Sage CRM: Customer Relationship Management Solution

Sage CRM (customer relationship management) solution is trusted by large number of organizations from an assortment of enterprises all over the planet. To boost sales, produce more from showcasing efforts and construct significant client connections. Deal with each customer relationship with Sage CRM.

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Open accomplishment with your current Sage accounting solution

As a Sage client, you can browse completely Sage Sales or Integrated CRM, Service and Marketing elements to go well with your business desires.

Acquire dependable understanding

Assess where your business stands, and settle on more educated business choices you can be sure about.

Better comprehend your clients

Convey an extraordinary client experience to further develop client maintenance and drive income development.

Work together successfully

Keep away from duplication of work errands, engaging your groups to work quicker and more astute. With a solitary arrangement, everybody in question turns out to be more useful and effective.

Speed up group execution

With admittance to an abundance of deals data, your sales reps are prepared to sell more brilliant and all the more effectively, never passing up a significant arrangement.

How Sage CRM serving developing organizations today

Here are only a portion of the advantages Sage CRM clients are encountering:

Expanded incomes

Speed up reaction time to client requests with exact data connected with project cost and evaluating.

Ongoing experiences

Give time and cost following through cell phones to create continuous bits of knowledge on finished jobs.

Further developed business processes

Further develop bookkeeping processes with robotized production of client solicitations, income acknowledgment passages, and financial plan changes.

Expanded benefits

Work on project the executives and guarantee exact following to enhance benefit and keep projects on time.

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How a CRM can assist your business with conveying an outstanding client experience

A CRM assists you with improving on the business interaction, abbreviate deals cycles, and benefit as much as possible from each deal an amazing open door.

CRM programming robotizes deals assignments, for example, making statements and orders, estimating deals, seeking after leads, and changing over them into open doors utilizing deals work processes. By utilizing CRM programming, your promoting group can distinguish the wellsprings of leads, amazing open doors, and brought deals to a close.

They can likewise search out client data for impending efforts and send off designated email promoting efforts. At the point when clients place orders for your items or services resulting to these showcasing efforts, you can follow their orders utilizing an ERP or business the board arrangement, similar to Sage 300cloud or 100cloud.

How Sage CRM helps your business

From Marketing, Sales, and Service elements to completely integrated CRM, Sage CRM assist with broadening the force of your “Sage Business Management Solution” athwart your whole company. You’ll gain admittance to the precise information you really want to settle on informed business choices.

Assist your groups with achieving more

Stay away from duplication of work undertakings and handle client connections all the more productively with a solidified perspective on information.

Track crusades with MailChimp and Sage CRM

In view of your most recent client data, start email crusades in MailChimp, track them with Sage CRM, and extend development.

Further develop client assistance

Acquire a start to finish perspective on the client life cycle in light of solid information and exploit both up-selling and strategically pitching open doors.

Get more from each client relationship

Open accomplishment with your current Sage arrangement

25% expansion in deals? 60% efficiency gain?

Perceive how your business the board arrangement can assist you with achieving this and that’s just the beginning.

Convey a superior client experience

Supporting clients and furnishing them with an astounding client experience will assist you with expanding benefits.

Work together adequately across groups

Keep away from duplication of work errands, engaging your groups to work quicker and more intelligent.

With a solitary arrangement, everybody in question turns out to be more useful and productive.

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Service Sage CRM

Furnish a-list client care with a client relationship the board (CRM) arrangement.

Your customers are the soul of your business

Sustaining and giving them a brilliant client experience will further develop standard for dependability and drive development. You can likewise create rehash business and strategically pitch or upsell new items and services.

How remarkable client assistance affects you

Sage clients have further developed consumer loyalty levels by as much as 25%. Sage CRM reasonable arrangement gives organizations of all sizes the best incentive for cash.

  • Robotize and deal with the advancement of client assistance cases settling cases quicker
  • Save time by putting away data in a focal knowledgebase
  • Report on basic client support measurements rapidly and without any problem
  • Have more significant discussions with clients
Give each colleague what they need to determine client support issues.
  • Oversee client assistance cases
  • Screen measurements like case volume, history and goal times
  • View client assistance cases allocated to you and your group
Client assistance groups can resolve client service cases quicker by building an online knowledgebase of normal issues and arrangements.
  • Acquire quick admittance to a focal archive of client support arrangements
  • Distribute evaluated and supported arrangements
  • Look for arrangements in the workplace and at client locales
Lead your client assistance group and give each colleague what they need to determine client care issues.
  • Oversee client assistance cases
  • Screen measurements like case volume, history and goal times
  • View client assistance cases alloted to you and your group
Clients, colleagues and providers can log cases and view refreshes on the web.
  • Associate your current site to a web self-service entry
  • Empower your clients to include information through custom website pages
  • Convey the help your clients expect, when they anticipate it
Screen and measure the presentation of your client assistance group with simple to make reports.
  • Access an exhaustive set-up of standard and custom reports
  • View measurements, for example, call volume, case goal times and follow-up insights
  • Make visual reports and diagrams

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Speed up your business execution today

Engage your outreach groups with more open chances or opportunities

With a more compelling outreach group, you will build usefulness and income in your business quicker.

Your outreach group will chip away at the right leads, at the ideal opportunity, you will actually want to see what stage your business bargains are at, and you and your supervisory crew will settle on business choices in view of constant data.

Utilizing our answer, Sage clients expanded the efficiency of their outreach groups by up to 40 percent.

Sage CRM enable you to follow the presentation of deals across your business, work in a hurry utilizing your versatile and gain the certainty you want to settle on better business choices today.

Put your business on the way to remarkable development

Today’s no mystery that is organizations need to put their business on the way to development. By adopting an efficient strategy to deals, you will:

  • Track the exhibition of your business exercises progressively utilizing our out-of-the-case deals reports.
  • Produce exact figures about the presentation of your business with our strong deals dashboards.
  • Plan for significant deals gatherings by getting to significant client information in a hurry utilizing our portable applications for Android and iPhone.
  • Settle on more educated choices quicker utilizing our strong and straightforward marketing numbers.
  • See what stage deals bargains are at ready to go and afterward make exact conjectures to oversee key open doors.

You can deal with your business amazing open doors from first contact to definite conclusion.

  • Oversee leads consistently from catch to opportunity transformation utilizing work process.
  • Guarantee the top agents handle your chances.
  • Close deals quicker utilizing our Quick Sale Workflow.

With strong reports and deals diagrams, you have prompt admittance to business information for examination and for simply deciding.

  • Browse an extensive choice of reports.
  • Make reports utilizing our natural detailing instruments.
  • View/access a preview of deals amazing open doors whenever by means of our Sales Funnel.

You can turn out to be more effective by giving deals statements along exceptional item and valuing data.

  • Make exact statements and orders.
  • Naturally create deals recommendations utilizing predefined layouts.
  • Access business information put away in your business the executives arrangement.

With Sage for Sales, you get continuous, exact figures so you can see where your business gauges remain at any second on schedule.

  • Combine determining data rapidly and effectively across groups.
  • Send out figure data to Excel for additional investigation.
  • Screen the advancement of arrangements and utilize this data to further develop future deals execution.

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Focus on the ideal customers at the ideal time with a “Sage customer relationship management (Sage CRM) arrangement.

Take full advantage of your advertising spend

Are your promoting efforts conveying the right outcomes? More designated crusades guarantee a better yield on your venture quicker. Sage CRM advertising arrangement empowers you to:

  • Plan advertising efforts with accuracy, track the aftereffects of these missions and run crusade reports in no time
  • Deal with an advertising effort across different channels
  • Track new leads and deals open doors
  • Utilize strong mission reports to further develop your next crusade

Get more from your advertising venture today

Sage CRM clients have set aside cash and further developed mission results by up to 20%.

South African promoting, exchange and speculation office Wesgro needed an answer for overseeing advertising efforts without buying any costly programming.

The organization’s Chief Financial Officer Ian Blackie went to Sage CRM. Presently his organization’s showcasing groups are covering a more prominent profit from speculation. Wesgro is additionally strategically pitching and up-offering to existing organizations while likewise setting out new open doors.

Why Sage clients love email promoting

Email promoting is one of the most impressive showcasing instruments little and medium organizations have available to them. You can send extraordinary offers and limits directly to your leads and clients. It’s financial plan cordial, quick and creates a preferable profit from speculation over an online media crusade.

How email advertising helps developing organizations

Sage CRM answer gives you the implicit apparatuses you want to arrive at clients and possibilities. With our strong advertising arrangement, you will:

  • Send your messages to the perfect individuals at the ideal opportunity
  • Construct a warm relationship with leads and prospects
  • Create a profit from venture from your email records

Make quantifiable advertising efforts with Sage CRM and MailChimp

Our answer incorporates with MailChimp permitting you to send messages up to 2,000 clients for nothing. You can construct crusades utilizing many predefined formats or make an email layout for your business. Whenever you’ve begun a MailChimp crusade, your showcasing group can see how beneficiaries associate with the mission messages and follow up for better outcomes.

Send email crusades with MailChimp and track these missions in Sage CRM.

  • Email up to 2,000 records endorsers a month free of charge
  • Use many MailChimp predesigned layouts or make your own

Work together on leads, possibilities and client accounts.

  • Send missions to portions of your mailing list
  • Make and offer call records in light of reactions to your missions

Run a designated dribble advertising effort that will continue to work for your business 365 days per year.

  • Send a computerized series of individual messages to leads and clients
  • Robotize correspondences with current and forthcoming clients

Assemble significant data about each email or mission.

  • Track open rates, clicks and withdraws
  • Report on and further develop your missions progressively

Discover what your leads and clients are thoroughly considering by running reviews Survey Monkey.

  • Set up email crusades that overview your clients
  • Track the reactions to client overviews in Sage CRM

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Integrated CRM

Tackle the force of a coordinated Sage customer relationship management (Sage CRM) solution.

Drive income development in your business

Ground breaking entrepreneurs and chiefs need better approaches for developing their organizations.

Robotize processes in your business to accomplish more with less exertion. It pays to guarantee representatives can work more brilliant and the executives have the data they need to settle on more educated business choices.

Really at that time would you be able to control costs, increment incomes and speed up the accomplishment of your business. Our incorporated Sage CRM arrangement empowers little and medium organizations to accomplish an upper hand in the commercial center.

With a total perspective on client movement across your business, you will acquire better business knowledge, increment the usefulness of your groups, and put your business on the way to development.

Beat the opposition

Organizations from one side of the planet to the other are as of now encountering the force of a coordinated Sage CRM and business the executives arrangement. Unite each region of your business including deals, money, and showcasing and client assistance.

Convey enhanced customer service

Your service group can resolve questions quicker and with more private reactions and see each phase of the client purchasing venture.

Send designated showcasing efforts

Utilizing MailChimp and Sage CRM make designated crusades and procure more from your next crusade.

Engages more useful groups

An incorporated arrangement gives your partners what they need to turn out to be more useful and keep away from duplication of work. Client care groups handle client inquiries all the more productively, and outreach groups can source statements quicker and meet explicit shipment and conveyance prerequisites.

Works quicker and more astute

Computerizing work processes that flawlessly interface department to department your business processes run as expected and productively.

Utilizes perceivability to drive benefit

Utilizing continuous data about the volume and worth of exchange your organization, you can recognize deals examples and strategically pitch open doors.

Pitches new items to the perfect individuals

With better business knowledge, you will actually want to use dependable client information and target clients who need your new items and services.


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