:-

  • Open QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Then click on the Program Problems
  • After that, click on the Quick resolve my program option
  • It scans and fixes the issues that you are facing.

Solution 3- Download and Use the Payroll Update

The steps are here to download the payroll update so that you can do it step by step and get it done easily. The steps are as follows:-

  • First of all, open the QuickBooks software. If it is already open then restart the software
  • When you open the QuickBooks and then a window of QuickBooks Update Service opens up then click on the button Install Later
  • Click on the Help menu option
  • Then further select the option Update QuickBooks
  • In the window of Update QuickBooks, click on the Update Now
  • Tick Mark the checkbox of Reset Updates then click on the Get Updates
  • Hit on the OK button
  • After completing the update, you can see the Get Update button that is visible to you to click
  • Again, Restart the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll software
  • Now, you get the window of QuickBooks Update Service window in that click on the button Install Now
  • The update starts and waits for the completion
  • After this, go to the Employees menu option in QuickBooks
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the Get Payroll Updates to install the update again
  • Check and verify that you download the whole update of QuickBooks Payroll by selecting the option Download Entire Payroll Update
  • In the end, click on the Update.

Solution 4- Verify the Service Key and EIN

In this, you have to check that the number you are providing is the EIN or service key or not. Check that you are not providing the SSN number instead of the Employee Identification Number. If you have not entered the service key till now then do check for the SSn and EIN both. Enter the right number in it so that you can continue.

Solution 5- Verify the Internet Connection and the browser also

  • Initially check that the Internet Explorer is the default browser
    • In Internet Explorer, go to the Internet options
    • Further, click on the tab name Programs
    • Select the Make Default button under the option of Default Web Browser
  • Check the internet connection
  • Try to change it from wireless to hardwire to get better access
  • After that, turn off the UAC settings temporarily.

Connect with the Expert team of QuickBooks Desktop!

All the information like symptoms, causes, solutions, and more are explained to resolve the QuickBooks Update Error 15270. In other words, every piece of information here is related to the error code 15270 that helps you a lot. You can easily identify the cause and then solve it with its related solution on your own.

You can also connect with the QuickBooks proadvisor  in case you are facing any glitches. Here you get the best assistance as the team is here 24/7 hours to help you out. They provide all the solutions and answers to your problems and queries. As they are professionally experienced in sorting all the technical or functional issues.

Here are some FAQs:

How can I download the QuickBooks Tool Hub?

First of all, close the QuickBooks Desktop

Then download the QuickBooks Tool Hub from the quality source

Now Save the file in the location where you remember or want to save it

Then go to the downloaded file and then double-click on i

It starts the installation process in your system

Do follow the instructions display on your screen

After this, when the installation is done

Go to the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon and right-click on it

From further options, select Run as Administrator.

What are the steps to go in Selective Startup mode?

In your system, open the Run window by pressing the Window+R keys from the keyboard

Type msconfig and then press the Enter button

Go to the General tab and then click on the Selective startup and load system services

After that, go to the Services tab

In this, select the Hide all MS Services and click on Disable all button

Now, uncheck the above option Hide all the MS services

Check that the Windows Installer is selected if not then Select it

In the end, click on the OK button and reboot your system

What is the File in use issue and how to resolve it?

You have to do the process of fixing the error “Files in Use” when you get the issues in the repairing of the QuickBooks process. So to solve this issue, you have to do the following:-

Firstly, when you receive a message on your screen while the repairing process; click on the ignore button

If you see a message saying restart your system then click on the OK button

In this message, if there is no ignore button then click on the close button

After completing the repair process

Restart your system.

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