Do you Backup QuickBooks Desktop and Online Each Day

Creating a “Backup QuickBooks” plays a critical role in any business whether it is small or big. It is very important to store data because of all the mandatory information including finances, taxes, clients’ log, bills, transaction, invoice and more. This blog covers how to create a backup of a company file and how to schedule automatic backup.

Restore and Create Backup QuickBooks Account:

Data security demands a routine backup of data. In QuickBooks, Intuit Data Protect is known as the efficient method for creating an online backup of all the documents like company logos, templates, etc. This service is inbuilt in all QuickBooks versions above 2016. This software executes automatically each day during booting. You can also perform a manual backup of the documents simply with a Backup now. Moreover, this shows a notification on the homepage regarding backup status. You can also view the backup history of the past 45 days.

Setup of Intuit Data Protect Backup: Turn on the service

For activating follow the below-mentioned step:

  • Locate the file and then click on “Backup Company”
  • Choose “Setup”
  • Click on “Intuit Data Protect” and Click the “Green-colored icon” appearing on the screen
  • Hit on “Open Intuit Data Protect” and Click on “Activate” Now
  • Login into Intuit account
  • Choose your “Indications” and select “Continue”
  • How to Create a backup with Intuit Data Protect
  • Open the dashboard of Intuit Data protect
  • Choose backup now
  • Select the “File” preferences that you want to backup
  • Hit on “Backup” now
  • Click “OK” option after completing the backup.

How to Create a Backup of Company File:

There are two ways to backup i.e. Manual backup & automatically backup.

The QuickBooks Backup Automatically:

  • Discover the “File” menu and choose “Switch to single-user mode” and then choose to “create a local backup”.
  • Look up the window appearing on the screen and choose local backup and after that click “Next”.
  • Give the proper location in which you want to save the backup.
  • Select the preferences from multiple backup options; choose “Complete Verification”.
  • “Save” and “OK”
  • Choose the save “Backup automatically” from the checkbox.
  • Click the number of times
  • Click on “New” to create a schedule
  • Enter all the necessary data required to be filled to create a schedule
  • Select the “time or day” and then click “OK”
  • The dialog box appears on your screen with a message to login password
  • This authorization acts as permission to execute the scheduled backup
  • In the end, click on the “Finish” button.

How to Export QuickBooks Online Backup to Desktop – Data Backup

QuickBooks Backup files can be easily export into QuickBooks Desktop. Following is the list of mandatory requirements and steps:

  • You can export only Company, Accountant or Master Administrator
  • Compatible browser like a higher version of Internet Explorer 10
  • ActiveX control is must
  • Shutdown entire company screens.

Steps to Export Data Backup QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop..

  • Choose the Gear icon present in QuickBooks
  • Click Export Data located under the tools option
  • Hit on Learn more
  • Locate export overview and then choose to Get Started
  • Download and choose a proper location to save file
  • Choose Convert Now
  • Rename the file and save it to other location
  • Choose Finished.

How to Reach us..

This blog covered the major information regarding Backup QuickBooks Accounts. If you still found any doubt that whether do you Backup QuickBooks Account each day or face any difficulty to schedule a backup or to fix any other functional or QuickBooks error call the QuickBooks experienced team at. The team is available 24*7 to understand all your issues and provides the best resolution. There is another option available to seek assistance via email or do live chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How can you make a backup of your QuickBooks company file manually?

A1) To make a backup of your company file manually, follow these steps mentioned below:

🔸 You may always make a backup of your company’s files on your own as a last option.
🔸 Select Single-user mode from the File menu in QuickBooks.
🔸 Now go back to the File menu.
🔸 On the file, choose “Back up Company” from the drop-down menu.
🔸 To start the process of generating a backup, click Create Local Backup.
🔸 In the box, click Next after selecting Local Backup.
🔸 Click Browse and locate the place where you want to keep your backup business’s backup company file under Local Backup Only.
🔸 Determine how many backups you’ll need. This is purely a personal preference.
🔸 This runs a check before saving your backup file.
🔸 When you are done, click the OK button.
🔸 Once your file is created just Save your file immediately.
🔸 QuickBooks creates a backup company file for all of your company files.

When you need to work with a backup business file, QuickBooks creates one for you. Once all the steps mentioned above are followed, you will receive a confirmation message.

Q2) How often should you backup your QuickBooks Company file?

A2) Your data is automatically backed up every 5 – 10 minutes after you make new changes when you add your company file. It also does backups on a daily basis. Consider the situation of coming in for the day to finish the month’s books and other minor activities. You work on the corporate file for 6 hours and then leave without backing it up. So, you should make a backup every time you close QuickBooks for the day.

Q3) Should you save your QuickBooks backup file all in one drive?

A3) You risk overwriting your data if you open the backup in the same folder as your existing company file. You can change your existing business file or the backup so that the names are unique to avoid overwriting. Alternatively, you may save the backup in a different folder so that you don’t lose up on your important files.

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