Terms & Conditions

We make grow your business with the terms & conditions bond in which you can easily locate the guidelines, acceptable behavior, basic rules, and terms that are followed by you while accessing the software applications. All the rights are reserved by implementing the terms and conditions; so you need to accept and agree to the terms and conditions according to your requirements. This includes that you are running the software with the rules and is also a legal agreement between the software and the user to protect you from the unofficial access.

www.accountscomparison.com is the third-party independent organization, who has a team of professionals to handle the entire situation by providing the answers to the users or clients. The solutions you get there are related to Accounting, Bookkeeping or ERP software. We give you the best services as possible for these types of software whether you need any information or solution to any problem. There is no connection between us and the brands, logos, and trademarks you see on our website and we disclaim it at the end of our website that we are an isolated organization. The users who want to know the extra knowledge or solution to their query about the applications are getting the top-notch information and great solution as well that help them out. It saves their time that they need not find the solution for so long through the internet or manuals.

There are many services that we offer to all our clients and users. These services are as follows:-

  1. You get the solution for all the accounting, ERP, and bookkeeping software.
  2. Solutions related to cloud hosting.
  3. Integration related services are also available if it is required by the users.
  4. Instant helpdesk is provided to get resolved all your glitches.
  5. Users can contact the helpdesk anytime whenever needed for any kind of service whether any issue or any special services.
  6. To small startup units and small businesses are offered for the outsourcing of accounting activities.
  7. Solution regarding payroll and other services for all the users and clients is available.

Regarding all the payments, it is our responsibility to make all the transactions correctly and completely within the given time and do abort the bond. We take care of all the ethical and other activities and do take action if any unauthorized activity is found. If you take any kind of extra services then you are charged with additional charges. We aim to provide you faster and great services to have more profit with improved and additional features.

If you take some charged services and not able to pay the charges then you will be charged with the penalty. If you filled the incorrect information then don’t worry you can easily edit it and change it within 15 days and you don’t need to pay any extra charges.

There are some situations or causes in which you will get notified by our systems; so you are protected by these issues are as follows:-

  • If we identify any unethical or wrong procedure to be processing then you get notified via message to check it and resolve it now.
  • You will get the alert of the loss you get; if you end the bond because of any reason.
  • When you have not filled the information of software demands according to the system as per the requirement.
  • If the payment of the work is paid partially or is pending then you will get the message about it.

You need to follow all the terms & conditions as it is necessary. You need to fill all the required information like IP address and password because of the security issues. After that, agree with all the terms and conditions and do integrate it with the product for increasing your business.