QuickBooks on Mac vs PC

QuickBooks on Mac vs PC

QuickBooks has become a popular name among the small-business owners. To give it a user-friendly touch, Intuit has introduced two separate versions of QuickBooks for Mac and PC. Both these versions have their own distinct features, pros and cons. If you are a user of one of these, follow this article to have knowledge about QuickBooks on Mac vs PC.

QuickBooks on Mac vs PC: Intro

QuickBooks Mac

QuickBooks Mac is an accounting software which is designed specifically for the Mac users. Hence, users using non-Mac software cannot access this program. QuickBooks on Mac is perfect for small-sized businesses because it is a comprehensive feature which caters to all the accounting needs of the business.

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QuickBooks PC

QuickBooks Desktop or PC assist in organizing business finances under one platform. It is easy to set-up. To access QuickBooks on PC you do not have to have any accounting knowledge. Just import the data from the spreadsheet and you are all set. You can also easily manage expenses and create invoices.

QuickBooks Mac vs PC: Features

QuickBooks MacQuickBooks PC
You can match, upload or create any transactions being a QuickBooks Mac user.The inventory values can be used to run reports. Besides, you can also filter the report for customizing the inactive memory.
In the Mac version, all the bills are automated. Thus, you do not have to further worry about any recurring bill payments.With just a few clicks, you can easily transfer credits and track invoices status.
The major Mac related features that come with QuickBooks are: iPhone scanner for scanning documents on-the-go and uploading it to the software, automatic syncing of contact and sharing documents via iCloud.There has been an added feature of accessibility enhancement for the visually impaired people.

QuickBooks on Mac vs PC: Comparison

Comparison: QuickBooks on Mac versus PC

Inventory Assembly: The inventory assembly feature is only present in the upgraded versions such as Enterprise and Premiere. QuickBooks Mac does not come with this feature.Accountant’s Copy: Available in PC but not in the QB Mac version.Payroll: Both the versions, Mac and PC have their own individual payrolls, Online payroll and Desktop payroll respectively.
Multi-currency Support: Mac does not allow multi-currency features for its users. The PC version, on the other hand, supports multi-currency features.Industry-Specific Edition: QB Mac is not compatible for industry-specific edition, whereas the PC version is compatible.

QuickBooks on Mac vs PC: Pros & Cons

QuickBooks on Mac: Pros and Cons




The implementation of QB Mac is easy.As you cannot access the accountant’s copy until the accountant sends his copy to you, you may encounter duplicate entries.
It has a massive user base.You have to experience numerous advertisements while browsing the dashboard.
Most accountants and bookkeepers prefer Quickbooks Mac.Customer support is limited for this version.

QuickBooks PC: Pros and Cons




Cope up with the business needs.To access superior features you need an expensive plan.
Easy-to-use.With multiple users, using the program, it sometimes performs a little slower.
One-stop-solution for a business.Fundamental knowledge about accounting will make its usage easier.
Prompt customer service.
Has a great User Interface.

QuickBooks on Mac vs PC: Integration

  • The integration is limited for QuickBooks Mac because there is no integration opportunity through Quickbooks SDKs (software development kits) or application or WebConnector.
  • In the matter of integration, QB PC is adaptable as it integrates with more than 200 applications.

QuickBooks on Mac vs PC: Pricing

  • The latest version of QuickBooks Mac comes with the annual subscription plan. The price depends on the number of users included in the plan. For example: $ 949 for 3 users, $ 549 for 1 user and $ 749 for 2 users.
  • QuickBooks PC subscription plan starts from $ 12 onwards. With the higher plan, you can access the advanced feature-loaded version. However, no matter what you subscribe to you can upgrade to the higher plan anytime, avail QuickBooks support and access the mobile application free.

QuickBooks on Mac vs PC: Customer Support

  • Like other QuickBooks product related services, the Mac version has a home-page based on workflow. In case of any query related to the program, it is recommended to contact their support as there is hardly any information about QuickBooks Mac.
  • If you need any help with the Desktop version, get in touch with the team via the contact getaway from the “Help” menu. You can also reach out to their customer care number.

QuickBooks on Mac vs PC: User Rating

  • There are mixed bag reviews from the users of QuickBooks Mac. Several users are content with a simple interface, easy entry of transactions, seamlessly reconciling bank account activities, etc. On the contrary, some of the users have come up with the fact that the customer support is lagging.
  • The users of QuickBooks Pc are glad to access such user-friendly accounting software. You will also get rooms to customize your business activity. Moreover, you do not need any prior pro level accounting knowledge to access it.

QuickBooks on Mac vs PC: Mobile and Desktop Platform

QuickBooks mobile application is available for every platform including android and iOS. However, the mobile versions come with limited features like: the user can only upload the transaction statement.


If you are not an extensive user of QuickBooks, the Mac version is perfect. Since, you do not have to integrate with any other applications in this case. However, with the Windows, you have ample opportunities to explore the QuickBooks features. You can also integrate with other applications. Determine your needs prior to picking either of the two versions.