QuickBooks Abort Error and Connection Lost Error

QuickBooks Abort Error fix with QuickBooks professional. QuickBooks is accounting software that helps users to keep track of business transactions from day to day and that includes sales, budget monitoring, and more. Using this software, the account team of a company can easily generate specific reports which can help with proper planning and tax filing.

Along with all these, QuickBooks also encounter errors or bugs too and QuickBooks Abort Error is one such error that can occur due to various reasons that are listed in the below paragraph as well as quick fixation methods to resolve this error.

Insight into QuickBooks Abort Error on Multiple Computers..

QuickBooks abort error when it is unable to move further and crashes when the process of saving continues or any changes to its company files are made. It is actually nothing but the program which usually asks users to abort the ongoing transaction and resume the process by restarting. Such an incident destroys QBWUSER.ini file and leads to frequent crashes as QuickBooks continues to abort. 

Possible factors that Causes QuickBooks Abort Error

However, it is possible that there can be various reasons behind the occurring of this error. The below-listed are some of the factors that can lead to this error:

  • Due to corrupted or damaged hard drive
  • There might be some damage to QBWUSER.INI file
  • Incorrect configuration of firewall system
  • Configurations of various QuickBooks versions clashing within multi-user setup.
  • Multiple computers that host the company file in QuickBooks.
  • Sleep or hibernation mode is turned on while the company files are being saved on the computer.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Abort Error..

  • QuickBooks unexpected shuts down
  • Your system crashes randomly
  • Your QuickBooks crash with no message
  • When QuickBooks program gets aborted and there is a Fatal App Exit
  • QuickBooks program gets terminated from Windows 8
QuickBooks Abort Error

Quick Fixation Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Abort Error and QuickBooks Connection Lost Error

The enlisted methods are simple to apply and effective to get rid of this error:

Method 1: Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

QuickBooks File Doctor
qb file doctor
  • Initially, install the QuickBooks file doctor tool
  • Next, make a double-click on the icon to start the tool
  • And then check out the results include:
    • Your file are okay if it shows “No error detected”
    • If it shows error detected then you need to perform the next step
    • You need to repair the file and then try to restore the file backup.

Method 2: Create New Windows Admin User

  • The very first, press “Ctrl + R” key together to open the “Run” command
  • Next, type “Control Panel” and then hit the “Ok” button
  • Go to the settings of “Control Panel”
  • After that, select the “User Accounts” then click on Manage Another Account
  • And then hit the option named “Create a new account”
  • Enter the user name and then select the “Administrator”
  • Finally, hit the “Create” option.

Method 3: Rename QBWUSER.ini File

QBWUSER.ini File
QBWUSER.ini file
  • Firstly, go to the folder where you’ve stored QBWUSER.ini file
  • Next, rename the file by right-clicking on the folder/file
  • And then choose the “Rename” option
  • You can add .old at the end of your file name
  • Along with that, you need to change the .ecml file name as well
  • That is commonly known as Entitlement Data Store, change it to “Entitlement Data Store.ecml”
  • Now, try to open the sample of company file now after you change the name of files that are mentioned above
  • If you’re unable to open it then you have to copy it and then paste it to any other local folder.

Solution 4: Restore QuickBooks from Backup..

  • Open QuickBooks accounts
  • Goto the File menu
  • Then select Open or Restore Company
  • Choose the Restore a backup copy and then click on Next option
  • Select Local Backup and then Next
  • Find and Browse your backup company file (Look like this: [Your company name].qbb.)
  • Select a location where to save your restored company file
  • Save your company file

Solution 5: Need to Disable Windows Firewall and Antivirus..

  • Disable Windows Firewall and Anti-Virus program

So, the above-discussed are all the possible ways to fix QuickBooks Abort Error. In case, if you find any difficulty in performing the steps then you can connect with QuickBooks error solution. You can even reach out via dropping an email at info@accountscomparison.com or can do a 24*7 live chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Can QuickBooks File Doctor Tool helps in fixing QuickBooks Abort Error and Connection Lost Error?

Answer: Yes, QuickBooks File Doctor Tool helps in fixing QuickBooks Abort Error and Connection Lost Error. Errors such as Error -6150, Error -6000 -82, Error -6000 -305, Error -6000 -301, Error -6147, and Error -6130 are diagnosed and resolved with the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. When a file is severely damaged and the user is unable to access it, this program comes to the rescue.

Question 2. Can restoring your backup in QuickBooks helps in resolving QuickBooks Abort Error and Connection Lost Error?

Answer: Yes, restoring your QuickBooks data can help you to resolve about Error and Connection Lost Error. A backup of your corporate data is a compressed copy of your data stored somewhere other than your organization’s data folder. The file cannot be opened in the same way as a corporate file since it is compressed. This data must first be decompressed using the Restore function before it can be accessed in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.

There are a lot of reasons why you might need to restore a backup, including:

1. An error occurred as a result of erroneous data entry.
2. Migration of data to a new data server.
3. The system drive has failed.
4. Data is lost.
5. Data corruption is a problem.

Question 3. How to Disable Windows Firewall in QuickBooks to resolve QuickBooks Abort Error and Connection Lost Error?

Answer: Follow the instructions below to turn off Windows Firewall:

1. Use an Administrator account to log in to Windows.
2. Navigate to the Control Panel.
3. Select Security Options.
4. Windows Defender Firewall should be selected.
5. Turn Windows Firewall on or off by clicking the Turn Windows Firewall on or off button.
6. Check the box next to Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)
7. Click the OK button.


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