Sage Intacct 2021 Reviews, Pricing, Demos

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based accounting and financial management software solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Sage Intacct was created by financial experts for finance professionals, and it offers strong automation and multi-dimensional data analysis.

Essential Advantages

1️⃣ Manual operations are automated, allowing for speedier delivery of accurate financials.

2️⃣ Improved decision-making abilities thanks to precise and readily available financial data.

3️⃣ A browser-based, SaaS delivery approach allows users to access information at any time and from any location.

4️⃣ Multi-entity sustain and user growth require scalability.

Sage Intacct is one of the first SaaS accounting solutions, having been introduced 21 years ago. The software is presently used by over 10,000 organisations actively. It offers a different option for firms that demand greater functional sophistication than entry-level web accounting software. The main market consists of growth-oriented small and mid-market businesses looking for strong financial management capabilities.

The product is “designed for finance,” according to Sage. Sage Intacct has been named a “recommended provider of financial management solutions” by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). The approach has increased the program’s attractiveness to financial experts by allowing for extensive point-and-click setting of fields, reports, and workflows without requiring code modifications.

According to Sage, the product is “built for finance.” The American Institute of CPAs has recognised Sage Intacct a “preferred provider of financial management solutions” (AICPA). By allowing for broad point-and-click configuration of fields, reports, and workflows without needing code updates, the method has boosted the program’s appeal among financial professionals.

Assessments in the Real World

Are you unsure if it’s suitable for your company? Explore data defining the functional needs, estimated expenditure ranges, and company features of 50 firms who recently explored making a purchase to better understand if it is a fit for you.

Functionality of Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct offers a comprehensive range of financial management and accounting software. It also facilitates essential sales business operations by providing order and inventory management tools.

Accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, general ledger, order management, and reporting & dashboards are all part of the core capability package.

Contract and subscription billing, contract revenue management, fixed assets, inventory management, multi-entity and worldwide consolidations, project accounting, sales and use tax, time and expense management, and vendor payment services are among the other modules available.

Estimating the Cost

Pricing for Sage Intacct varies and is supplied on a quote basis. User count, user access level, and module needs are all factors that influence subscription prices. Data transfer needs, configuration services sought, requirements for interaction with other corporate applications, and training expectations all affect initial set-up costs. 80% of consumers who were considering buying had maximum 3-year expenditure estimates in the tens of thousands of dollars (USD).

Licensing of software

Sage Intacct is available as software-as-a-service. Hosting, programme functionality, helpline, and upgrade access are all included in the basic licencing agreement.

The standard billing period is one year. People may select the number of users they want to licence, the amount of functional user access they want, and the modules they want to licence.

All programme users own their own business data contained within the software, according to the licencing agreement. The end-user agreement also states that business data will be available for 90 days after the service contract is terminated.

Seller of Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is available from a variety of places. Subscriptions for organisational users can be made directly through the developer. Users can also subscribe through a network of approved value-added resellers, who provide extra consulting and experts advice services in addition to the product’s capabilities.

Industries that use the Software

Sage Intacct is utilised by a diverse range of businesses. It’s very popular in the service industry. The solution is most commonly reviewed by professional services (24.1 percent), non-profit (18.3 percent), and commercial and service enterprises (14.0 percent).

Size of the user Companies

The solution is ideal for a wide variety of business sizes. There is no such thing as a minimum or maximum number of users. Small and mid-sized enterprises are the most prevalent users of Sage Intacct.

According to recent review activity, 62.3 percent of firms considering the product for a prospective purchase had a workforce of 10 to 99 people.

Is it a cloud-based system?

Yes. Sage Intacct is a cloud-based accounting software that allows users to view their data from any device using a compatible web browser at any time. The solution is supplied as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), which means it hosts the application in its own data centre and gives subscription-based access to application resources and data.

To use the programme, you’ll need an internet connection. A 99.8% application uptime guarantee is included in the SLA.

Technical Assistance

The SaaS licence agreement includes basic technical assistance. There is a community forum, and help is provided by phone, email, and chat client connection.

VARs can provide extra customer services to organisations who require more involved strategic advising for planning best use of capability in relation to specific business process requirements.

Is it possible to customise it?

Customization is available to a large extent.

Sage Intacct offers a variety of point-and-click system configuration options to assist non-technical financial professionals in customising interfaces, fields, and workflows to meet their specific requirements.

The company has released a 134-page user manual that covers their customization services and gives consumers detailed instructions on how to change programme functionality to meet their own demands.

Availability of Additional 3rd Party Software

There are several third-party add-on packages available to enhance the functionality. CRM, eCommerce, business analytics, payroll, point of sale, human resources, and other functional add-on products are all available on the Marketplace.

Feature set

Sage Intacct has a comprehensive range of financial management and accounting features, as well as solutions for order and inventory management. A large range of 3rd party add-on programmes are designed to integrate to meet departmental needs beyond finance and sales.

Sage Intacct is utilised by a wide range of businesses, however it is most typically thought of by service and non-profit companies.

Healthcare Accounting using Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based accounting system for hospitals and other healthcare companies.


Pricing is determined by a number of things. The user and functional requirements have the greatest impact on base licence prices. The cost of implementation (configuration and data transfer) as well as training services can have a significant impact on final project costs.

The graph below shows a breakdown of expected maximum expenditure ranges provided by software purchasers who recently looked into the product as a possible purchase.

sage intacct software purchase

Size of the Organization to Be Targeted

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based accounting software that can be used by businesses of all sizes. Based on review activity, the median size of companies using is 20 workers.


Accounts Payables

Accounts Payable is an all-in-one platform for handling your suppliers and the whole procure-to-pay process. Know your responsibilities throughout the procurement process, and pay your vendors online or by cheque.

💠 By automating data entry, you may save tens of thousands of hours.

💠 You can also set default vendor variables like payment terms, discounts, general ledger accounts, payment priority, and payment date.

💠 To manage and regulate invoice and check payment, automate your vendor payment process.

💠 To assist manage funds and conform to internal rules, create user-defined, automatic multi-level payment approvals.

💠 To swiftly distribute invoices among numerous company organisations or departments, use pre-defined expenditure allocation tables to automate the process.

💠 While maintaining day-to-day activities, close your Accounts Payable ledger.

Paying the bills isn’t the only thing you should be doing. By automating billing and payment administration, you may save time on manual operations while also taking advantage of electronic invoicing and payment capabilities that go well beyond standard accounts payable duties. Manage an infinite number of suppliers and transactions, create terms for each vendor, take advantage of discounts, and strengthen financial controls using flexible processes that you can modify to your organization’s needs.

Payments are managed, tracked, and reported on in the following ways:

🔸 Overpayments and vendor credits should be applied to the next bill you pay.

🔸 Create custom terms to customise default AP terms, ageing periods, and more.

🔸 Create vendors on the fly with permissions that are both flexible and strict.

🔸 Choose from a number of ageing and payables reports and graphs that allow you to dive down to vendor and bill-level data.

🔸 To prevent reissuing payments that have already passed your bank, keep track of their reconciliation status.

Configure the programme to adhere to your company procedures to increase internal controls:

Create an alternative approval cycle with varying degrees of authorisation based on the limitations and restrictions you choose.

🔹 To gain permanent and secure access to underlying material, attach digital files or supporting papers to transactions.

🔹 Separate accounting tasks amongst persons or groups to maintain a high level of accounting control.

🔹 Assign separate users the authority to enter vendor invoices, request payments, authorise payments, and print checks, assuring accountability and security while removing the danger of bills being edited or deleted after they have been paid.

Financials that are up to date and integrated in real time:

💠 Close the accounts payable ledger while updating the general ledger to maintain separate close procedures.

💠 Real-time interface with the General Ledger, Cash Management, Project Accounting, and Purchasing is available.

💠 Sync with Purchasing and provide your purchasing department with efficient procurement tools, such as RFQs and purchase orders.

💠 Purchase transactions are automatically sent to Accounts Payable and the General Ledger.

💠 Using SOA, web, and XML services, seamlessly link other business systems with Sage Intacct.

Increase productivity by automating procedures and processes.

🔸 To construct ageing reports, allocate a vendor category to each class of vendor–for example, contractors from suppliers or hardware vendors from software vendors.

🔸 Set up vendor groups to track expenditure and prioritise payments.

🔸 Using the built-in contact manager, you may streamline vendor interactions.

🔸 Increase the speed of manual check writing using batch check input, which allows you to write up to 100 checks per screen.

🔸 To prove the payment request, include supporting papers to each bill, such as scanned receipts.

🔸 Utilize vendor discounts to their maximum potential with automated due date and percentage discount calculations.

Accounts Receivable(A/R)

Accounts Receivable is a comprehensive solution for handling the whole payment cycle for your customers. Collect and process payments efficiently, and manage your cash collection effectively. Creating, printing, or email invoices, collect and apply regular and advance payments, make deposits, and distribute statements are all simple tasks with Accounts Receivable.

🔹 Collect and process payments efficiently, including cash, checks, credit cards, and bank transfers.

🔹 Create recurring invoices quickly and easily.

🔹 Invoices may be created, printed, or emailed.

🔹 Manage cash collection and critical customers efficiently.

🔹 Regular and advance payments are received and applied, penalties are applied and accounts are adjusted, deposits are made, and statements are delivered.

🔹 Default customer terms, general ledger accounts, billing, and shipping address information to automate data entry.

🔹 Get real-time access to financial data and cash analysis for your customers.

Streamline the invoicing procedure for customers.

💠 When you require backup information, attach documentation directly to transactions.

💠 Invoices may be readily emailed to speed up the collecting process.

💠 Provide your consumers with a variety of payment alternatives, such as cheque, cash, credit card, or wire transfer.

💠 Receive advance payments at any time and apply them to invoices in the same way that other account adjustments are applied.

💠 Use the rapid batch input option to enter large invoices after the fact.

💠 Using integrated PayPal Merchant Services and for credit card processing, simplify payment receiving and enable recurring bills and scheduled payments.

Streamline the cash management process.

🔸 Put money in an undeposited funds account to be deposited at a later time.

🔸 To assign a payment to a client’s general account rather than a specific invoice delivered to that customer, make a fast deposit.

🔸 Manage non-invoiced deposits that can’t be traced back to specific customers or transactions, such as over-the-counter register sales.

Get a handle on your receivables.

Keep a permanent record of transaction data and secure access to comprehensive client histories.

Remove the possibility of people removing or amending bills after they have been paid.

Take advantage of flexible access control over data and processes to assign accounts receivable obligations to various workers or roles.

Invoices and clearances for receivables can be fully automated.

Invoices might be one-time or recurring

🔹 Streamline data entry by leveraging a prior invoice to pre-populate invoices with the necessary information.

🔹 As part of your customer collection procedure, assess financing charges on past due accounts.

Integrate your receivables with other software. Using fully integrated modules, post all transactions in real time on a cash or accrual basis, providing financial consistency across the firm. Get a handle on your receivables.

Simplify tax administration.

💠 Using Avalara’s integrated cloud-based tax compliance capabilities or tailoring the Advanced Tax Engine to meet your business, you can get up-to-date, correct sales tax estimates.

💠 Calculate transactional taxes using the Advanced Tax Engine to comply with tax accrual rules in each location where you do business and to sustain numerous rates for different regulatory bodies.

💠 For auditing reasons, calculate the sales tax due balance by tax jurisdiction and drill down to individual invoices.

Bill & Invoice Presentment

Users can send invoices to clients and customers in a variety of ways. Invoices may be emailed straight from the service. Alternatively, you may have invoices prepared and shipped for you without ever having to handle an envelope or a stamp. Statements have a similar set of powers.

Cash Flow Planning

Cash Management gives you insight and control over your business’s expenditures, as well as the ability to manage cash across several accounts. Managing all of your cash accounts in one centralised area allows you to manage cash flow, estimate cash requirements, maximise investment returns, and assure compliance with your own cash handling protocols, all while increasing productivity.

👉 By managing all of your cash accounts from a one spot, you can increase your productivity.

👉 Bank reconciliations can be automated and simplified.

👉 Using your company’s cash handling systems, you can manage cash flow, estimate cash requirements, maximise investment returns, and assure compliance.

To handle all financial payments, deposit transactions, and bank reconciliations in real time, take advantage of comprehensive cash management software capability. With full bank reconciliation, you can keep track of your spending and manage all of your checking, savings, and credit card accounts with ease. Ensure compliance throughout your whole business by increasing visibility of your financial banking transactions.

Control your cash management process by using Cash Management software to receive payments, make deposits, print checks, record handwritten checks, record money transfers and card charges, pay off charges, and reconcile your cash accounts.

Sage Intacct
Process of Cash Management Automation

🔸 By automatically importing data from a variety of financial institutions, you can easily balance accounts and discover which transactions have already cleared the bank.

🔸 Identify exceptions to automate bank reconciliation, control bank problems, and keep an eye on fraud.

🔸 Real-time cash balances are essential.

Payment Process Simplified

🔸 Cash can be put straight into a bank account or placed in your Undeposited Funds account to be deposited later.

🔸 You have two options for making and tracking payments: Use the fast check function to print a check for a vendor without having to attach it to a specific bill–as an alternative to the bill-focused payment cycles offered in Accounts Payable. Checks written straight from your cheque book should be recorded and posted.

🔸 You have two options for paying credit card bills: Before you print a check utilising the entire payables cycle, create a payment request that follows the proper review and approval sequence. Transfer money from a bank account to a credit card account automatically.

Management of Contracts and Revenue

Contract and Revenue Management streamlines and automates the financial operations that accompany complicated contractual partnerships. It frees you from having to manage revenue with a dedicated team and intricate spreadsheets, which inevitably leads to mistakes, lost money, and compliance issues.

🔹 Easily Manage Complex Contracts – Contract and Revenue Management is a single repository that allows you to manage and track client interactions and complex contracts. Manage even the most complicated multi-element contracts with ease.

🔹             Sustain Sophisticated Revenue Management – Contract and Revenue Management enables configurable revenue recognition schedules with dates, events, and % completion values for numerous product lines, as well as maintenance, subscription, transaction, use, and services offerings. Events may be easily changed, such as project milestone dates or percentage completion.

🔹 Streamline the contract renewal process and maximise renewal income by automating the scheduling, management, and visibility of contract renewal operations. Contract and Revenue Management can handle complicated pricing and can implement pre-negotiated or policy-driven price and discounting adjustments automatically.

🔹             Contract and Income Management helps improve billing, boost customer satisfaction, and reduce revenue leakage by automating complex billing. It makes use of a large database of contract information to develop billing schedules that are accurate, timely, and justified.

🔹 Revenue Forecasting Made Simple – Forecast deferred, recognised, and renewal revenue quickly and accurately. Contract and Revenue Management gives you fast access to precise, trustworthy business projections, allowing you to make better strategic business decisions.

🔹 Comply with Standards and Regulations – Contract and Revenue Management assists you in meeting revenue recognition criteria set out by Sec, FASB, and Sarbanes-Oxley, including VSOE.

Management of Customer Relationships

Salesforce integration brings the two systems together smoothly for comprehensive lead to cash management. Sage Intacct for Salesforce enables you to eliminate manual data re-entry, implement a single, integrated lead-to-cash process, and provide each member of the sales and finance teams with the information they require, when and where they require it, allowing you to operate more effectively and efficiently.

💠 With a single click, convert Salesforce quotations into Sage Intacct orders, avoiding paperwork and data re-entry.

💠 Allow sales professionals to submit bids and orders online, verify price in real time, and finalise the deal without ever leaving Salesforce.

💠 By giving your sales staff real-time financial information on clients, you may minimise day sales outstanding (DSO) by up to 40% and boost customer satisfaction.

💠 By instantaneously validating pricing, monitoring inventory, and confirming shipments, you can streamline fulfilment and guarantee consumers receive goods and services on time.

💠 Create renewal sales opportunities in Salesforce automatically based on the original contract conditions and requested price revisions.

💠 Make it simple for your finance staff to keep track of your sales orders’ billing and payments.

💠 Salesforce will be automatically updated with the most recent billing and payment information.

💠 Create, track, and synchronise Projects and Tasks in both Salesforce and Project Accounting to better manage your professional services firm.

💠 With the built-in connectivity to Global Consolidations, you can easily handle orders from numerous company entities.

Consolidation of funds

Global Consolidations gives businesses all the tools they need to run complicated, multi-entity, or multinational operations in real time. Empower your finance team with the tools they need to automate and regulate financial consolidation and closing processes more successfully, while also increasing visibility with real-time analytics to drive better business decisions. Allow your firm to swiftly expand into both local and international markets while maintaining a low staff.

👉 Allows each corporation, franchise, or subsidiary to utilise its own chart of accounts, taxation regulations, and reporting requirements, providing advanced customer service for multi-entity businesses.

👉 Automates lengthy inter-entity business by automatically track due to and due from transactions involving entities and removing inter-entity balances, ensuring that your books remain clean.

👉 Sustains multiple functional currencies, enabling each of your organisations to operate in its own native currency while consolidating in the parent organization’s currency in real time.

👉 Advanced reporting features give a consolidated, real-time view of data at both the global and local levels, giving you a better understanding of your worldwide finances. Advanced dashboards, which include graphical organisational maps and real-time global and local KPIs, aid in strategic corporate decision-making.

👉 Use real-time consolidated financials from any location, at any time. Securely check your consolidated financial data in real time, from anywhere and at any time.

Multi-Currency / Foreign Currency Conversion

Companies with international clients and vendors, as well as corporations, subsidiaries, and business divisions in several countries Multi-Currency Management is a feature that allows you to manage multiple currencies. Reduce the expense and complexity of running a multi-country firm.

🔸 Automate currency translations – Multi-Currency Management ensures the correctness of your data by providing real-time currency translations, gain/loss computations, and realisations.

🔸 Comply with Regulations and Standards – multi-currency management complies with GAAP and other frequently used standards such as the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

🔸 Multi-currency management complies with GAAP and other regularly used standards such as Financial Accounting Standards (FAS) Statement 52 Foreign Currency Translation and FAS 141R Business Combinations (covering FAS 52, EITF 87-12).

🔸 Sustain for an infinite number of transactional currencies – Multi-Currency Management makes selling and buying worldwide simple. It can handle as many different transactional currencies as you require.

🔸 Multi-Currency Management includes Cumulative Translation Adjustments (CTA), which allows you to track both profits and losses from currency translations over time.

Connect People, Accelerate Processes by Collaborating

Dealing with non-routine transactions–clarifying regulations, acquiring missing data, resolving exceptions–can cause essential financial operations to slow down or even stop. With Collaborate, a secure social layer incorporated in your financial management system, you can now address them swiftly, efficiently, and effectively. It encompasses all processes and devices, allowing your finance, sales, and sage experts teams to work together to fix any issue.

View the Issues in Their Complete Context

Collaboration allows you to improve the speed and accuracy of your accounting procedures. You can access all communications linked to a certain issue with a single click, providing you the whole context from all parties while you’re working on a solution. You shouldn’t have to explain a problem more than once; simply leave a message.

Have the discussion at the place where it makes the most sense.

Forget about email chains. It’s preferable to discuss issues directly within the solution–on individual journal entries, accounts, projects, invoices, purchase requisitions, and so on. These interactions may display in the Salesforce Sales Cloud at the same time, allowing sales teams to engage using the technology they’re most comfortable with.

Bring the entire group together.

Your financial business will function more smoothly if everyone is on the same page. Across the firm, Collaborate increases communication and cooperation while also speeding up procedures and decision-making. Customers of Salesforce: invite your financial team to join your Salesforce Chatter network, which may be accessible easily from within the programme.

Key Advantages

✅ To increase cooperation, speed up procedures, and make better decisions, communicate quicker and smarter.

✅ Keep up to date with one-click access to all relevant communications, as well as the option to add notes and hold conversations directly within the software.

✅ Connect your Salesforce back office and front office.

General Ledger

The Financial Management system’s cornerstone is the General Ledger. General Ledger automates data entry, speeds financial close through automation, improves financial reporting accuracy, and minimises compliance costs.

Increase internal control – Granular permissions and control allow for the most stringent data integrity and access control. Protect your financial data by function and area with ease.

🔹 Provide Powerful Budgeting Capabilities – General Ledger provides powerful budgeting capabilities and tools for creating and revising budgets. Easily create budgets based on dollar amounts or operational information. Once a budget is created, include it in financial reports for comparison and evaluation.       

🔹 Comply with Regulations and Standards – Sage Intacct is certified by nationally recognized auditing firms as GAAP, Sarbanes-Oxley, FASB, IASB and IFRS compliant. General Ledger delivers double-entry accounting, true closing of the books and customizable and adjusting journals.          

🔹 Increase your visibility in real time – Your company can control not only financial but also operational performance thanks to the robust reporting features. Easily track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to have a better understanding of your company. You can simply dive down into the supporting papers underlying each transaction from the General Ledger, allowing you to effortlessly substantiate accounting decisions.

Create easy transaction templates for non-accounting people to enter general ledger transactions without having to navigate the complexities of account numbers, departments, and locations.

QuickStart Financials Can Help You Get Started Right Away – Pre-packaged, best-practice charts of accounts (CoA), dashboards, and reports make it simple to link your current CoA to the General Ledger, establishing all of your account hierarchy structures automatically and providing full reporting right out of the box.

Inventory Management

By automating inventory operations, enhancing inventory visibility, and monitoring and optimising inventory levels, cloud inventory management software may help you save money, enhance capital efficiency, and raise customer satisfaction.

Workflows that are defined by the user

💠 Create bespoke papers and transactions based on your specifications.

💠 Check inventory levels automatically, make backorders, and much more.

💠 To show how many things are requisitioned, on order, on hand, on hold, damaged, or in scrap or spoilage, use running totals.

💠 Flexible subtotaling is used to calculate discounts and freight.

💠 Transactions and related paperwork should be based on customisable templates.

💠 From seeking estimates from vendors to receiving products into your warehouse to billing consumers, create a streamlined inventory procedure.

Reporting and analysis in real time

🔸 Use the inventory value analysis to detect inventory trends and make educated sourcing decisions.

🔸 Using the inventory reorder report, optimise inventory levels for each warehouse.

🔸 Kit analysis reports keep you informed about the status of your kits.

Multiple Locations to Manage

🔹 Gain increased inventory management flexibility, whether from a single site, several stockrooms, warehouses, and distribution centres, or across various locations and product lines.

🔹 With insight into inventory balances and availability in numerous units of measure, sustain procurement, order fulfilment, and refunds from customers or vendors.

Item Management Control and Customization

✅ Flexible costing methods can be used to configure and track expenses at the inventory item level.

✅ Organize kitting and serial numbers for any item with adjustable masks and lot numbers.

✅ Using different cost-evaluation methods, track numerous suppliers per inventory item, as well as reorder levels, quantities, and costs.

✅ Define which product lines an item belongs to, the cost technique to utilise for cost-of-goods calculations, which vendors provide the item, and the economic reorder quantity for each vendor to manage things.

Order Management

Order Management is a complete solution for improving client satisfaction, dropping costs by automate the order-to-cash cycle, growing sales by encouraging the use of profitable channels, and deliver exact, timely information to everyone involved in the process by bridging the gap between sales and finance.

💠 Automate your whole order-to-cash cycle to increase efficiency.

💠 The time it takes to complete these transactions is cut in half, from 20 minutes to 5 minutes. You may save up to 2000 hours per year by automating manual operations. Gain visibility into the most profitable channels to boost sales.

💠 Define a variety of price alternatives that are both flexible and affordable.

💠 Ensure that everyone participating in the ordering process has access to accurate and timely information.

💠 By automating your quote-to-cash cycle, you can boost productivity, increase sales, improve customer happiness, shorten sales cycles, and raise profitability. Allow Order Management to assist you in reducing your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by up to 50%.

Organizations that use seamless connectivity between Salesforce and Order Management software can see considerable advantages in their business processes. See why Sage has a perfect score on the AppExchange.

Management of Performance

Deep financial and operational reports are included in Insight, allowing you to run your business rather than merely watch your money. Built-in performance management features in Insight make it simple to develop and publish important performance indicators throughout the organisation. Non-financial data, such as rooms per hotel or tables per restaurant, can be included in reports, enabling real-time operational reporting of room occupancy or tabletop management. You may report on earnings per share or sales per employee – the data you need to manage, not simply the ones your financial system provides. Performance may be easily measured against a plan, benchmarks, or other divisions or locations.

Project Accounting

Increase the efficiency and profitability of service delivery using project accounting.

Focal Points:

⏩ Streamline and automate combined billable and non-billable activity time and expense recording.

⏩ Reduce revenue losses, boost billable hours, tighten control over current project costs and margins, and better forecast future projects.

⏩ Accelerate and maximise cash collection and revenue recognition to improve cash flow.

⏩ By proactively controlling revenue, expenditures, and margins, you may increase project profitability.

⏩ Get real-time data on backlogs and how they affect revenue recognised and deferred.

⏩ Ensure that bids have sufficient margins and accurately reflect the cost of implementation.

⏩ Improve your knowledge of project and client profitability.

Project accounting software provides comprehensive functionality to integrate, automate, and accelerate financial and operational activities across the services delivery lifecycle. Enhance financial visibility for improved real-time decision making across the project-to-cash lifecycle and maximise performance and profitability by combining Project Accounting software with Sage’s best-in-class cloud-based financial management and accounting capabilities.

Management of Projects

With MAX for QuickArrow or MAX for OpenAir, you can streamline your quotation to cash process across sales, services, and finance. Connect seamlessly to QuickArrow or OpenAir, leaders in Professional Services Automation, to provide a single, integrated quote to cash process that boosts productivity, streamlines project accounting and billing processes, and gives you 360-degree real-time visibility and insight into your business’s finances.

Give your company’s projects and finances 360-degree visibility and actionable intelligence. Prebuilt reports may help you better understand the profitability of your projects and identify which ones are producing the most income.

Remove time-consuming manual data entry of customer data from one system to the next to boost productivity. Only enter billable and non-billable expenses once; QuickArrow will publish them to the appropriate project and track and refund them on the backend.

Streamline and automate project tracking, accounting, and billing to make receivables and invoicing easier to manage. Minimize revenue leakage and retrieval timeframes.


Purchasing automates your purchasing activities and gives your team a full set of dashboards and reporting tools to track and manage product and service acquisitions.

🔸 Purchase Requisitions, Requests for Quotes, Receivers, Vendor Returns, Purchase Orders, and Adjustments – Purchasing provides a set of best practises templates for purchase requisitions, requests for quotations, receivers, vendor returns, purchase order, and adjustments. Customize existing templates or develop new ones to match your company’s needs.

🔸 Flexible Vendor Management – Manage vendor information such as numerous contacts, specified pay-tos and return-tos, credit limits, payment priority, and default bill payment and discount dates with ease.

🔸 Vendor Pricing Optimization – Purchasing makes it simple to keep your vendor pricing up to date. Using the prices you pay on purchase orders, you may automatically update vendor costs with the most recent pricing. Purchasing also offers automatic bulk price decreases and economical order quantity options.

🔸             Customizable Reports and Dashboards – Customizable reports and dashboards assist buying employees and management in placing orders, tracking order status, and analysing inventory levels.

Dashboards and reporting

Foresight allows users to create and share widgets that include real-time interactive charts and reports, organizational and financial data, Web 2.0 mashups, and progress analysis capabilities. Employees should receive real-time, actionable, and customised financial and operational data to help them make better decisions and boost company performance.

💠 Create real-time centralised corporate desktops called dashboards that are made up of any report or graph from any application to gain valuable business intelligence and financial visibility. If you have the necessary permissions, you may simply dive down into the specifics of each activity.

💠 Global Control, Local Autonomy – On a very granular level, validate user rights and access to particular dashboard components based on your security permission requirements.

💠 Insight comes with built-in performance management capabilities that make establishing and disseminating key performance indicators across the organisation a breeze.

💠 With simplicity, generate reports that contain non-financial data like hotel rooms or restaurant tables.

💠 Ad-Hoc Reporting with Flexibility – Data from custom views may be exported to a text file or spreadsheet, making ad-hoc data reporting simple for any user.

Management of Sales Tax

AvaTax is a comprehensive sales tax management system that fully automates and streamlines the time-consuming, expensive, and mandatory sales tax compliance process. Despite continually changing tax regulations, borders, and countries, AvaTax provides correct tax computation.

🔹 Simplify and Automate Sales Tax Calculation — AvaTax automatically determines the exact tax rates in real time after a simple set-up process.

🔹 Improve Sales Tax Accuracy – AvaTax offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate tax calculation services. By automating a formerly laborious and extremely error-prone procedure, you can ensure sales tax correctness.

🔹 Reduce Tax Compliance Costs – Traditional tax compliance procedures are costly for any company. AvaTax is extremely cost-effective, with a flexible pricing strategy that suits both small and big organisations.

🔹 Reports that are simple but comprehensive – Generate complete on-demand reports that include all of the information needed to prepare and submit sales tax returns for your company fast and easily.

Time & Billing

Professional Services Automation (PSA) for Time & Billing enables clients to manage their billable services businesses more efficiently and effectively. Project management and time and cost monitoring are seamlessly integrated with PSA. Time and costs may be input online using a laptop or smartphone, or offline and synchronised when Internet access is available. Full approval routing and procedure are included with timesheets and cost reports.

Management of Time and Expenses

Cost Management automates and streamlines the expense reporting and approval process for your firm. Employees may submit their costs using a Web browser at the office or on the road, making data entry and reimbursements easier and more efficient, while you maintain total control over the routing and approval process.

✅ For an increasingly dispersed workforce, provide anywhere, anytime access to time and expense reporting and approvals.

✅ Provide real-time insight into employee spending commitments so finance is always informed of committed monies.

✅ With an automatic process that delivers notifications to supervisors for reviews and approvals, you may enter and monitor the progress of timesheets and expenditure reports at any time.

✅ When Project Accounting is employed, it is simple to collect billable and non-billable time and costs linked to client projects.

✅ Streamline and automate online approval operations to make it simpler to follow company-mandated regulations and internal controls while also increasing cash flow.

✅ Using an online expense reporting system, you can improve employee satisfaction by speeding up the expenditure reimbursement process.

Streamline the Reimbursement Process- Simplify the whole cost reporting process while preserving total control–over time and expenditure input, reimbursement, approval, and payments–and ensuring that expenses are reimbursed promptly and accurately.

Implement extensive tracking and reporting that isn’t done on paper – Allow supervisors, payables managers, auditors, and senior management to quickly evaluate, approve, process, and audit spending reports by giving them rapid access to both expense line items and supporting documentation.

Streamline data input and keep track of invoiced and non-billed expenses- Use customizable, multi-level approval workflows to automatically route timesheets and expense information to approvers–both inside and outside your organization–for more transparency into billable charges, better compliance with internal regulations, and enhanced financial controls. Streamline and automate timesheet administration – Provide a simple, intuitive web-based interface for employees, part-time workers, volunteers, and subcontractors to input and submit time information from wherever they are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Is Fixed Asset Tracking available in Intacct?

Answer: Yes, Intacct employs depreciation formula that may be customised, established depreciation schedules, and asset splits and combinations.

Question 2: Can Intacct do Sales Order Management?

Answer: Yes, Intacct is featured in a way that it can do point and click order entry, integration with Salesforce CRM, order fulfillment reporting under Sales order Management.

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