Your Activation Key for Sage 50 Has Expired – Resolved

Your activation key for sage 50 has expired? In this article you can learn how to resolve this problem.

Sage 50 is an accounting package that may assist you to make your work heaps easier. It will cut heaps of your manual work, and you’ll be able to use the saved time a lot resourcefully. However, like several different software, you’ll be able to establish some errors using the Sage 50.

Here we will talk about your activation key for Sage 50 has expired

Let us look at the causes:

🔸 Expired Pervasive License key

🔸 Expired Anti-Virus

🔸 Damaged files

🔸 Pervasive 9.1, analyzer are still installed

🔸 The DNS servers are provided by the ISP. Next, returning for internal network computers

🔸 Domain Name System (DNS) is not working

🔸 Anti-virus Firewall blocking

🔸 Pervasive needs to be restarted


Section I: Temporary Pervasive License key expired

  1. Close Sage 50
  2. Open Computer
  3. Browse to the program path.
  4. Run SageReg.exe
  5. Select the Key Status tab
  6. Click the Check Key State button
  7. If you see a Permanent key in the License Type column, then stop if not then continue to the steps below.
  8. Click the Sage 50 Activation tab
  9. Click the Activate button.
  10. When instructed, close the Activation window(s). Now, you have to launch Sage 50 to complete the Activation.

If you see in SageReg that there is a backdate which has a pervasive key expired then you should change the date to a date before that and then remove CLIENTINFO.XML from the data path. Once the software is activated then you can change it back to the current date.

Section II: Anti-Virus blocking the activation process

  1. Uninstall the expired Antivirus. Or you can renew subscription plan
  2. Verify that Sage 50—U.S. The edition will now activate and open

Section III: Damaged files

  1. Close Sage 50
  2. Open Computer
  3. Browse to the data path.
  4. Delete the following files:
  • Serial.dat
  • Serial.dat.bak
  • Options.dat
  • Clientinfo.xml
  1. Reopen Sage 50
  2. Verify the program can activate successfully.

Section IV: Damaged Actian/Pervasive Installation

  1. Close Sage 50
  2. Try restarting Pervasive before uninstalling it;
  3. Remove any installed version of Pervasive;
  4. Open Sage 50
  5. Verify the program now.

Section V: Damaged Sage 50 Files

  1. Close Sage 50
  2. Uninstall Sage 50.
  3. Reinstall Sage 50.
  4. Open Sage 50
  5. If the error continues after these steps, call Sage helpline (Number Display on Screen).

Section VI. Pervasive 9.1 and its analyzer may still be installed

  1. Close Sage 50
  2. Remove any installed version of Pervasive.
  3. Open Sage 50
  4. Verify the program can now activate successfully

Section VII: Server returns IP of

Get in Touch

If you still have query about: Your activation key for sage 50 has expired, Resolve with Accounts Comparison’s Sage 50 accounting software expert team. You can contact with Live Chat Box or Call at helpline Number (Display on Screen).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Why do I see an error while upgrading the Sage 50?

Answer: The Sage 50 error update is one of the most common errors you will face updating it. The error is when you are not able to update the software and face an error message. There can be a number of reasons leading to it.

Question 2. What is the Error 1722?

Answer: You have a problem with the windows installer software.

🔸 There was an error with the InstallShield.
🔸 Permissions on the Common Files folder.
🔸 Failed to unregister file AutoUpdatesRegistrationCA.exe when uninstalling.

Question 3. What is the Error 1603?

Answer: It is a Fatal error faced during installation.

🔸 Not having Windows user permissions to access the areas affected by the installation.
🔸 Can also occur if your disk is faulty. You can download this software to resolve this issue.

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