QuickBooks Time Elite vs Premium

Tired of manually documenting your employees’ attendance and time? QuickBooks Time could be the answer to your problems. But, with two alternatives – QuickBooks Time Elite and Premium – how can you know which is right for you? In our extensive comparison guide, we’ll break down the features, cost, and benefits of each option so you can make an informed decision on which version of QuickBooks Time is best for your business. Prepare to eliminate time-consuming manual tracking by automating your payroll process! In this blog, we will discuss about QuickBooks Time Elite vs Premium: which is the best software for your business.

QuickBooks Time Elite vs Premium

QuickBooks Time Elite

QuickBooks Time Elite is a comprehensive time tracking and labour management system provided by Intuit, the same firm that produces the popular accounting software QuickBooks. QuickBooks Time Elite is intended to assist organisations in properly managing staff time tracking, scheduling, and labour compliance requirements. It is especially suited to major corporations, construction industries, and professional service firms with complicated labour management needs.

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  • Time Tracking: QuickBooks Time Elite contains extensive time management features that make it possible for staff to track their hours in and out swiftly and easily employing a wide range of strategies which include mobile applications, web-based time clocks, and actual clocks. It provides precise and comprehensive time monitoring, allowing organisations to properly monitor and manage staff hours. It also allows GPS tracking, permitting employers to follow the whereabouts of their employees while they are on the road.
  • Scheduling: With QuickBooks Time Elite, organisations can efficiently design and manage employee schedules. Drag-and-drop capability in the software makes it simple to allocate shifts, define availability, and manage overlapping schedules. Managers may examine and alter schedules in real time, maintaining optimal personnel levels and reducing scheduling conflicts.
  • Labour Compliance: QuickBooks Time Elite assists firms in remaining compliant with labour standards by delivering features such as automated overtime calculations, break tracking, and compliance notifications. It saves firms money by ensuring that employees are adequately compensated for their work hours and breaks.
  • Job Costing and Project Tracking: QuickBooks Time Elite delivers broad job costing and project management features to companies who need to keep track of time as well as costs for particular initiatives or jobs. It permits organisations to track labour spending, real-time schedule personnel hours, and evaluate progress on projects. This capability is particularly useful in businesses wherein monitoring time as well as costs by project is essential for cost control and precise billing.
  • Reporting and Analytics: QuickBooks Time Elite has powerful reporting and analytics tools. It provides a variety of pre-built reports that organisations can customise to meet their specific requirements. Managers can use staff productivity, labour costs, project profitability, and other vital data to make educated decisions and optimise their workforce management methods.
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Mobile Apps: QuickBooks Time Elite provides mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. This allows employees to easily clock in and out, view schedules, and track time from anywhere. Managers can also use the mobile apps to monitor employee time and manage schedules remotely, enhancing flexibility and convenience.Reliance on Internet Connectivity: QuickBooks Time Elite is cloud-based, which means it requires a consistent internet connection to access and utilise the product. If the internet connection is poor or unreliable, the software may not function properly.
Comprehensive Time Tracking: QuickBooks Time Elite includes comprehensive time tracking capabilities that make it possible organisations to monitor employee hours correctly. This aids in better labour cost control, correct invoicing of clients, and productivity as a whole improvement.Limited Customer Support: While QuickBooks Time Elite provides customer service, some users may find the degree of help offered to be not sufficient or encounter delays in obtaining assistance. This can be an issue for businesses that rely primarily on immediate assistance.
User-Friendly Interface: The software has an intuitive interface that is straightforward and simple to navigate. Employees may easily examine timetables, clock in and out, and request time off, lowering the learning curve and reducing faults.Compatibility Issues: Although QuickBooks Time Elite connects with a variety of systems, certain software or hardware combinations may be incompatible. To avoid disruptions in workflows, it is critical to confirm compatibility before adopting the programme.
Integration with QuickBooks and Payroll: QuickBooks Time Elite works effortlessly with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and a variety of payroll providers. This connection speeds up data flow, eliminates human data entry, and decreases the possibility of errors. This saves time and ensures that payroll is processed correctly.
Strong Reporting and Analytics: QuickBooks Time Elite has a plethora of pre-built reporting and analytics capabilities. These features provide firms with useful information about worker efficiency, labour expenses, projected profitability, and other topics. Customizable reports enable firms to extract relevant data for analysis and decision-making.

To establish if QuickBooks Time Elite is the perfect fit for your organisation, consider these benefits and cons in the context of your business objectives and priorities.

QuickBooks Premium

QuickBooks Premium from Intuit is a complex accounting programme suite. It is intended primarily to satisfy the desires of small and medium-sized businesses that require powerful tools for financial management and full functionality for effectively handling their accounting procedures. QuickBooks Premium contains a slew of features that help businesses streamline operations, track expenditures, manage finances, create reports, and keep reliable records.


  • Financial Management: QuickBooks Premium provides powerful financial management features to businesses. It allows users to create and distribute professional invoices, track bills and costs, track revenue and sales, and set up recurring payments. The programme can also be used to effectively reconcile bank transactions and track cash flow.
  • Advanced Reporting: QuickBooks Premium features an array of reporting possibilities which permit businesses to acquire comprehension of their financial health. It comes with plenty of prepared for use reports, like balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and statements of cash flows. These reports can be customised to meet the needs of the user and generated with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Inventory Management: Businesses can use QuickBooks Premium to manage their stocks and track the amount of stock they have. When transactions such as sales and purchases occur, users can utilise the software to make orders for purchases, track items, and continuously modify the amount of inventory. It also provides inventory valuation information and supports businesses in controlling stock levels to avoid excess stock or stockouts.
  • Payroll administration: QuickBooks Premium includes robust payroll administration capabilities that assist organisations in simplifying the payroll process. It allows users to create paychecks, compute wages for employees, and automate tax computations. Furthermore, the programme aids conformity through the creation of tax forms and rendering electronic filing more convenient.
  • Multi-User Access: QuickBooks Premium allows many users to gain access to and contribute to the same company file at the exact same moment. This capability is particularly useful to businesses that have multiple employees or divisions working on accounting records at the same time. Each user can have a unique login, and the software offers numerous levels of authorization and access to maintain confidentiality of information.
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Comprehensive Feature Set: QuickBooks Premium has a slew of advanced features that cover a wide range of accounting and finance subjects. The software provides a comprehensive set of accounting functions, ranging from billing and expense tracking to stock management and payroll processing. As a result, businesses can merge their financial procedures into a single, efficient system.Technical Issues: QuickBooks Premium, like any software, might experience technical issues or glitches. These challenges may interfere with processes and irritate users. QuickBooks updates and interoperability with other hardware and software are additional concerns. It’s essential to have an alternative strategy in place in case of technological faults, and to take care of software up to date to steer clear of complications.
Scalability: QuickBooks Premium is intended to support business growth and expansion. QuickBooks Premium provides a seamless upgrade route to higher-tier editions, such as QuickBooks Enterprise, as businesses expand and their accounting requirements become more complex. This scalability means that organisations may continue to use the same software and retain their financial records as they grow.Limited Industry-Specific Features: QuickBooks Premium has limited industry-specific features because it is a broad accounting software solution that caters to a wide range of enterprises. However, certain industry-specific features that businesses in specialised sectors may require may be missing. While QuickBooks offers industry-specific add-ons and connectors, organisations in highly specialised sectors may require additional customisation or seek industry-specific accounting software instead.
Options for Customization: QuickBooks Premium permits clients to customise the software to their preferences. Users may personalise forms, bills, and reports with their company logo, shades, and branding, giving their accounting papers a professional and unique touch. This adaptability enables firms to convey a constant and competent appearance to their clients and stakeholders.Cloud Dependency: QuickBooks Premium includes cloud-based capabilities and data storage, which improves convenience and accessibility. Businesses who rely significantly on cloud-based software, on the other hand, should be wary of potential internet connectivity issues or server outages. During such outages, reliance on the cloud may limit access to applications and data.
Data Security and Backup: QuickBooks Premium prioritises financial data security. To safeguard sensitive information from unauthorised access, the software employs strong security techniques such as data encryption and SSL technology. Furthermore, QuickBooks Premium backs up data automatically, guaranteeing that businesses can restore their information in the event of system failures, data loss, or calamities.
Customer Support and Resources: Intuit, the firm that created QuickBooks, offers substantial customer assistance as well as tools to help users. Businesses can access the help that they require to deal with difficulties and get the most out of the programme, from support via live chat and call assistance to an extensive library of information and community forums. The availability of dependable customer assistance promises that organisations may handle any complaints or queries they may have as soon as possible.

Which one is better for you: QuickBooks Time Elite vs Premium?

The decision between QuickBooks Time Elite vs Premium is ultimately determined by your individual business needs. Both approaches have distinct advantages that make them suited for various types of enterprises.

QuickBooks Time Premium may be the best option for you if you are a small business owner with simple time tracking requirements. GPS tracking, overtime calculations, project management tools, invoicing functionality, and more capabilities are included. Furthermore, its user-friendly layout makes it simple to manage even if you are not technically smart.

However, if you own a mid-size or big organisation with complicated workforce management needs that necessitate customised settings and advanced reports, QuickBooks Time Elite may be a better fit for your team’s requirements. Its higher price tag includes greater analytical insights such as work pricing or payroll integration capabilities, as well as compliance monitoring tools to assist in maintaining labour standards.

When picking between these two software QuickBooks Time Elite vs Premium, consider whether your firm wants more than simply basic functionality from an employee time-tracking system, and get expert assistance if in doubt before making any final decisions!

Comparison of Features: QuickBooks Time Elite vs Premium

Understanding the variations in features between QuickBooks Time Elite and Premium is critical when selecting the proper time tracking software for your organisation. What are 2 features quickbooks time elite has that premium does not?

Elite, for example, provides advanced project management options such as custom fields and work costing reports. This is especially important for businesses who have numerous projects running at the same time and need to correctly track spending.

QuickBooks Time Premium, on the other hand, has an intuitive interface and rudimentary management of project options. It also has tracking GPS for mobile personnel, seamless overtime computations, and links with major accounting software such as QuickBooks Online.

Pricing is another important difference. While both plans have significant features, Elite is more costly than Premium due to its more sophisticated features.

When deciding which plan is best suited for your business needs, consider factors such as the size of your team or number of ongoing projects you manage.

Comparison of Ease of Use: QuickBooks Time Elite vs Premium

When comparing QuickBooks Time Elite vs Premium, one of the most significant considerations is ease of use. Both versions offer their own distinct set of features, but how easy they are to browse can make or break your decision.

QuickBooks Time Elite has a more streamlined interface that may be more suitable for larger enterprises with more sophisticated requirements. It features customisable dashboards and reporting, as well as project management capabilities to help you keep track of several activities at the same time.

QuickBooks Time Premium, on the other hand, has a simpler interface that may be better for smaller organisations or those just getting started with time tracking software. It retains all of the important functions, such as employee scheduling and work costing, but lacks some of the other bells and whistles available in Elite.

Your individual organisation’s needs and level of expertise will dictate which version is more straightforward to utilise. However, if you are ever in need of guidance exploring either site, both versions offer outstanding client service options such as live chat and telephone assistance.


When the capabilities and simplicity of use of QuickBooks Time Elite vs Premium are juxtaposed, it is apparent that both alternatives have perks. The most suitable option for you is chosen by the demands and budget of the company you represent. If you run a small to medium-sized business with basic time monitoring requirements, QuickBooks Time Premium may be the greatest choice for you. It offers strong time monitoring features at an affordable cost.

However, if your business requires advanced project management capabilities or handles complex employee scheduling, then QuickBooks Time Elite may be worth the investment. Its added features such as project costing and real-time status updates can help streamline operations and improve productivity.

Both options offer valuable tools to manage employee time tracking and payroll processing efficiently. By choosing either one based on your specific needs, you can save time while ensuring accurate record-keeping for your employees’ hours worked.


Q. What are 2 features QuickBooks Time Elite has that Premium does not?

QuickBooks Time Elite incorporates two features Premium lacks:

Geofencing: This function lets you continually monitor staff time whenever they enter or depart a defined geographical area, which is useful for distant or field employees.

Project estimate contrast: This tool lets you contrast estimations for the project to actual hours spent to assess progress and spot issues early.

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Q. What 2 of these can you do in QuickBooks time elite but not QuickBooks Premium?

You can accomplish two things in QuickBooks Time Elite but not Premium:

Track employee location and time using geofencing. Geofencing enables you create virtual borders around job sites and other employee-required areas. QuickBooks Time clocks workers in and out when they enter or leave geofences.

Employee time must be cleared before payroll. Before payroll is handled, QuickBooks Time Elite lets administrators look over and authorise employee timesheets. This guarantees you just compensate employees for their real job.

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