Zen business Money Pro vs Quickbooks

Zen business Money Pro vs Quickbooks

Every business must have a secure accounting solution and payment method. The digitization is necessary to optimize the business to keep pace with today’s world. You can choose any accounting platform to cater your business financial needs. Here, you will get a detailed comparison of Zen business money pro vs QuickBooks including their pros, cons and features.

Zen Business Money Pro vs QuickBooks: Intro

Zen Business Money Pro

Zen Business Money Pro is available free. It allows you to manage financial affairs such as tax deductions, creating invoice, payments in an integrated platform. It is designed for streamlining the financial management of business. Zen Business Money Pro helps the owners to focus on the other business aspects. The software assists the small business at just a smaller price compared to the conventional traditional accounting service.

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It is an accounting software that helps to track your business income. QuickBooks is user-friendly and is created to track business expenses and income and sync the financial information. As a QuickBooks user, you do not have to perform data entry manually. In other words, it automates tasks and simplifies accounting.

Zen Business Money Pro vs QuickBooks: Features

Zen Business Money ProQuickBooks
While creating a business, your business must have a unique name to be registered. This is how the company stands unique among the competition. Moreover, you can also use a different name for the business apart from the registered name.You can access your account along with monitoring the business and stay updated from anywhere via the mobile devices.
ZenBusiness provides an in-depth knowledge of the business formation. Opting for an expertise solution of the bookkeeping software will ease your workload.Create customized, professional sales receipts, invoices and estimates which you can mail within minutes.
It does provide its users a registered service. The company handles all the legal matters sincerely as your representative. You will get each update and confidentiality is highly maintained.The banking integration feature will auto update all the financial statements and transactions.
You can easily access all your business related documents. If you are their registered agent, then you can also access all the company legal documents online.Allows you to instantly judge the performance of your business with customized dashboard and reports.
They help you in creating the articles of organizing the document (serving a link between company creation and ownership) as per the state compliance.Enter the bill details from the vendors and complete the payment within the due date. It also schedules the monthly payment to save effort and time.
Tailored services for catering all the needs of small businesses.Evaluate employee working and billable hours. Tracks the hours and adds them to the invoices automatically.
With the subscriptions, access of mobile applications are also added. Thus, all the info are handy to you at any point.
Maintains the books under a strict Protocol and encrypted permission. Give the access to your accountant for incredible result.
Free support for the beginners with answers and guide you in operating the business.

Zen Business Money Pro vs QuickBooks: Comparison

Comparison: Zen Business Money Pro vs QuickBooks

Easy to Use: Unlike the many business accounting software, Zen Business is not an user-friendly interface. However, QuickBooks is extremely user-friendly.Guidance: When it comes to guidance Zen business still has to improve this feature. Nevertheless, if you are a QuickBooks subscriber, you canGood for Large Business: Zen Business is basically designed to cater the accounting needs of large ventures. QuickBooks, on the other hand, is primarily created to assist small business accounting.
Ideal for Solopreneurs: Zen business is not ideal for solopreneurs or small businesses. QuickBooks has the potential to only serve the business under a single owner.

Zen Business Money Pro vs QuickBooks: Pros & Cons

Zen Business Money Pro: Pros and Cons




Zen business is the cheapest among all the similar services available in the market. The same services available in the market are several times more than it.Though it offers excellent assistance to business owners, the business is beyond filing documents and registration. There are some features of Zen Business which are way too expensive.
The software service is an excellent choice for a beginner businessman. It offers careful assistance in every step. The prompt customer support and user-friendly OS are the features you need as a user.You need to pay the additional fees of a registered agent every year. It is mandatory to pay for it not just in the first year but also every year while renewing the subscription. Also, there is a 60-day refund policy for those who want to cancel their subscriptions.
As a Zen business user, you will be able to access diverse add-on features with just a nominal amount. For example: To browse file amendments you can pay just $ 100.It lacks the online features unlike its competitors. Hence, if you wish to built a domain name or construct a website or create an email, there are other better options.
The software is unexpectedly fast with a short turnaround time. The less priced plans are not similarly faster. However, these plans still give tough competitions to the rivals.
You must not forget the legal add-ons while running a business. It is a recurring system that occurs annually. Zen business sends you reminders of auditing the report and assisting to file.
Business accounting and finance is complicated. Thus, navigating it can be a bit difficult. It offers accounting aid in various fields like filing taxes, setting the company books, tracking invoices, etc.

QuickBooks: Pros and Cons




Integrated reporting and thorough bookkeeping are the specialty of QuickBooks. The basic plan has the option of accessing more than 50 reports.The monthly subscription plans are in the expensive category compared to other competitors.
Strong inventory management solution is available with higher plans.Each plan has limited users. The subscriber of the highest plan is also not unlimited but capped.
QuickBooks also offers extra options of adding in-house payroll and bookkeeping. You can also select from 750 app integrations or more.If you want to activate features like automatic time tracking, you have to pay extra. However, the basic plans don’t support the automation of billable expenses.
Being a user of QuickBooks you can easily share all the information with your business accountant.
24*7 prompt assistance and support via all mediums.


Each one of this accounting software is designed to cater to some of the unique business needs. The above content presents before an in-depth comparison of the two accounting softwares Zen Business Money Pro vs QuickBooks. Both of them have their own special features and are designed to serve specific categories. You need to go through all of them carefully before you choose one for your business.